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  1. so installed the new master n slave cylinder..but having problem bleeding the system...and clutch pedal went soft. what do i need to do??, NVM,I found out how to do it, thanks for everyones help
  2. Yea Its the master cylinder,seal in the cabin must of finally given up.. so Its a lil DIY fix,is there anything I need to know if I go ahead and do it myself
  3. To inform y'all i found the LEAK!! its coming from the clutch pedal(in cabin by the firewall),,if that makes any sense.. After topping off the brake fluid again,and pumping the brake like a mad man,i got it to go in gear..it drives fine from the lil bit of driving i did.. Just need to figure out what i need to fix
  4. Name: Mazda 626 (2000) Date Added: 09 February 2012 - 10:13 AM Owner: tmayne215 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  5. Not in my experience with manual transmission vehicles. There are usually 3 cylinders, brake master cylinder (where you top off the brake fluid), clutch master cylinder (appears to look like the brake master cylinder just smaller with only 1 line coming out) and the clutch slave cylinder (on the transmission). On my toyota, the chance of both of these going out at once is basically impossible unless something rips all the lines off the firewall. I hate to find out that im the one exception,where both have failed. Im currently in class(being very productive.lol) So I'll try to find out where
  6. thanx, i will have to check out all those suggestions.. Today i would say i Lost my clutch, the clutch was really spongy! and i literally had to force my car into gear, could these problems have something to do with each other?? (had to drive my tribute today,smh)
  7. Im leaking brake fluid and am having to refill the resovior every week or two....There are no signs of it leaking from what I can see what could it possibly be? Bad brake booster? Any sugestions?
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