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  1. What should be the normal operating temps for tranny fluid?
  2. Still getting some percolation at the overflow cap on the pan. I havent checked the temps on the hoses, that might be something to do today. AZ offers a radiator transmission flush kit for $30. Has anyone ever tried it?
  3. OK, drove it all day with no problems. One or two more drainings and all should be good. There was noticeable metal shavings that came out with the old fluid. 300,000 miles without a fluid change, and over heating yesterday. I say its a great tranny.
  4. ok, drained it and plugged it. and added 4 quarts. So far so good. Will test drive it today and let yall know.
  5. Yeah, I already opted out of the 10 min flush idea. Its probably all in vane anyway. But maybe the gods will be kind to me today.......but I kinda doubt it.
  6. Is there a drain plug on the 626 2.0L, and is there a level check plug?
  7. I dont think this has ever had a fluid change, apart from the leaks. I watch a neat video on youtube that showed a 10 minute flush It involved draining, plugging, removing cooler intake hose and putting it into a basin, running the engine while pouring new fluid in the dipstick. Keep engine running until fluid coming out of tube is a nice pink color. I dont know if that's something I can do by myself. I might just drain and fill a few times. The O/D OFF light started flashing today after I retorqued all the bolts on the pan. Can I save the old gal? 2.0L Auto
  8. I did search and couldnt find anything. Thats why I posted.
  9. Transmission fluid appears to be percolating at the top of the pan thru the overflow valve. Why is this happening? My fluid level is not high. if anything it is low. Dipstick says check fluid in park, idle and hot. Is there a way to stop this leak.
  10. Well, mission accomplished. As I suspected, it was the combination switch. Not a very difficult job. Point wheels straight Disconnect battery cables Remove column cover screws (4). Notice small screw in the left rear bottom. Its a different size than the others. Squeeze top half of column cover to separate if from bottom half remove airbag screws remove airbag get some good tape like duct tape and place a large piece on the front of the clockspring so it wont unwind during removal remove clockspring screws and clockspring Get a 3 point wheel puller and attach to steering wheel. Make sure you get the right size bolts (8mm I believe) Pop the steering wheel off Unplug combination switch plugs behind lower dashboard near right knee. (2 blue connectors) remove combination switch screws and combination switch. Estimated difficulty: Easy Estimated time: 45 minutes I bought the part from a seller on ebay for $30 delivered. Ask me for their telephone number. MAKE A NOTE OF THE EXACT LOCATION WHERE THE AIRBAG PLUG GOES BEFORE REMOVING AIRBAG. I DIDNT AND IT TOOK ME 20 MINUTES TO FIGURE OUT WHERE IT WOULD FIT WITHOUT GETTING IN THE WAY WHEN I HAD TO REASSEMBLE.
  11. For starters, this one.
  12. MY CONTENT does not show any posts from 2014.
  13. Just did a rear brake job on my 96 626LX. Drum has two silly screws to hold the drum on. Of course they were froze up. I used a solid philips screw driver and a pipe wrench on the screwdriver and they came right out. But the drums were frozen on and werent coming off. After a little bit of research I learned there was a threaded 10mm hole on the drum. Inserting a bolt and turning it a few times, then tapping with a hammer did the trick. There are no videos on 626 rear brake shoe replacement. It wasn't a fun job, but brake shoes never are. The mazda 626 doesnt have what I would call a standard layout of springs and adjusters. Gone are the days of backing up in reverse to adjust your brakes. Now there is a spring loaded cam that constantly keeps pressure on the brakes. Nice idea. Clip are still a nasty pain in the arse too. Why can't someone invent clips that work effortlessly?
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