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  1. Hello 626 friends! I haven't been on here for a minute because of mostly because of life. From making sure that I'm the best father I can be to my daughters to being a the greatest mobile mechanic I can be. But the one thing I can say I'm guilty of is succumbing to facebook and all of it's convenience. Typically, one would have to upload pics via their favorite uploader and then post it up and practically leave a digital footprint for others to see and forever be impacted by your info. I think we all are guilty of this trend. It's too easy to upload a pic of your car, and then someone hits like and you feel some sort accomplishment about what you've achieved. But in the end, we forget that yes, as easy as it is to post up on FB, it's just as easy to lose that info. Most stuff on the forums can be found simply by doing a google search. That's not the case on FB. Well, unless someone shares your info, it will be forever lost on FB. Completely anonymous to very useful info. I know a lot of us have moved on to newer, more powerful and better handling platforms. Had kids. We changed our priorities. Even if all that has changed, I think it's clear that the love of cars that we all share is still there burning within our very core. So with that being said, I'd love to reintroduce myself. I'm Shaun and I still have 2 626's, appropriately nicknamed the slow car (1998 626 ES V6 mtx) and the fast car (1994 626 LX V6 mtx) and I have a 94 protege and 1993 mx3 that I will combine with the heart of a Millenia to make a V6 protege in 2018. My posts are dormant but I'm here in this community for the long run and I'm not going anywhere.
  2. On my 98 626, it put down 165whp with headers ,2.5 inch exhaust, a custom intake sitting just in front of the battery and basically that's it. On stock EEC-V ecu. It runs pretty good to say the least.
  3. The nice thing that no one ever talks about is that you can COP on Ford ignition coils and it will run the same exact way. Just link up coils 1&4 and 2&3. Watch it run the same way as stock, except for coil depletion. Well, if you wanted to because technically, the twin coil set up from the EDIS coil pack is way better than stock.
  4. Technically speaking, you could bolt on a V6 alternator or even the one from the Millenia 2.5L but you would have to lower the engine down to install the long bolt in from the front because those are the only real differences between the 2. But I'd stick with the 626. You can use a 99-03 protege 1.8L or 2.0L alternator if you wanted to. There's a small difference, mostly where the battery wire connects at. It's mostly the same, though.
  5. I assume you're gonna use the coilpack setup, right? If so, that would be awesome!!! You should notice a difference with the motor, hands down. Personally, I'd use the ZE intake manifold because of how it charges the air. The long runner/short runner set up works best when it comes to getting the most tq and hp. The stock manifold just won't cut it. The plenum is too small. I would advise to port out the ZE manifold and keep the plastic resonator because that part of how it builds power.
  6. I have a couple of suggestions. Maybe more than a couple. First off, pick up a sway bar from a GF and install it on the front. Second, Find out how to run EDIS so you can run the newer cams (DE) and solid lifters because the stock lifters like to pump down after a while diminishing power and while we're talking about that DE, find a Protege intake and remove the VTS and run the VICS off a MSD window switch (which is used to activate the tac light most of the time). Third, Pick up another transmission from a V6 (MX3 if possible) and swap over the entire gearset with diff so your acceleration would be that much more quicker while around the track. Fourth, If you ever get custom grinded cams, a cheap upgrade for pistons would be bone stock BP 1.8L pistons from a 90-98 protege which can be had on Ebay for about $100. You would have to get the rods honed to fit the wrist pins but I imagine the compression would be in the neighborhood of at least 10.5:1. I hope some of this helps because I wanna see you finish at the top!!!
  7. Luckily, that 626 wagon shares the same chassis with the last body style 626 wagon so I'm certain you can look up parts for it and it should interchange.
  8. This has been rattling my brain for a couple of months so I'll make it simple.... Is there anyone running the H4 LED/HID bulbs on the '98-'02 626's? And if so, how EXACTLY did you get it working correctly?
  9. I put a motor in my slow car for now, and in the meantime, I'm hearing alot of BS from the machine shop. He's been putting my motor on the back burner since it's been there for a while. What he fails to remember is that I paid for the work well over a year ago and he can't seem to get to my car in a decent amount of time. So that's were we stand. I have a bunch of parts sitting around waiting to go into a car that isn't running. Sucks to be me. In other news, I got my slow car running. For the record, it's a GF V6 w/ i/h/e stage 3 clutch fidanza flywheel and mx3 transmission. I made a vid. ENJOY!
  10. No sir, but you wanna fill the cylinder you're working on with air so you don't drop a valve.
  11. You should get a Protege gearbox from a '01, which is shorter geared than what came in your car. I bet your times would be better!
  12. 2 hours? Did you replace timing belt? There is a quick way to do it. It would involve zip tying the timing belt to the cams and use bungy cord to suspend the belt from the hood then unbolt the cam gears. Next, remove the camshafts and remove the lifters to access the springs. On the 4 banger I don't see why it wouldn't take but a couple of hours. You could do the V6 the same way.
  13. The MX3 radiator is slightly thicker than ours and bolts right in place. Anything bigger and you have to take stuff out. But once again, I'm working on that too. Working on relocating the condensor slightly towards the bumper and using one from another car with the receiver/drier attached.
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