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    1998 mazda 626, lx, 2.5l v6, automatic.

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  1. Jearbear

    Dash Lights Not Working

    Well i installed the radio about a year ago, and left the state for work, got back and found out that they werent working :) haha
  2. Jearbear

    Dash Lights Not Working

    SOLVED! FINALLY!! :) so, the problem was, I put a aftermarket stereo in it, and did not ground the illumination wire out. So, if you put in an aftermarket stereo in your car, hook the grey wire to the ground, and the red to the power. bypasses the dimmer switch, but they work :). make sure you hook it to the key on power "red" not constant.
  3. Jearbear

    Dash Lights Not Working

    oh, the shifter light doesn't work either
  4. Jearbear

    Dash Lights Not Working

    they do work, head lights work tail lights work interior lights work all warning lights work brights work light for the brights on the dash work heater lights work all the gauges themselves work its only the gauge lights that do not work
  5. Jearbear

    Dash Lights Not Working

    I tested the bulbs for continuity, the circuits being completed so its definitely not them. cleaned all the pins and such, still no luck. is there a possibility of a wire in the headlight switch not working, even though the markers come on?
  6. Jearbear

    Dash Lights Not Working

    It is just the lights, all the gauges work, and the warning lights also work, "check engine, temp, ext". the bulbs and fuses are all good i tested them with a multi-meter. the wiring harnesses are all plugged in. i guess corroded pins are a possibility.
  7. Jearbear

    Coolant Leak Help: Identify This Hose!

    I just solved this problem on my car, ive heard multiple fixes for it and they are as follows 1. the pressurized cap on coolant reservoir is bad. 2. cracked coolant hoses 3. clogged hoses/radiator 4. coolant temperature sensor ive heard all of these. but my issue was different. did you fill the radiator recently, before this happened? if so. you might try what i did. With the car running, and the heater blowing, fill the radiator, when reservoir is full squeeze the bottom radiator hose, its called "Burping the system" it pushes air bubbles out, i had to do this quite a bit to get all the air out of my car. once again, these are just things i heard, and the last thing is what worked for me, no guarantees i am not a mechanic, but why not try it? :)
  8. Jearbear

    Dash Lights Not Working

    hello, i have searched this forum and many others for an answer to this. and have came up empty handed, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Recently the dash lights in my 1998 mazda 626. 2.5l. stopped working. I have went through various steps including, Checking all fuses checking all relays Checking dash light bulbs Checking the wiring paper in dash? i dont know for sure what it is called sorry. Checking the dimmer switch, "wiring to dimmer switch is getting power on both power wires, ground is good, tried jumping it to get dash lights to turn on, nothing, so its not the dimmer switch correct?" headlight switch, "when turning the switch it usually turns marker lights and dash lights on, only turns marker lights on anymore, so its not the switch correct?" As i say i also tested for power at the dimmer switch, it had power, but when testing the plug in's behind the gauge cluster, only 4 wires total had power, is that normal? I am just trying to keep troubleshooting to narrow the problem down, and have run out of things to troubleshoot, or at least ran out of knowledge that i can use to troubleshoot these things. Any tips or advice would be welcomed, and greatly appreciated, thank you!
  9. solved the issue was one of a few, first off there was a small crack in one of the smaller coolant lines, i replaced that, refilled the radiator while car was running WITH heater running also, and burped the system by squeezing the bottom radiator hose to get air bubles out. it seems overly difficult, and was, for filling a radiator, but it worked! hope this helps anyone with this problem in the future
  10. Hi, I have a 1998 mazda 626 with a 2.5l v6 engine that i recently replaced, since the day i bought the car it has been spitting coolant out of the overflow hose on the recovery tank. What makes my issue different from others that I have seen is that my vehicle is not overheating. I have replaced the thermostat, water pump, hoses, the head gaskets are fine, the coolant caps are on the right spots and the pressurized one has been replaced recently. I'm just not sure what more could be causing my problem, any tips?
  11. Jearbear

    Hard To Start And Dies Every Time It Does?

    well i went and found the correct vacuum diagram, its all hooped up correctly, replaced coil pack and it starts every time now, but still revs up and dies, now odd thing is that if i unplug one side of the fuel injectors "it doesn't matter which side" It will start, drop down, and run at a rough idle.... fel pressure was fine also.. :/
  12. Jearbear

    Hard To Start And Dies Every Time It Does?

    it wasn't the main fuse it was the little 10a fuse under the dash. but ill still look through the wiring.
  13. Jearbear

    Hard To Start And Dies Every Time It Does?

    oh the fuel issue on the other thread was just me making a mistake, i had the current problem at first, and was cranking it, checking something else, and cranking it again, and apparently somewhere along the way i blew the engine control fuse, replaced it and back to this problem..
  14. Jearbear

    Hard To Start And Dies Every Time It Does?

    bit of an update, retested the coil and the primaries running at .6 across, says its supposed to be .45-.55 is that enough off to cause issues??
  15. Jearbear

    Hard To Start And Dies Every Time It Does?

    yeah i double checked the timing but ill test the pcv and go back through the vacuum lines.