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  1. Managed to sort this problem. The radio comes out after removing the front centre trim panel (remove the ashtray and there is a screw to undo and take out behind this). Prise off the two side trims and the using a DIN tool or a thin bradawl take out the radio. Pull off the heater knob and turn the sidelights on to see which of the left or right-side backlight bulbs is out. The heater panel comes off the same way as the radio, but because of all the control cable connections is best left intact, Instead, remove the air-con and re-defogger switches by pulling forward to expose the bulbs. These h
  2. I managed to remove the radio in order to expose the heater-panel. The heater knob has gone back in (minus a small unravelled spring and ball-bearing) to the cog-wheel and is working as it should. There appear to be two back-light bulbs in the heater panel with the one behind the heater only comimg on when I tap the console. It goes off again when the controls are used. The hazard switch bulb has gone off completely and appears to be buried in the switch. Does anyone know where these heater-panel bulbs are located?
  3. Hallo All, I need a little help. The back-light behind the heater knob had started to go out and come back on when I tap the side of the dash. It would then go off when I turned the knob or any of the other controls on the panel. The hazard switch back-light would do the same but has gone off completely. I pullled the heater knob out with pliers to access the bulb which wasn't there, the knob having a round spline-type shaft behind it. I pushed it back in but it was loose, so took most of the trim off to remove the entire heater control panel. This exposed a nylon gear-type cog that the splin
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