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  1. I went to the shop today and had my engine diagnosed. It is throwing the EGR (P0400?) code and and o2 sensor code. Not exactly which ones he said they were. I know it would help to be more specific but i am going off what i remember and my memory is quite bad....Anyways I have seen a few topics talking about these same issues, but with both codes showing idk if its possibly a different problem or if one is throwing the other. The issue i have is when i step on the brakes while in motion ( usually when coming to a stop) the rpm's drop and the car starts to shake making the temperature gauge to
  2. if you have anymore im ready to buy them asap.
  3. haha. ive really only heard of b&m an its really the only one i would feel secure about putting in my car. guess its a solid now. just dont know where to find them?
  4. I've been thinking of finding a short throw shifter to put in there. The big rig shifter gets a little annoying when you have passengers. I tend to hit their legs. How much of a difference did the short throw make?
  5. I wanna lose the fender gap or at least most of it. Don't know how much it'll do since I do have the stock 14 inch rims. I think I saw your green 626 on here somewhere mono and it's at the height I want mine to be. Too low and driving around town will suck. Lots of flush cars around my area and they all drive slow. I'll have to try and get some before and after shots if I remember. I'll try that when I do
  6. That's great news. I might even find the probes to go lower. Not sure if the mx-6 ones will drop it enough for me. And it's white :) for some reaso it won't let upload pictures:(
  7. I'm looking into to getting a set of illumina shocks and springs for my 626 and I heard these cars along with the probe are almost interchangeable. The thing is I want to buy the shock and spring set but it's only sold for the mx-6. Would this work with my 626? Btw it's a 1994 lx 4cyl
  8. Got a 94 lx mtx 4cyl. Grandom bought it new in 94 and passed it down to me. Has alot of sentameyal value to me as i grew up riding in this car. The same year my mom bought the v6 mtx with the gold package. Grandma got the gold package too but the gold is totally gone .It's got 220,000 miles on it. Been real good to me even with the way I drive I.e. 80 on the highway. Taking it over 5000 rpm. I think the rings are bad. Taping in the top of the engine. Sounds like a lifter. Burns oil and about to replace I right front lower control arm bushing cause it's eatin up my brand new falkens. Other than
  9. 626-R

    Mazda 1994

    Look under tech support and post it there. Or look up 94 Mazda 626 lug nut size. You should find the size in that search
  10. Go to jegs.com and look up crager wheels. It won't show up under the 626 part find so just look for the ones with the same lugg and bolt pattern. They might have some that suffice. was thinking of one of the Crome sets for my own. If I can find the site I found some rally style fender mud flaps
  11. 626-R

    Newer Rims

    I'll have to hit up a Pull-a-part and see if the have one with both a 626 and a mill and get some goodies. I'd really like to try to put a mill front bumper ect on my 94. Don't really think it would work without a lot problems.
  12. Agreed. And I talked to my dad about it and he said it could be my valve cover gasket. Or that my valve cover is warped. Maybe that's causing the oil getting into the spark plug chamber? The last one we replaced didn't exactly fit right but the one we took off was pretty much like plastic. We had to chip it out in pieces.
  13. Well I do cause the boots on all but one are torn or come off and I don't feel like taking it out one day and it be stuck. The wires are old anyway. It's time for something better.
  14. 626-R

    Newer Rims

    Yeah I wanna go 4 wheel disc. Just in case I end up getting rims that you can really see through. And was looking at millenia wheels last night. They go from 150 to 350...a wheel. So I guess those are out of the question for a while. Might as well refurbish the topy's I have.
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