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  1. hi guys :D. Dj i had to catch up on reading this thread and i must say you have way too much time on your hands to go to the junk yard like you do lol. but keep up the good work, i will be reading this from time to time, when i find the time. my jobs takes away from alot of my me time and project time. cheers!
  2. just a tip, look around in the forums the more assholeish answers to a question the more unlikely it is its a good forum. flaming in a serious context is not good but a joke or two about or with trash talk is sometimes ok. its like finding some drinking buddies you have to be careful on who (or in this case what) you choose.
  3. i was one of those people who needed some trim lol, i actually found my old 6 at a pick and pull near henderson. made me sad to see it with nothing inside it. D:
  4. just for future reference DJ, DO NOT tap anything on ANY radiator, even if it was metal you still run the chance of ruining the tanks. oh the stupidest thing i ever done with one of my cars was, breaking the black trim peice that holds the switches to the dash on my mazda. i shoulda read your how-to DJ lol
  5. i installed a dual port muffler on my current car, it sounds better than a fart can, its not shaped like a fart can, its not big like a fart can but, alot of people still call it a fart can. and i figured out why, if i were to put that muffler on a mustang or something it would be a muffler because its on a mustang, but if i were to take a flow master 40 series car muffler, and put it on a 626, it would be a fart can. domestic car = muffler, import = fart can. just food for thought on loud exhausts.
  6. hold on i cant comprehend this extent of knowledge im hearing. what if they installed the sticker diagonaly? mind = blown lol
  7. honestly, liek djdevon said its best to leave the decision up to you, now if you happened to want to see what a certain color on your car would look like but cant find the color you want on google or something one of the members could possibly photoshop a color on a picture of your vehicle. remeber tho we arent here to answer questions like "what color is the red ball?" but here to help with advice.
  8. its good to know people like that. im kinda like that, some butt heads i hung out with didnt like it though, they hated the fact that i told them the right way to do something even if it was something simple like placement of an air filter so water doesnt get inside teh filter and ruin things. but they were right because when the filter sits a foot under the bumper they went faster. -.-
  9. i had that phase, its not a good phase to remeber either. but if you think about it if they never made the fast and furious films we would have never had people using hondas to make tuner cars and racecars and then we wouldnt have anything to make fun at when we are bored :D
  10. >goes to honda day >see's nothing but honda's in the show >everyone pays more attention to the only lotus elise and M3 parked out side the show >say they wanted to look at real car's, a honda >instead talks about how awesome the only two non honda's were honda day in a nutshell.
  11. did that thingf come with a supplied ugly stick? :D
  12. yes thank you for the fine compliment
  13. honda day is this weekend. i have a feeling that theres going to be junk on the interstates. Edit: for those who dont know what honda day is, its a "car show" that happens anualy at the richmond international raceway (the nascar one) where many chaps flock to, to look at "real cars". it hurt explaining that :/
  14. i will agressively disagree, i dont like your opinion
  15. or the cadillac cts wagon. ugly shit up front, trying to be a wagon in the back.
  16. i had a friend who ghetto rigged a five speed in a civic. it had zip ties, hose clamps holding it together and a homemade cable so he could shift it. we went down the intersate once and he had the neutrel safety switch sitting in a spot so the car would run, and it moved out of the spot one day and cut the car off. took an hour to get the car cranked again, i never rode in it again.
  17. well in the last couple of months i have seen it all. guys buying civics and dumping thousands of dollars in them just to blow them up in two weeks, slamming their cars on the ground and brag about how they cant make it over speed bumps and getting stuck in driveways, calling themselves "car guys" and then immediatly talk trash about anything that isnt a honda. oh yes i have seen it all guys, and when i finally snapped back into reality and saw what normal people see, i stopped thinking about performance mods and such on my car and started working on other things like, re wiring the exhaust ga
  18. i know people that believe that with a passion. so when their "everycar" gets burned by another car that isnt a mustang, they make excuses about how the motor wasnt running right, or they "missed" a gear (someone told me that once, and they had a auto lol) i try to stray away from mustangs in general, and other muscle cars that might bunch me in with the douchebags.
  19. when you can find the time come visit you will be welcome, as well as others who want to meet me :D
  20. im five hours away! come see me! :D
  21. check your boost sensor. that sensor tells the motor to pick up idle on certian situations, i.e. using all four window switches. if you are lucky you might just have a cracked vacuum hose (providing this is actually the issue)
  22. providing you are still here, you wont find alot on body kits for these cars. if you want a body kit buy a honda. they have a bigger market for stuff like that (even tho its not a good market IMO). i am a firm believer in a stock appearing body on a car (and women ).
  23. i love this, goes to show that there are sports players that dont really care for really expensive cars and are humble about what they have, even though they can basically buy anything they want to.
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