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  1. Thanks! I just noticed one of the centers bolts is broken with one half stuck in the motor...
  2. YuZi


    Staggered wheels on a FWD car will make you understeer more. I've never had that kind of setup on my 626, but I have a set of 17's with the same widths for my RX7.
  3. Hey guys, So I recently was doing my rear valve cover gaskets and I noticed I was missing one of the washers and the metal sleeve (short one) that connects to the rubber on the bottom. One of the long sleeves that go in the middle also had a crack running down the middle. Anyone know what these are called and where I can get them? I need to have my car done to pick up more car parts on Thursday!
  4. YuZi

    Raising A 626

    I have a lowered 99 LX-V6 with 65 profile tires. It rides much smoother than the stock 55s. Zero rubbing and adds about an inch and a half on clearance all the way around. I wore out two tires and don't want to order two spares, so I'm running 205/70s in the rear with no rubbing. I did autocross on the Falken 65s at stock height and I had minimal performance loss. Get 65s. They ride SUPER smooth!
  5. Yeah standard mounts and non adjustable blues. Not really interested in trades unfortunately.
  6. Hey guys, I think I've finally through my "go-fast" stage in life. I think its time I just went back to regular commuter. haha, SIKE. I have a ton of stuff to sell since I've been saving up for a Miata. You can find most of the goods, like my JDM goodies collection, at my eBay here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/q_one_1 On my eBay: - JDM Magazines - JDM Best Motoring original VHS's - JDM Gran Turismo 1 Complete Car Guide - Forza Horizon SOLD Not listed on eBay yet: USED 2000-02 Tail light KIT - Comes with BOTH lights and HARNESSES. Picked up the lights off of a 02 but never go
  7. Sweet, I still haven't put mine on... How much did they cost you?
  8. I think I'm the first 5th gen, right? http://i.imgur.com/hiW8lx5.jpg
  9. Teaser, more images to come!
  10. Saw this browsing the classifieds. Looks like older Maxima wheels to me. Thoughts? I think they look sweet paint matched. ORIGINAL LISTING
  11. I'm going ot be using the stock set, the SCCA doesn't let you modify the height.
  12. $100 for the set, right? If so, PM me your address and I'll see how far it is from PA. Interested in the set!
  13. Goodies arrived! MX6/Probe struts came in for a price of... $389 and free ship after a 5% coupon code from GoodieGarage.com. Can't wait to get these babies mounted! Any recommendations on the mounts with apporximate cost? I got a price of $185 for all four mounts from AutoZone.
  14. Do they have a dedicated 98+ strut? Its not listed on their site. No luck mate
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