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  1. l can tell you that what you said about 2001 and after have imm. thats not so my daughters 626 2.0l auto Did Not have an immobilizer it was a 2002. My 1999 626 2.0l auto has immobilizer and i lost 1 of the keys, so I got the numbers off the unit located next to the OBD2 port called a company and got the 8 digit code, I bought a Real mazda blank had it cut and then had a couple shots of JD and went over and over the info on how to program the 2nd key, I posted the instructions here or Djvon did for me it's a nightmare to do , I got it first time, drinking helps.... Anyway I know that if you try and start car with the wrong transponder key or one not programmed to the car 3 times in a row the computer will shut down and keep car from starting, go ahead ask me how I know this ! DON'T USE CLONE KEY BLANKS they won't program to key programming hack. I had to take to dealer and have it brought back to life.. I don't have to worry about that any more since I bought a NGS STAR SCAN TOOL ( Pic's posted here )a Mazda card for the image of ECU and the diagnostics card, and wife has a 04 SHO Taurus so I have bought all the cards for keys and CAN , sorry I got off track. So maybe problem might have been ignition, key, Did you have spark gas, fuel pump, fuel pressure . I think that's as much as I know, wondering about harness .Scan tool, you don't have to spend a lot. Start by getting an Elm327 ver.1.5 you don''t need the one with switch std. mode is HS which will read what you have, you can get BTHOOH for 12 bucks I got a Kobra from Amazon. Then download Forscan search google for it, and you can buy the key,security system program from them the main program is dealer level and Free key stuff cost so crooks don't take advantage . It's only for Ford Mazda. So don't try a unknown key, get starter fluid give a shot see if it hits then go from there.
  2. vtails


    I'm not sure if it would make the trans act up, I'm assuming your talking about the magnetic sensor driver side above the metal to cooler hose, it is like crank or cam sensor, you can mount it a vise or clamp attach multi meter to the leads doesn't matter which lead to connector wires get a a flat piece of metal like a scale(ruler ) wave the metal back and forth in front of pick up and watch the multi meter and see the voltage change . You have to wave fairly fast to get it to change. The problem with the CD4E or AL4A-EL transmissions that most owners don't know about is the LINE PSI is it goes very high sometimes, I found out the hard way myself. They make a shift kit for Valve body that gives some springs and pistons and template to drill the 2 plates to regulate the line pressure , you can buy them for 30 - 40 bucks, and you'll have to also buy 2 plate gaskets for 10-15 bucks. It's really simple to do yourself. I have a 99 626 auto trans that would only get 3rd gear it had reverse but would only take off forward in 3rd. I'm not a trans mechanic, I fly and work on Biz Jets, but I do my own automotive repairs. So I removed the trans got a couple long tables and tore the trans down and set the parts on table so that the last part that came out was the First part back in. When i got to the First Second clutch drum it had 3/4" of the top broken off completely from the line pressure and thats why it only had 3rd gear...Sorry about long post but its important to look at the big picture ! You didn't say model of car but if you go to YOUTUBE and search for CD4E or Mazda model LA4A-EL same trans you'll get the idea about the Shift kit and why line pressure cause problems in these transmissions. You can change fluid make sure level is correct never over fill. I bought my Shift kit from Amazon but Ebay has them. If you do build your trans make sure you upgrade some of the parts like clutch drums and bushings they go bad but you can do some reading. I forgot the shift Solenoids can make it act up you can check resistance and also use a 12vcc wire to connector and listen to hear them click. but for 120 dollars you can get the pair and install them. I hope you find the simple fix for your problem.
  3. vtails

