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  1. i have a mazda b1 engine, 1.0L 94-95,. it still uses a carburetor and im thinking maybe i can convert it to fuel injection. any idea how i can do this and what i can use for the transplant? is it even possible? i imagine putting a MAF then a PCM for a 1.0L engine,.. wacha think guys?
  2. err,.. maybe i should check that fuel smell inside my car..
  3. is SS like a brand? im thinking motorcycle brake lines for some reason =P ya well, that's the thing i like about guys who likes to show off,. it ain't my fault if something happens,.
  4. its the first time i hear about healthism, sounds weird. if we think about everything we do and avoid all that can harm us,. i think we're going to have to kill ourselves than to go thru with life,. "everything around us can kill us,.. so what the heck. just be darn happy about it,.." hmm,. i guess this is how most people think when they say,. dont judge me
  5. aim mxl pista! serious looking,. and it has little buttons and stuff,. i wonder what those things do. the only thing i dont like about it is the screen,. dull,. i like racepak's screen,. looks clean.
  6. SS as in stainless? a friend lend me his subaru, he was trying to tell me how smooth the thing is,. so he went and talk to some of my relatives while i was driving around the block,. got to over confident,.steered to much and whaaam! imagine how the gutter ate the bumper in slow motion while playing opera with a 32 piece orchestra as background,.. all the while he was saying "oh gawd nooo,..!" after like ten seconds,. came out, only thing i can say is "sorry,.." what else can i say,.. i hated the guy anyway,.
  7. mount being a problem for you? i dont believe you. i think your just making an excuse not to do it ASAP =P slacker LOL im so reminiscing about my hachi when i first got him T.T that car you got for chloe is sooooooo cute,. it actually brings tears to my eyes thinking your giving it to her just like that. so sweet DJ im loving you right now just for thinking it.
  8. FADE26

    Ipad View

    i've been using ipad since,. like forever,. the only problem im having is that i can't see my smileys,.. anyway, what's your browser? safari likes to mess things up,. have you tried chrome? im using chrome so now its fine.
  9. had that problem,. had to pull the float switch off the car,. clean the heck out of it,. also, someone physically moved the needle inside the gauge,. so we had to determine what is 1/4,..1/2 and full. one whole day of tinkering.
  10. im not sure why im anticipating LED screens,.. touch screens and super techy stuff on your dash,..little flickry lights and the likes,. james bonds next car,..hmm,..
  11. are we talking about BMI here? i dont think its reliable at all,. some people are underweight based on their BMI's but is as healthy as anyone,. same as overweight but they are much more healthier that the rest of us,..
  12. that is so sweet! i cant believe im saying this,.but "nothing hard to fix there!" it'll be zooming off after. its great you get to open a KL, lots of em here who needs the info. im excited to see the manifolds all shiny like what you did with your I4
  13. got to rip off a subaru WRX's bumper,.. didn't get to completely destroy the car,..BS (vent)
  14. uhh,. it ain't so bad,.. you just have to close your eyes or look away very quick. @__@ and that honda,. i think it went over a rock and tear the middle part of the bumper,. either that or the one who did it has a very bad taste on bumper design,.err
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