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  1. Thanks for the reply, Monoxide. How long typically do these seals take to replace? Is it a two minute job once the timing belt is off?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Is there just one cam seal? I'm a bit of a noob. The car is due for it's MOT soon and it also requires rear lateral or trailing arm bushes (can't remember which) and inner track rod ends, and cv boots inner and outer both sides! Might have to ditch the 626 if it costs too much to repair ontop of the oil leak
  3. Hey guys, I've currently got an oil leak issue. From what was previously a small leak has got worse and worse. It's soaking my belts and timing belt cover in oil and is dripping rapidly on the ground whilst the engine's running. I recently replaced the distributor completely as this was leaking oil previously with a new unit which is fine now. Valve cover gasket has also been replaced in last 5k miles and is not leaking. It's too high up to be the upper or lower sump gasket's and the oil filter is screwed in fine. What else could this be? Could it be a blown headgasket leading oil? (Althoug
  4. My 626 has this feature. If you leave the key in the ignition in the off position/1st position and open the door, it bongs to remind you the keys are in the ignition still. If you do the same with the key in the 2nd position however, it does not neither if the engine is running.
  5. Yes i agree, the 626 is'nt the most popular car in the uk, but i think it could beat the mondeo and vectra on reliability every time. Damn straight! Every Mondeo/Vectra the same age as my car is either rotting to pieces or falling to pieces.. I hate that vauxhall crap! ;-) You'll find our cars are a bit rarer too, which adds to the coolness!
  6. I'd be interested to do something like this. Awaiting pics :-)
  7. The Spider LEDs are hard to install and since the bulbs are at an angle(diagonal) some of the arms won't spread out all the way. Keep in mind my tailings are blacked out; the LED bulbs look brighter than the filament ones.. Sorry for the delay on the pics and video, should have it up by tonight. Looks like the US models have an extra set of (inner) taillights. The rear of my car, the outer taillights work as both brake and lights. My inner ones are just reflectors!
  8. Let me know how this bulb swap goes for you, especially the turn signals. Be interested to see if these work.
  9. Thanks for the info Devon. Me and my dad eventually checked everything over and it was down to a rubbish ground from the headlight cluster. Looks like it might have completly fried the existing ground connection/lead that runs through the headlight as we gave it a new ground and it is working again. Does anybody know how the interior dome light and door lights function, what ground to they rely on as they still won't turn off completely if I close my doors? They turn off they just stay very dim so I think there's a backfeed from somewhere. And I've checked each individual door switch.
  10. Welcome! Great to see another UK 626'er! Nice car too :-)
  11. It's not a joke. I have disconnected my entire hid kit and the left headlight won't work with a standard bulb with the original ground connected. And as soon as this happened my interior light in the center of the headliner won't switch off when the doors are closed or when the switch is set to off or on or door. What's a tns relay and where is it to check? What fuses and other hidden relays should I check?
  12. I recently fitted a HID kit to my car and like an idiot grounded it out to the body for my left headlight instead of using the ground connection inside the headlight (the spade connector). It worked for 5 minutes but then packed up. At first I assumed that I'd blown one of the HID bulbs, but read on.. I've tested the whole HID kit (ballasts, bulbs, ignitor etc) using my other right hand side headlight and they work perfectly 100%. When I put any normal bulb in my left side headlight it won't work. I've checked all of the interior fuses by the drivers door and the fuses under the bonnet. I've
  13. Does anyone know of any kits or parts I can use to convert my existing electric aerial to a normal fixed aerial? I've been looking at DIY tutorials online where people have retro fitted an S2K aerial and base to different cars, but I wondered if anyone had attempted anything before? I don't want to go down the internal horizontal aerial route, or fit another electric aerial. One of these tutorials is here http://www.team-integra.net/forum/blogs/morningz/232-s2000-shark-antenna-installation.html But I wasn't sure how it would match up against my rear wing.. does anyone think this is do-able??
  14. Where do I start! My first favourite racing games were the original NFS series on PC. I used to play NFS II, NFS III (Hot pursuit) for hours on end on PC. Then I started playing a few other games and eventually got into console gaming and got my original Xbox. Used to spend hours on Project Gotham Racing I and II, then moved onto the NFS underground series.. still play them to this day! Got the first Forza, then ended up getting the 3rd installment when I got my Xbox 360, and now have the 4th.. all I've been playing really :-) If anyone wants to add me my gamertag is 'Ashsquee' (Don't ask, lo
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