    99 Auto Trans Problems

    I sent my 626 on semi out west where I'd be working for a few months, car drove fine. I finished working and changed all the fluids packed my 2 tea cup yorkies up got about 30 miles out and the left axle came out, tried to get it back in but it wouldn't stay Bad axle bushing . Had car towed back to airport and left it there for few months, so few days ago flew back to fix it. I got a new axle bushing new axle fluid put it together and it would not shift ou lt of 3rd gear it started out in third then started jumping around to different gears and down shifting and up shifting while cruising then it would just lock in 3rd. It set some codes P0756,P0751,P1506,P1744. I went to Trans parts store got new solenoids for the 1-2, 3-4, the torque converter code went away when I added fluid, the new seal started leaking. I haven't put the Solenoids in yet but will tomorrow, I built the Trans myself about 1 year ago before I did the engine. I don't know if there's a separate computer for the tran's or if the ECU runs the trans. The battery went dead and I'm not sure if it BSOD my ECU? I don't understand why it would turn off the shift solenoids ? I'm guessing that this is why it won't shift or shift eratically . Im hoping someone has some ideas as to what happened, I need to fix this hopefully before Wensday cause that's when my return flight is, I was hoping to drive 1500 miles back to Ktown, if I can't get it fix I will have to scrap it and fly home. I was thinking that the computer that runs the Trans might have to be reflashed ? But I don't understand why the trans stopped working cause it sat for few months with dead battery. I'm starting to panic, I know it's short notice but I didn't plan on any problems I thought that replacing bushing and put new axle in and charge the battery and I'd be on my way Home. Thanks to all
  4. vtails

    Fault Code P1744

    I'm going to replied old thread, I've been having issue with trans. P1744 I found my fluid is gone, Because 6 months ago I was 1500 miles from home working,, time came to go home threw my little 5lbs yorkies in car and I got out on I-40 about 30 miles and trans dropped axle on drivers side. So I had it towed back to airport and rent car and drove 1500 miles home. So months later I came back to fix car it had a bad bushing on drivers side and axle that blew up was a rebuilt(don' buy rebuilts)so it beat bushing up to where it wouldn' hold axle in. I went to WIT and got a bushing, bought a AZ axle (new)new seal put it all back together and went for test drive before I hit road , The trans was stuck in 3rd gear then it started jumping up and down in gears and it finally set some codes, and I didn' bring my factory scan tool(NGS) but did bring my modded Elm327( HS/MS) but I didn' have a windows tablet so I could use FORSCAN. I have P0756, P0751, P1506, P1744. The first 2 are A&B Solenoids turned OFF, next is IAC and Torque converter < Fluid level added fluid made 1744 go away, 1506 I'm guessing that's cause the trans being locked in 3rd gear.. So trans was working just fine before axle came out but it sat for 4-5 months all the full drained valve body, battery was brand new in March of 17, but it was dead, took 2 days to get it back up to 12.5vcc , so it just blows my mind that the trans went bad, I built it about 1 1/2 years ago CD4E are bad on Bushings. I don' know much about auto trans I had a book and mic dail calipers and a long table ! IF Anyone knows what could make a trans turn off the solenoid pack I could use the help, I got new solenoids and will install tomorrow but I'm thinking I'm doing the wrong thing. Also is there a computer just for the trans, I know the ECM is a pain to get at and if there is a TCM it's probably in same place as the ECM, HELP, I've put a small fortune in this car and I hate to have it hauled off to junk yard . I need help,I'm starting to panic...
  5. vtails

    Driver Side Axle Bushing

    Here are the pic's of bushing, this is for drivers side measures 1.300" OD, 1.180" ID ,,,so mic your axle the size will be smaller when this bushing g is installed. You'll need a T gauge for the inside and a daily caliber to measure t gauge and axle , should have few thousand clearance you can check by trying to install axle if it doesn't fit you'll have to Hone or sand bushing. You don't want to much play but it must have some, this will be what you think to find actual numbers you'll have search in O/H book for trans or the manual ( someone posted factory manual here) mine is set at 10-15 thousands ,grab shaft and up down feel it just a bit but if axle goes in then should be fine. But if you can see it move up down then bushing axle should be replaced.
  6. vtails

    Driver Side Axle Bushing

    This way late to answer but should help others, I have 1999 626 2.0L with auto trans. I have put thousands into this car Built engine and I did trans about year ago. They have problems CD4E Mazda has diff numbers . They wear Bushings bad replace All. Ok now for trans axle shaft bushing,,, all autos and manuals have this bushing, if you pull axle seal it will be right behind seal. My bushing fell out ,this is caused by rebuilt axles,measure the shaft size you'll see that they grind down the bushing area, axle bushing area is made to small if you check axle fit by grabbing shaft and move up down if any movement replace axle bushing and this should be done anyway when replacing axle!!!!! If you buy new axle you'll find you have to Hone bushing to get axle in. The size is 1.300 of & 1.180 I'd this is measured out of trans, they fit right on axle when not installed but when it's in trans you won't get axle in if using new and fits just right when installing rebuilt axle. If you check new axle from Mazda is more than cars is worth but you can buy a China built from eBay for less than a rebuilt from AZ OR ADVANCE CHECKER PEP BOYS ORILEYS ,not sure if you can buy new from the places above ? PRICE FOR PARTS,,,, the bushing is about $3.00 and rebuilt axle about $100 bucks ,new axle from eBay is less, trans bushing you can get from WIT ,,( WHAT EVER IT TAKES ) NAME OF TRANS PARTS PLACE.
  7. vtails

