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  1. Turns out it all came from the rubber flex tube on the air intake. A stupid half inch slit was causing it. I replaced the rubber connector and all is fine now
  2. I will check his videos but I really need something Mazda 626 specific. I went to change my brake shoes and I think the previous owner screwed up on the springs because there is like zero tension on the shoes.
  3. I am having trouble remembering the exact placement for the brake drum springs and things on my 98'. Does anyone have any step by step or pics on how to install the brake drum springs? Much thanks. ( and yes I tried looking it up on here first and googled )
  4. Happy 7th Anniversary Babe (Tanya Yankowsky) Love you!

  5. Great morning, left to go help a friend and my front left wheel bearing exploded on the highway, lost control and went into the ditch. No real damage to car except for the obvious wheel bearing and I snapped my shock in half. I am in pain but alive.

  6. thought I woke up this morning after having a nightmare.....nope, the bitch actually won......

  7. and another one begins school today. 3 down and one to go!

  8. Our house is divided, Eng and Ita!

  9. Anyone know if there are any grocery stores open today?

  10. more drinks have gone in and now we are on to Motley Crue kickstart my heart!

  11. is blasting Bowie - Heroes, having a Corona and just loving it!

  12. After being witness to everyone home for summer vacation, I have decided that going back to work will be wonderful!

  13. Last day of vacation, mixed feelings about it. Enjoyed being home getting stuff done but looking forward to the peace and quiet of the garage compared to home.

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