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  1. Ksprot Coilovers

    Thanks RoadRage for answering my ?'s. I appreciate your response.
  2. Ksprot Coilovers

    Let me first start out saying I breeze thru a couple of forum on here and on probetalk and couldn't find a detail answer to my questions so i decided to post and see what responses I get. I want to up grade my suspension to the Ksport coilovers. I have read some reviews on them. For the most part the pros and cons were the same but no one gave real in-depth details about the performance of the coilovers, there longevity, tuning them, or everyday ride quality vs. track performance. So my questions are: 1) I have a bodykit which makes the car lower are the Ksports stiff enough so I wont bottom out, and does the size of my rims affect the performance of the coilovers. 2) I live in NY, are the Ksports durable and comfortable enough for everyday driving on NYC streets. 3) Are they difficult to adjust, and is it a true 36 way adjustability. 4) Are they a direct bolt up or do I other components to go along with them. 5) Are there any other coilovers that equally match the Ksports or susperseeds them. 6) What is the general ride quality of the Ksports. 7) Do I need a camber kit. 8) What are the spring rates and can they be changed. 9) How well do they respond to extra weight in the car, i.e(passengers,spare tire,etc.) 10) How well do they perform in track conditions or high speed driving.
  3. Looking For Ideas.

    NDM theres nothing wrong with the fitment of my taillights. In fact I think i have the best taillight conversion consindering the not civic taillights and there L.E.Ds. You won't find a better taillight conversion
  4. Looking For Ideas.

    Here's sum suggestions get a carbon fiber hood. Some yellow fog lights, carbon fiber mirrors, 17 inch rims and slam the car. Take a look at this, this may help you get some ideas http://www.cardomain.com/ride/757465"...com/ride/757465
  5. 6twosick

    6TWOSICK http://www.cardomain.com/ride/757465
  6. M6

    Updated the link check out the pics of my 6TWOSICK A.K.A M3 Blue 626 http://www.cardomain.com/ride/757465
  7. Door Poppers/alarm

    Thx Im keep posted u on the project
  8. Door Poppers/alarm

    Thx isapray. What is the best alarm system to buy.
  9. Door Poppers/alarm

    I have a door popper kit on my 94 6. I want to upgrade my alarm system, and was wondering if anybody knows if there is a door popper kit with an alarm system together. If not can I program my alarm sys to work with the door popper kit.
  10. My 2 Channel Under The Seat~

    How much was the eclipse amp, and how much power is it pushing. I was thinking about getting one
  11. What Speakers Can I Install?

    The only advice I can give u is try 2 mount some 5x7 or 6'' speakers frm the underside of the deck. You might have 2 get long screws and drill an extra hole but thats the only option unless u want 2 go custom
  12. Speakers & Tweeter Questions

    If ur looking 4 some gd 5x7 speakers boston acoustics r really gd 1's. They r a little expensive but they sound great even with no amp.
  13. Coil Overs Or Springs?

    If ur lookin 4 gd lowering springs Eibach has the pro kit 4 $230 they give u a 1.5'' in the frnt and 1.8'' I think its hard 2 remember i put them on after i put my 18's on they give the car a nice lower stance less body roll. It gives a nice tuck 2 the rims also.
  14. Disabling Oem Alarm: 93 626 Es

    I read all the posts and I have few questions. If shave my door handles is there a possibility the oem alarm can activate with no key hole Second question-If I totally disconnected the brain of the oem alarm, is it possible 4 the kill start 2 work, without the the alarm connected
  15. Hei Ignition Modification

    I'm having some problems with my 94 es. I think its the dizzy. I get full power but the doesn't start. This happened b4 and I had 2 replce the dizzy. How do I check 2 kno 4 sure its the dizzy ? What other things could I check 4 ?