    Workshop Manual

    I saw this one on Ebay and asked.the person some question about it since it says that it supports all OBD protocols which is a bit misleading I asked if it supported HS (STD) MS AND SW but I had talked to someone on Ford Truarus forum and he had this same scan tool and said it didn't support the MS (Newer Ford) and had to mod it with the switch and cutting the wires on OBD connector 6&14 and 3&11 which I had read about at the Forscan forums. They had a diagram of how to put switch and wires. They had told me about the OBDLINK MX and that it supported HS MS AND SW so that's why I went with, it's more money compared to the ELM327 but it had some nicer features like the power saver mode but that it was only supported on Android and PC for the MX model. I wanted something small since my NGS is a monster to drag out and a bit clumsy to use and it only has2-4 lines of info you can read. How does the Forscan work for you, can it shut down individual injectors and do some of the dealer type scanning? I had looked at Scan link but it seemed a bit pricey at $120.00 for main program and then $90.00 for the Mazda add-on.
  8. vtails

    Workshop Manual

    I have a ? You said something about using forscan what scan to are you using for For scan software. I was going to buy one of the ELM327 but instead I have ordered a OBDLINK MX BLUETOOTH but I also have a NGS with all Ford and Mazda cards with key coders. But just curios what everyone is using for scan S/W.
  9. vtails

    626 Stereo Wiring Diagram

    I have been at work so I came Home and took Dash out to get wire colors so everyone with a 99 626 would have where they should go to(in case plugs were cut out) Also the second color is for Scorshe plug. Big plug with release button top(Reference) I'll start with top row wire's Blue with Black stripe goes to Gray Blue with Yellow stripe goes to White Red goes to Orange with White stripe Blue with Yellow stripe goes to Yellow Blue with White stripe goes to Red Bottom Row Blue Orange stripe goes to Gray Black stripe Red with Black stripe goes to White with Black stripe Gray goes to Orange Yellow with Red stripe goes to Blue SMALL PLUG RELEASE BUTTON ON TOP( THIS IS FOR REAR SPEAKERS) Green with Black stripe goes to Green ( this is the only wire in top row) BOTTOM ROW Yellow with Green stripe goes to Purple with Black stripe Green goes to Purple Green with Orange stripe goes to Green with Black stripe Refer to the pic of the Scorshe Chart in above post, the colors for new plug from Scorshe are industry standards for most if not all new aftermarket stereo's . So using the stock Mazda colors matched to Scorshe aftermarket plug you'll know where the wire goes and what it does,( I did have issue's with the light dimmer,there's 3 in aftermarket plug) and I never got it correct ... So this was real easy for me since the Mazda Scorshe plug color's matched the same color's on Scorshe plug to my aftermarket Radio(FORD FACTORY RADIO) Funny I don't have any CD's but I have a lot of cassette's ,even funnier I still have the 4 track player and 8 track player I had in High School and yes there was a 4 track player before 8 track's, 4 tracks didn't have a capstan wheel the 8 track had capstan wheel built into the tape itself , a bit of History from the last Century . I was looking around at Google Android head's that you can put in and I think they would fit perfect in the space (Double Din ) and you can hack root them and add some great feature's granted they are a bit pricey but I'd like to have one with TV DVD player but an older one would be cost effective, just to see if if I liked it. Also the last post I made about the light dimmer might have been wrong so I'll try and Edit it. I HOPE THIS HELPS ALL should be close on 98-02 just check color's to Pic's above.
  10. vtails

