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  1. You don't have to fabricate or weld anything in the upgrade to rear discs, right?
  2. YES! 88 PAGES LATER AND I'M FINALLY UP TO DATE ON THIS BUILD THREAD!!! :D It took a long time, but it was worth it. I gained a lot of great knowledge because a lot of the things you're doing to your 626 I want to do on mine. Keep em comin', DJ!
  3. Well, friends, the alternator I grabbed from the 5th gen 626 2.0L had a little info inside the rear case. It says "(some weird symbol)-5-2" and then "A48502". I was looking up the coding on the bearings. The coding was.... For the smaller one, "B8-850", and "WBD" (it had this writing on both sides of the bearing). For the larger one, "6303D" "KOREA" "0314" and "KBC" (as expected, this writing was on both sides of the bearing as well). More to come, as I have a lot of the alternator soaking in petrol for cleaning purposes.
  4. Really wish my 626 were on my driveway right now, but my brother has it miles away in Wisconsin. :(

  5. I really want to upgrade to rear rotors. I mean, I'm not doing races like RacerX, but I sure would like to have better stopping ability...Right now it takes way too long to slow from 60, even with a generous amount of brake pressure.
  6. What did Leev do? Not that I would judge him for it, but just curious.
  7. If one was to take the transmission apart, that would be like signing a contract to replace a bunch of seals and gaskets....Which is not optimal as I do not have a torque wrench.
  8. Here are some pictures of the transmission mount and where the bell housing of the transmission meets the lower part of the block.
  9. Man, it is always raining where you live, I swear! xD Here is a picture of mine...
  10. Well good news, I picked one up from the junkyard! I'll be doing a rebuild video on it!
  11. Does anyone know what model our alternators are (for the I4 4th and 5th gens)? I was looking online for a rebuild kit and most of the kits pertain to a specific model, so I need the exact model of the alternator.
  12. Well....uhh. Can I ask about those factory OEM upgrades? xD I have a '97 lx and I wanted to upgrade to rear rotors.
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