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    93 626 KL-03 5 spd
  1. E MAN

    626 In Calgary

    My 93 is still running around the NW (the one that Mazda6 referred to earlier in this thread from Oct 2005!). Don't see too many sixes on the road anymore.....
  2. E MAN

    626 In Calgary

  3. E MAN

    626 In Thunder Bay

    are you that charcoal grey one? dark rims?
  4. E MAN


    someone from our board put $$ down on the CZT IM?
  5. E MAN

    Ings Kit

    I was asked if I wanted to try and organize a couple of group buys, but I said exactly that - probably a waste of time on this board. A lot of talk to filter through, and limited $$$. I don't want to try and sell parts that no one really has, because it's too hard to guarantee fitment and performance. BTW I was approached to sell Megan Racing headers (2.0 L) and D2 coilovers ("true" not conversion). Anyway when I first saw the topic with the word INGS I thought waste of time/BS right away because that shits expensive and there's fuk all for our GE8P/Cronos' from Japanese companies. Sadly, having cheap knockoff kits made for group buys is probably the only way to about it. Our 626's aren't getting more popular just older, hell 5 years down the road how many of us will still be driving our sixes?
  6. E MAN


    last I read on MX-6.com no one had received their IM's that were already paid for, there was this big issue of square vs. round runners needed in the redesign because those HP numbers they initially claimed could not be backed up by an actual dyno test of the "pre-production" manifolds. Ended up being ~9 months or more wait - what a waste of everyone's time and $$ on probetalk and mx-6.
  7. E MAN

    626 Vs Tx5

    for all you guys in the southern hemi: what about an R32 GTS-t or something like that green one in the pic on the first page - how much $$ do those go for downunder? just curious
  8. E MAN

    Got My Ass Whooped Today!

    marcelo's right - I think you have to know how to size up your competition before trying to race them. Power to weight ratios, fwd vs awd etc. You should have known that an auto base sentra would you be all that you could handle; he's thinkin' the same thing, a 626?! watch me smoke this guy. That list of cars that would own a stock auto 4 banger would be huge. Better to stick with the races that are closer, you'd have a lot more fun B)
  9. E MAN

    Startups, And Revs

    HS intake and headers, 2.25" magnaflow res and muff
  10. E MAN

    1/4 Mile Times Database

    Good point Kritter. When I first saw this post I thought the same thing, 4 pages of talk and no slips (I think only 6 or 7 "magical" hehe times are even posted). I dug up the slip and took a pic of it - which unfortunately makes me eat my words, is their an emotion icon for that? What I "remembered" from this timeslip was a 9.996 660' time, not a 1.996 60' time; big difference! Anyway, I blew it and admit it by posting - even though I wasn't intentionally bullshitting. the 15.087 in black is with the altitude correction factor applied (to sea level)
  11. E MAN

    Startups, And Revs

    oops it was avi, not mpeg should worky
  12. E MAN

    Startups, And Revs

    I think people will get a better sense of the exhaust's sound when the car is under load clip bakugashitai, what's your username mean? ......... dead body? I thought it was bahu - like blowing up dudes
  13. E MAN

    1/4 Mile Times Database

    not to be a dick or anything but a stock 93 kl03 5 spd can run a 15.52Elevation dude, I bet yours can't break 16 sec in SLC (~4000 feet ASL?)
  14. E MAN

    Lunar Eclipse

    Jeez, I thought I would of known it was the little dipper - somehow I thought it is bigger. Here I need binoculars to see it as obvious as the pics. It's neat how the longer exposure pics show stars that you can't normally see in the city. Oh, and that shooting star was an airplane, I had the shutter open for about 6 seconds. This one below was about 12 seconds and got grainy.
  15. E MAN


    hehe that would be sweet a drive by at 80+ in third. Tell your friends to power-up! You think the sound clip database wouldn't fly?