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  1. lol yeah the 4bangers autos arent fast...but she runs good and goes from A to B and i can drop the top down :D yup. but i dont mind the stang. i love fox bodys..much rather a 5.0 hatch with a stick tho haha haha yup 88 foxbody vert 4banger automatic
  2. wow that clutch disk doesnt even look bad but the flywheel and pressue plate is glazed to hell!! ether teh clutch wasnt strong enough for the boost or the old owner dragged that bitch alot
  3. bye:( then i traded a laptop for this its a work in progress but runs and drives! and tagged
  4. LAWL lolol indeeed agree fully. normaly i buy accords and buy them off chicks and there in good shape other then some needed tlc...but its hard to find a good civic lol most have been beat on and riced out or were at one point there in life... this is definitly my last civic lol and pretty much any car that was someone elses project...only good cars in oem condition haha... i was once one of thoses ricer kids tho back in the day . learned from my mistakes on that haha
  5. You still missing any interior trim? yeah gotta love cali.... and interior is like 99precent complete Clearly they're saving the world by getting old polluting cars off the road. I'm kidding, btw. Lol al gores thinking! global warming is such bs...the earth goes threw a natural cooling and a natural heating phase it has nothing to do with what our tail pipes smell like anywho on another note! im in a bad mode...well i have this 95 civic...and some days i want to kill it LOL...well i changed the clutch and trans in it today...what i thought was a bad input shaft bearing was just my pilot bearing...and the sounds the new trans makes is definitly an input shaft bearing >< so now i have to swap them again LOL also this trans has shitttyy gears. its from a vx or a cx so its geared for economy...like i can get up to 75 in 2nd gear LOL... missed the old si trans as soon as i drove down the street... but yeah...civics are not allways reliable ... lets put it this way. 23 hours after i bought the car for 1700 bucks. it spun a rod bearing(had a d16y7 bottom end..(.they like to spin rod bearings) and a d16z6 vtak head)...leading to needing a new engine...got vtec d15b for five bills. stuck it in...worked but seemed gutles...went to change water pump went out went to change it...damn crank pully bolt didnt want to come off...when it finaly came off i found out it was jb welded in there and the threads were done for....went to the junkyard spent $90 on another engine swaped it in (D15b carbed non vtec longblock) ...engine is pretty damn good runs good about time. then my clutch started sliping and i started hearing a whine so here we are today XD so far the 1700 car is almost at 4000 car ><
  6. ah damn way down there!trust me you dont want the struts or the brake rotors haha i called the junkyard they want it mostly complete or i wont get shit for it but if theres any small parts u want i can grab them and throw them in a flat rate box for shipping cost like interior pieces maybe some sensors...sad to see it going to a junkyard but it is a pick your part so its parts will help keep more of them on the road so i can find a better one haha
  7. yeah if it was a stick id be alot sadder.. but ill be on the look out for another later on. id park it at my grandmas place and save it for parts my self but i already got my CRX sitting at her place and i dont think she would be happy if i had 2 non running cars there haha what parts u interested in? you live by santa clarita right? i go down that way every now and then
  8. the longer i dont pay the more it goes up My registration has been overdue since november, $145 and counting. Still driving, ducking the law. Screw the man. out here (small town) they nail everyone for tags. dont want to risk putting the money in to fixing her all up and then having it impounded and taken away i talked to the guy i got the car from. he doesnt want her back so if anyones intrested in buying the car or wanting parts let me most likely if no one buys the car whole it will go to the junkyard so other mazdas can live on from its parts . motor is in good shape and i can pull it out if anyones intrested in that. all the rims are are in nice shape. has 2 good tires, interior is pretty nice pretty much the cars in good shape other then trans and dented passenger fender
  9. yep makes it very interesting! and yay for not being the only one on here with add haha
  10. unfortently thanks to the state of california i wont be able to fix up this car. it really breaks my heart as i was looking forward to building a car different . but when i went to find out the cost of the tags . they want 800 bucks to get it up to date. and thats just not the kind of money i can fork out just for a sticker on my license plates considering it still needs a trans, a windshield (dont want a ticket and its cracked) tires, tune up, valve seals, and stuff i may not know it needs replaced yet as i haven't been able to drive it. but i will be keeping my eye out for another 88-91 626 so dont worry . also i will be sticking around on the fourm because i am interested in a few of the build threads i really hate this state
  11. best thing to do would be to pick up an H3 bulb and test it out in there to see how it aims. if its off make little shims to put on one side of the bulb .. just one of the million and 3 ideas running threw my head for the 626 haha
  12. yeah it will work on most things, it didnt work well on my side mirrors or door handles but they are barely faded anyway. i love that heat gun so much Lol i bought it to repair some xboxs and ended up using it for 9000 other projects! i hope to make more How to videos when i get some more ideas,
  13. bright! i wanna put fog bulbs in the headlights where the bulb is by the grille lol
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