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  1. Yea water pump leak is very common with these cars. You wont see it directly because the water pump is behind the timing chain cover.
  2. I wouldn't worry. 10W-30 is the recommended viscosity for warmer climates, there shouldn't be any mechanical damage when using 5W-30. As long as both viscosity reaches "30" by operating temp, no harm is done. The W stands for weight and is a reference to only when you're cold starting your car up. The lower that number is, the easier for the flow of oil through your engine parts. Hope that answers your question.
  3. The correct grammar is. "Forum" And nope, noooobbbody heeerreee
  4. I don't know much about the design of the 1989 626s but it almost sounds like a bad coolant temp sensor. You know when the engine warms up and its reading higher than normal temp and then it shuts down and never restarts to protect it from overheating. Or it can be a resistance in the wiring somewhere that is affected by the temperature of the heat. You can also check for spark when it doesn't start back up. Other then that, can't really say. There's a lot of variables.
  5. It can be a bad #2 fuel injector on cylinder 2. You could check the resistance of the fuel injector at the rail. You can also perform a compression test on each cylinder making sure you have good compression especially on cylinder 2.
  6. Where is this place on the 2nd pic and how high?
  7. If you use a regular bolt, it would block the flow going through the PS pump. A banjo bolt has a hole on the side and that hole runs to the bottom hole of that bolt thus allowing fluid flow to bypass through the bolt and into the pipe as it's designed. I'm not an expert in everything inside a PS pump so I don't know the damage it could do without the banjo bolt but I'm sure it will cause premature failure down the road. If you're going to temporally put a regular bolt in until you find the correct one, make sure you buy another pair of copper washers since they can only be used once. Aga
  8. Sorry for the VERY late reply as you might have already addressed this issue already. I did not have notification or "followed" this post. If you have validated that the part numbers are different between model years, I recommend grabbing any 93-97 Mazda 626 or probe and just pull the sensors off of them and swap it out with yours. However, if you live in a heavily salted region, good luck trying to get that off without damaging it. But yes you are correct.
  9. Ford probe, there's probably a lot of those laying around. Not sure if engine size matters in power steering pump bolt size.
  10. Those are called Banjo Bolts, with the hole that goes through it just like brake lines do. I have not removed one myself on these cars to know the dimensions and thread size, but what I suggest is ask the dealership if they have the bolt available to order, or ask a auto parts store if they have a kit full of aftermarket banjo bolts available, or go to junkyard and pull one out yourself. Or find it on every hidden spot around your engine bay, it will eventually show up somewhere where you can't see it, use a mirror and light.
  11. If you do a little bit of research on google, every single image on there will show you what and/or where the wheel speed sensors are located. They are generally identical across all other brands of vehicles and has not changed for decades.
  12. I think you can only get those at the junkyard, not sure you'll find it at the auto parts store or maybe even the dealer.
  13. No idea what you mean by motor boat sound. It could be an exhaust leak and the vibration could also be a blocked catalytic converter causing back pressure. Could be anything from lack of maintenance to worn motor mounts. Need more data and inspections/tests. You can try starting a go fund me page and hope someone pitch in to buy you a car to go to work.
  14. You can try checking the clutch master slave cylinder to see if the plunger and clutch fork moves in and out properly.
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