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  1. Thanks djdevon3 for your inputs and suggestions. I will go through it. Meanwhile,is there anything to guess or gather because I am getting around 11miles per gallon? Also how long can I drive with this condition? I know it is a guess but wanted to know if I continue to use the vehicle with this condtion, what will be the next symptoms? Sometimes I take kids in the car and want to know what all to consider.
  2. thanks for the reply. Is it original OEM part from Rockauto? Did 300$ include labor also? IF not, how much? Anyone know good mechanics in NJ areas?
  3. Hope4Best

    Anyone From Nj Or Nyc Areas?

    Hi everyone, I am in Northern NJ (closer to NYC) and recently bought used mazda 626. I just posted few issues here and if someone can suggest, it will be really helpful. Here is the link. http://mazda626.net/...lx-4-cyl-model/ Thanks in advance, Appreciate your inputs.
  4. Hi everyone, Just bought this car yesterday from a friend who wanted to sell this car and I bought from him since he is trustworthy. But it is NOT. Anyway... Car details : Mazda 2002 lx 4 cylinder. Odometer: 140000 5 mins after I bought the car and I had done about 5 miles, 'Check engine light' came up. I was in a highway but had to cover another 25 miles. Somehow did it and checked with PepBoys (they had free check engine light promotion) and found that the code is P0421. Googled a bit and got little knowledge. One of my local dealer had a free inspection offer, so I went and showed. He said it is catalytic converter needs to ber replaced, blah blah blah etc. Found cost very high. Apart from this vehicle has other issues such as shocks, bearning, front vehicle mount (all told by the dealer mechnic but I got confirmed with another local mechanic). The reason I bought was to use about 5 miles everyday and around 40-50 miles over weekend. I am now confursed whether I should repair or just use it till it dies. Can someone suggest if I I can use it as it is for few more months? What are the cons with using as it is? Also how to remove this 'engine light' ON. Are there any tools or tricks? Sometimes I think of buying another vehicle by trading in this with dealers. What you guys think? If I want to repair that what are the typical expenses? Googling catalytic converter shows lot of varying prices (starting from 100$ but dealer quotes 600$+) and I am confused where to buy? I stay in NJ (northern NJ) and are there any good / economical mechnics or repair shops? I dont' want to spend much as I already paid 1500$ for the car. This is my first car and I have very little knowledge about the issues, where to buy the parts, how to look for best parts/pricing, where to repair etc. Please suggest.