    626 Stereo Wiring Diagram

    I think I got it , It's for light dimmer and you can check , Turn on light's get your multi meter out and check for voltage (also check with key on first before you turn lights on) With lights on use your dimmer switch and watch Vcc it will be lower than 12volts and will go up and down when you move the dimmer. But still think that getting plug from junkyard is a good Idea and really it makes getting the adapter plug from Scocshe easy to wire up as the wire's are standard in color on the adapter plug to the industry... meaning that they would match up in color on the stereo you are installing (aftermarket) if it's a Factory stereo then it be a bit harder but if you buy the adapter for Factory stereo as I did makes life simple I got my adapter plugs from Volunteer stereo in Knoxville Tn , so I just drove over and piked them up after I ordered them on ebay , I put the adapter number in other post. Sorry for confusion it's been a while ,
  11. vtails

    626 Stereo Wiring Diagram

    Here's what I found www.modifiedlife.Com look for your car. But best easy way would go to junkyard get the plugs wire them in, then buy the adapter for radio from scosche and also plug for radio you want to put in. What I found was that there were so many different ways to go, is your radio a FMS OR ? If you get plugs it would really make things simple. But Scosche has a number if you need to ask ? 800-363-4490 EXT 3 for wire color , Mazda kit MA02B.
  12. vtails

    626 Stereo Wiring Diagram

    I'm sorry I've been at work and I carry a Old flip phone so company can't text me ! . I got the package back out and I was looking for this wire but they don't show this one. Here's what I know the other plug is for rear speakers ?, I can't remember if that was for all speakers, I would look at my radio but the way I installed it it's a job to get the radio out. I also did a lot of research to find wires. I did find a good site but can't remember name but it did have complete list. If you use DVM see if it has power key off then on and how many Vcc. If 12vcc powers radio or if it has very little power it's for light dimmer. You have to check all wires with key on and off . It's been a while so I don't rely know but I'll look around see if I find so new here for you to look at. .
  13. vtails

    Transponder Key

    This is late but I put up a post here a few year's ago I had only 1 key for my 99 626 and I can't find the post I did so I will but the info up again and maybe one of the mod's can make this a sticky for all those that only have 1 key, I don't remember if this works if you have No key but a few facts, 1.) IT MUST BE A FACTORY KEY. YOU MUST BUY THE CODE WORD AND YOU'LL NEED SER.NO. FROM IMMOBILIZER EBAY IS WHERE I GOT MINE. READ THE DOC ALL THE WAY BEFORE YOU START AND THE FLASHING LITE MUST BE OFF WHEN SWITCHING THE KEY ON OFF. This is a fast pace on off of the key but it does the job. 626 KeyProgramming.docx
  14. I had a 2002 626 2.0L with these same injectors , I am curious if you have a pre-cat on yours meaning a cat right below your exhaust manifold ? as mine did and also had another cat right before the glass pack. I'm not sure why my 02 had this but I still have the exhaust system since my daughter totaled the car , I kept the engine and all that the cookie cutter would let me have in the backyard!! bu getting back to the issue you might want to check what the 02 has listed . I recently rebuilt my 99 626 2.0l engine and was going to install these injector's but found out that I couldn't because the fuel rail and injectors were shorter than what the 99 had and the fuel rail mounted different. I looked up on ebay and found a lot of injectors for sale that match what you have and you could call Rock auto and tell them what the issue is that you are finding with there listing . They might be able to get you the right parts. I was going to order some from them but the were rebuilt and I was looking for new parts for my 99 and they are different for 99 than your 98 which doesn't make sense to me, mine are big and fat and longer than yours are. I'd like to hear what you find out.
  15. vtails

    Ngs Scan Tool

    It's been a while to answer to this thread, But I just did an engine for my 99 626 and I was fortunate to have a friend do all the machine work.It run's great but has some issues(600 miles since OH) I need to address, when cold it idles fine starts instantly but when it comes up to temp it has a rough idle like real rough and sometimes at idle in gear the engine will just stop for a second it doesn't die, but when I floor it it runs so good and it has a different sound to it, I think it's the head work that was done to it and it had a lot of changes from stock FS9. Getting back to the NGS, I still don't know how to use it, it has a card for D/L the ecu a guess is for new ECU, I'm wondering if you know of anyone that has made changes to ECU? . I think the sensors is my problem but the prices of buying OEM MAF or MAP TPS sensors is pretty expensive , but it's nice to have this unit it was costly to buy I got it from a Ford dealer that closed here,but I have a Windstar and a Taurus a Focus Mazda so I have a lot of fords . I think that i should have gotten a OTC or one of the others that are offered now as they do different cars .