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  1. I must be dense tonight, guys. After reading Snail's post - I'm still confused. So, please let me know if this is what you're talking about - Vent it to a spot PRE-turbo? Pre-boost?
  2. upstream of the turbo? Please enlighten me - as that seems like something I havent even thought of. A catch can - yeah. That'd get me vented and recapture the spent oil, but I don't think it's a very plausible "endgame" plan. I'd rather vent my crankcase pressure properly, but being that it's been done several times already - loads infact - I'd like to hear your plan Snail! I tried torquing it down a bit more tonight - it worked for the backside leak that's lowest on the cover, but didn't even touch the leak on teh front. Next?
  3. it's filthy as of now. I figured my last batch of vc gaskets could handle the job, but alas..... they aren't. Leaky and drippy are getting replaced soon. Anyone with more experience on which set of vcg's to pick up next? I've tried OEM - they lasted 2 NA builds, but went kaputt as soon as they saw some boost.
  4. believe it or not - regular ol' Ace Hardware Rustoleum
  5. Honestly - first time I really put the ol' schtick to it - it scared me pretty good. Torque Steering isn't normally this bad - but when you don't expect it to literally rip the wheel out of your hand.... welll..... you get the point.
  6. I had 4 gallons of c10 lying in the storage room - so figured why not. It was a mix of 4 gallons of c10 and probably 3 gallons of 93 - so that's probably what.... 99-100 octane? on 93 it should do no less than 320-330 whp @ 12 psi. Just not so aggressive timing.
  7. I remember barely cracking 300 whp at 8 psi, but after all this work.... it paid off! heavily worked heads (bowls opened up/runners and "fingers" shaved and polished, pnp, 1mm oversize valves, 8 thou shaved/decked to raise compression, interprep springs and hardware, Colt Performance Turbo cams), acid ported/butterflied/hourglassed intake tract, port-matched intake and exhaust ports, Diamond 9.3:1 forged pistons/wristpins/spirolox, Milly S rods, 929 injectors, ms2 v3.0 standalone, bored fuel rails, aeromotive 340 pump/AEM high flow filter/DNA fleabay AFPR set at a conservative 35psi baseli
  8. well - update time again - finally dyno'd it at a buddy's shop after getting the lower boost range pretty well tuned - did this on the dynojet: I did attempt a 18-19 psi pass, but at about 5500 rpm the ic outlet coupler copped an attitude and straight-up said FUUUUUU!!!!!
  9. It's actually built into the Megasquirt2 v3.0 I'm using (3.2.1 fw). They call it "launch control" and I can set it anywhere from 100 rpm to redline.
  10. I always forget to update this thread - and I'm sorry. It lives! pig rich on idle, but that's just tuning that I need to take care of. And just because it was working - a small update on how the 2step/launch control sounds with my turboKL @ 4k RPM:
  11. almost got everything to start the rebuild. Just need to pick up a re-ring kit as it comes with everything I need in order to complete this. rings full gasket set main bearings rod bearings I have pulled the crank, rods, and have a set of diamond forged pistons I'm using for this go-round. Should make nice reliable power - and with that megasquirt at the helm....I'll have tuning abilities. That's what I'm shooting for - and a VAF deletion.....should make better performance!
  12. yeah - it ran ATX for a good while until the ATX decided it needed to implode on itself. well..... that and the 50 shot just accelerated that fact. Black is easy to clean. Looks good. is easily repaintable. And - black is the new chrome. Didn't you know?
  13. With this rendition of the KLDE + turbo + forged internals + Protege5 wagon (dubbed the RiceWagon).... I'm running Diamond 84.5mm forged pistons @ 9.5:1 compression ratio (I think they're 9.5, if not 9.3'ish). Should still leave with some nice torque and with the newly acquired rods - it'll put the power out reliably. I run a tranny saver on a MTX trans, with an ACT 6-puck and fidanza flywheel. It rolled probably 270-300 hp the day I broke it, but the transmission has kept up just fine.
  14. well - as ya'll expected - I did paint the engine bay - and I couldn't be happier honestly. I then cleared it with some 2k clear and let it bake in the Texas sun for half a day. I'd say - it's going to last plenty long and no chipping. Then I got the Valve Covers and Intake Mani done - very pleased with those also: All in all - I'm just missing a few parts to start rebuilding. Crank, gasket set, Main/Rod bearings, piston rings - I have the pistons already (they showed up yesterday).
  15. taking photos today after work of crank for journalism points - while I'm at it - I'm going to be painting the engine bay gold (Duplicolor Metalcast Gold). Should look nice!
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