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  1. ok ill check all of these things and get back to u thx
  2. its not leaking oil...how to i checc the filter
  3. ill get some pics and maybe u can help me on figuring out the best way to go at this
  4. alright thx ill give it a shot let u kno how it comez out
  5. how do i remove the front left panel above the tire mines got a dent i wanna try an take out thx
  6. well the driver door dosent turn the doom light on. i want it to be able turn on the dome light when the doors open just the beeping not to wrk....
  7. i was reading sum were u lx has keyless entry? does this mean i can buy one of those keychain button things an program it?
  8. how can i get rid of the beeping all togather
  9. is it eazy to change the ignition green light?
  10. while fixing my cig lighter i noticed the bulb was out. wich bulb do i needa get to replace also i would like to make it blue or the green ring around it blue any ideas
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