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  1. switches

    Prefab Custom Enclosures For Mazda Sedans

    None to my knowledge. I know there are universal kick panels, but good luck with those. If you find anything, post it. oh, and welcome to the board.
  2. switches

    1993 - 1997 Mazda 626 Wiring Diagram

    [edit] A few useful links can be found here: Mazda Links Be aware that this site will block you for 30 minutes after each download starts. Added to the "Useful Links" topic that's pinned in this section.
  3. switches

    Fsm - Factory Service Manual

    man...I was going to rebuild the top end on mine and needed one. How did you acquire yours, snailman?
  4. switches

    Fsm - Factory Service Manual

    my buddy was able to pick one(.pdf) up for his jeep from a forum, so I figured I'd give it a try. i'm sure it would have to be traced back to a dealer at some point, I was just hoping someone might be able to scan it, or something of that nature. I know that's a lot of work, but it would be amazing.
  5. switches

    Fsm - Factory Service Manual

    haha...yeah thanks. I was hoping for the price of *free* Definately not going to pay $135
  6. switches

    Anoying Noise After Installing Amp

    A new amp should fix it, a better ground may help. Shielded cables are an option, but they are $$, and with a pyramid amp, pointless.
  7. I've been searching for a about 5 years for a pdf form of the FSM for a 2000 626. Anyone know where to get one, or have one they are willing to share?? I'm not talking about a Haynes manual... Thanks!
  8. switches

    Ignition + Stereo Problems

    I've been experiencing the same issue with the failure to start, however I've grown to believe it is a loose connection on the battery. It rarely plagues me, but when it does, I hate it. It seems as though the battery connection is good enough to power the accessories, but when you get a good pull on it to start the engine, it fails. some kicking and jiggling usually fixes it temporarily. Clean the posts of the battery and the connectors. That should help.
  9. switches

    Sirius Or Xm Satellite Radio?

    i tried both and personally prefered xm
  10. switches

    Finally Got Some Pics

    looks nice and clean My car just got rear ended by an 18 wheeler...
  11. switches

    Add A Alert Signal Light For Unclosed Door

    there is definately an indicator light
  12. switches

    Alpine Cda-9825 Cd Player

    Most upper end HU's have some form of EQ built in. Alpine has one of the best HUs out there IMO.
  13. switches

    Need A Good Amp

    memphis 500D
  14. switches

    Speaker Question

    It'll probably fry the amp.... it will drop the ohm load and could have herendous consequences.