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  1. I have a 1997 626 with 298,000 miles that our family loves dearly. Is there any way to get a new old stock driver's side (left) sun visor in gray? I have looked all over and every site seems to have the visor, but on further analysis says it's NLA. If not, is there any way to repair the sun visor? The pasteboard inside has cracked and the visor sags and will not stay up. Is there any way to replace the inner stiff material while keeping the fabric covering?
  2. I have a 97 626 with the 2 liter four and a 5-speed. It is rapidly approaching 240,000 miles and the only major repair was replacing the catalyst at about 120k due to damage sustained from a misfiring cylinder (has anybody else had that problem with a Mazda?). Other than that, tune-ups, tires, brakes and stuff have been the only expenses. This car has outlasted three car stereo head units also. It still runs great other than some oil burning.
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