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  1. I just wanted to say that I was able to "temporarily" fix this problem by resetting the computer (disconnecting the battery for a little while and stepping on the brakes) I do not know what was causing the problem but I would assume it was some kind of faulty sensor. I did end up selling the car for a loss. This car is such a piece of junk I can't believe it even has such a fantastic website devoted to it. Why anyone cares anything at all about this junk is beyond me, but I am grateful he resource is/was here. I will again ask that this thread is moved to the technical section where hopefully someone experiencing the problem can find some helpful information. Good day to all of you fine people, but I would never ever EVER even think about buying another one of these cars.
  2. Hmm...I see I put this in the wrong forum I think...probably suposd to go in technical section. Could you or another mod move it for me please? The fluid was pretty dark. It has been doing this for about 2 months actually...hasnt got much worse. I know all that hard shifting cant be good for her though.
  3. Howdy all! I have a 95 mazda atx 4cyl. I am getting some prtty good "bucking" or real hard shifting from 1-2. The OD OFF light is also blinking on the dash. I drained a bit of atx fluid because it was a bit over the line, and added some "stop slip" stuff, which did nothing of course lol. It generally shifts fine in the rest of the gears but will occasionally have a hard, but not nearly as hard, 2-3 shift. ANy ideas?
  4. alright so the 2 door hatch back metro is 1808 lbs and that 3 cyl motor makes 55hp and 58 torque lol...the mazda is 2743 lbs and supposedly makes 118hp and 127 torque. I dunno man I just thought for such a small car the mazda gets some weak mpg. I cant get more than 22mpg out of it and i mostly drive on the highway like a grandma.
  5. Thats some good info there peoples. I was thinking about a turbo on it. What are the 2.0L horsepower and torque? Im only barely getting 20mpg in my 626. I'll be honest with you i'd love to find a 4 door hatch back metro. I just cant find em anywhere.
  6. So I am thinking about the possibility of swapping in a 3 cyl chevy metro engine into my 95 4cyl atx. I would want to also swap the metro 5 speed manual with the motor and get rid of that terrible atx. I was hoping to be able to get much better gas mileage out of the little car, and I could care less about performance as long as it is drivable. I figure I could get upwards of 40mpg with the swap. Does anyone think it would be a big time trouble swap? I have found an engine/trans for $400! If I can get the rest of the work done for about $600-$1100 then it would only take me about 277-416 gallons of gas saved to pay for the swap, then it's all butter. What do you folks think about htis wacky nonsense. Im no purist obviously, who cares
  7. this may sound really stupid, and I'm sure you have tried this...but did you try wiggling the steering wheel back and forth while trying to remove the key?
  8. I have a code 332 on my mazda. It has something to do with the EGR valve from my understanding. Apparently the egr is under the throttle body. I read the sticky on cleaning the EGR and thats all well and good, but I was wondering if someone could scan me the haynes manual part on removing the throttle body. It looks kinda daunting with all the connections and everything. My main concern is what to do about the throttle cable, and how hard is it to get that big plastic vent from the airbox off. I am a novice with these cars, I have only owned trucks before with easy chevy 350s. Do I need a special tool to remove and replace the hose clamps? They look different than I'm accustomed to.
  9. Thanks for the help guys, but I already knew how to do the check engine codes with the sti plug by the trapzoidal connector. What I was wondering is how to check for transmission codes. Would they flash through the check engine codes? In the instructions for using the dagnostic connector it says to ground the TAT and the HOLD light will flash the codes. Since I dont have the TAT connector and havent ever seen a HOLD light on my dash, will mine flash them through the check engine instead? Thanks for the help!
  10. I am trying to read my transmission codes on my 1995 626 4cyl atx I read the sticky that says to connect the TAT pin to the gnd. In my diagnostic connector there is no jumper connector in the TAT spot. There is also no TEN spot etc, hell theres hardly anything there only like 5 connectors and 2 are gnd. My car is giving me some hard shifting. Not too long ago on a long trip the O/D OFF light was flashing. I understand that means there is some problem with sensors etc. I would really like to figure out the problem(s) with the trans. I did find the trapezoidal connector to do the CEL and read the code 332 which i think is EGR problem. That wouldnt cause any hard shifting RIGHT? Is there any way to check the transmission for codes if I dont have the TAT pin? WTF do they even have the diagnostic pins for if none of the right ones are there lol. thx! BTW the transmission light is not on.
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