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  1. Agreed. I reckon it is fuel-related. And I reckon it is mechanical in nature and is being affected by the cold. Which is making it "sticky", as Snail said...
  2. Agreed. The only reason why my insurance was involved with my accident was because this kid had been driving with zero insurance. Not even basic 3rd Party (aka "liability"). If he had been insured, I would have filed a claim with HIS insurance. But because he had nothing, and I have really good, full comprehensive cover for whether it's my fault, his fault, whatever, I then filed with my insurance...and they paid me out. If I hadn't had his info (plate number, license number, etc) then my insurance would have handled the claim as if I had been at fault, or if there had been no one else involve
  3. Buy some starting fluid (spray-ether in a can) and spray it up your intake (air filter out) next time it's having trouble starting. If it fires up, even temporarily, then you know it's a fuel issue. If not, it's something else. If the starting fluid works, first thing I would do, personally, is change the fuel filter. But you could also run diagnostics...
  4. Damn. That sucks. I can feel for you. I just had Groucho destroyed by a kid who rear ended me. Totalled. The car was pristine. Not even 90,000mi...and just like you...within the three months previous, I had just replaced all four tyres, the battery, and redone the front brakes and rotors. But I was not at fault and so I paid no excess... If the other guy was at fault, and you have his info to give to your insurance, and he was even ticketed, then why are you paying a deductible/excess?? I don't understand... As for how much your car is worth...really hard for me to say. Cars are way cheaper
  5. If you can find them in Australia and want to buy them and have them delivered to me, then send me money to post them to you, I'll do it for you. But all of that post will be quite expensive, I think. This is also if you trust me to send you your belts and spend your money on postage, which I will do. :-) But it's your decision. If you can find them for post in Australia, I will send it to you. If you want to do this, then send me a private message.
  6. This, I did not know. That is some good info! :) It would have never occurred to me. But makes sense now that I think about it... What if it were cut out, and then braced/reinforced around the now-larger holes??
  7. Hmmm...I don't reckon it's an Aussie thing. In fact, if I recall correctly, I first learned the difference between the two terms when I was a kid still living in the US. There was this way older kid (probably like 17 or 18) who lived in the same complex and he was building a hot-rod. I think it's just a really common misnomer to call everything a backfire, including an after-fire. Most Aussies make the same mistake. Do a quick google search on "backfire vs after-fire" and you'll find endless threads and topics, including the obviously infallible and all-knowing Wikipedia , outlining the di
  8. I'll go check out your playlist and maybe start downloading them and saving them locally...then at least they're saved... I didn't mean to say that you should do that or anything. I know you're in the middle of a million projects. Just was wondering if you'd considered it, seeing as how you seemed concerned that they were slowly being erased...
  9. Roritor's Trivia of the Day: A proper "backfire" is normally when the timing is off, and the intake valves are open a bit when the spark goes off (or the intake valves are REALLY worn or the air:fuel ratio is off during certain combinations of engine load vs RPM) and the explosion runs backwards, specifically up into the intake manifold and beyond, and not the exhaust. This was far more common on old, carbureted engines and could pose some serious dangers of igniting the fuel reservoir in the carburettor and possibly even igniting the fuel lines beyond that (they normally had protective mea
  10. So wait, was it actually backfiring? Or was it combusting/popping in the exhaust??
  11. Devon why don't u download the commercials and save them locally before they're deleted and impossible to find?? Even if u don't post them on YouTube. But just to have them...
  12. I remember that from growing up in the US. My mom had a Peugeot in the '80's. Diesel automatic. Crap car, actually... But I always remember the dramas of trying to find a station that sold diesel... We always had to find the "trucker stations". Since I've lived in Australia I don't think I've seen a single fuel station without diesel and LPG (natural gas). There's often the diesel pump under cover, right alongside all the other types, along with the pressurised, screw-on LPG pump. And then another diesel pump, or set of pumps (depending on size of station) out from under the roof, or under
  13. Every time you post more pics, I'm just like "holy crap!" Good luck with the rims. I still cannot believe this happened...
  14. Timing or air leak. You mentioned replacing throttle body, MAF and intake ducting. Definitely lots of potential for a leak, there. I'd use the smoke test to find any air leaks. But Dev is correct in that actual backfiring is kind of a red flag for bad timing, given that you don't have worn valves or something. If it is actually backfiring (and not just combusting unburnt fuel in the exhaust) then you'll want to get on that ASAP. The MAF sensor really, really doesn't like being blasted with heat, carbon and exhaust from the back...
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