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    1997 626 2.0L 4cyl Auto Sedan

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    Melbourne, Australia
  1. chadstone03

    Wheel sizing - deathtrap?

    97 626 Sedan 4cyl Auto 130000 I had 14" rims on before, just installed some 17" Hyundai Elantra's with 235/45 tyres. Apparently the offset on these are +56 (Google search) I've heard a few scrapes when coming to a stop. Temporary or dangerous? I know nothing, I love my 626. Cheers.
  2. chadstone03

    Mazda3 Steel Wheels

    so, i am basically clueless when it comes to cars, but i was wondering whether buying mazda3 steel wheels to put onto my 626GE would make any difference? theyre the same size etc, but i was wondering if they'd be any lighter.. or.. i saw some on the net for $80 not a scratch, so i couldnt help but ask.
  3. chadstone03

    Wanted: 93 626 Ge Aluminium Door Sills?

    wow. i have a choice? lol. the american 626 ones.. are they like the ones you posted on that mx6 website earlier this year? if so, yes please.
  4. would be awesome. residing in australia.
  5. chadstone03

    Euro Lip Kit For Mazda 626 Ge Hatch?

    oh sweet. thanks for the advice and info! excited to get some rims on my 626 despite the dints and scratches on the thing, i'll be sure to post photos anyway. on the hunt for a telstar lip kit! cheers
  6. chadstone03

    Euro Lip Kit For Mazda 626 Ge Hatch?

    residing in melbourne, australia. where can i get these?!? would love to chuck one on.. also, 45 offset rims ok? 17x7's. lol
  7. chadstone03

    Taillights - How??

    so i found this photo a while back. . thought it was awesome. i probably won't ever do it. but, for others: how is this done?
  8. chadstone03

    Taillight Tinting

    ooh.. this has made me too nervous to do it now. haha. may just leave them. good to know though, thanks heaps for the replies.
  9. chadstone03

    Taillight Tinting

    oh thanks. legend!
  10. chadstone03

    Taillight Tinting

    is taillight tinting illegal in australia? in particular - victoria?
  11. chadstone03

    Mazda 6 Luxury Sport Wheels - 1993 626 Ge Hatch

    oh gee. thanks guys, wasnt expecting such a quick response. this forum's sick! now spacers.. any recommendations? checked out this site as well. clueless as to what its suppose to show me. you see i love my car, but i don't know a lot about it, or cars in general for that matter. learning though. http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=205&aspect=55&diameter=15&wheelwidth=6&offset=38&width2=215&aspect2=45&diameter2=17&wheelwidth2=7&offset2=60&Submit=Submit
  12. So im thinking of purchasing a mazda 6 wheel & tyre set to put on my 1993 Mazda 626 GE Hatchback: Size: 17x7 JJ Offset: 55 Tyres: 215/45/r17 Car has also been lowered and inch and a half. . Will they fit???
  13. chadstone03

    German 626 V6 [updated]

    wow. im in love with your black 626. awesome inspiration for mine.