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  1. Hyundai tiburon gt
  2. Name: Hyundai tiburon gt (2005) Date Added: 16 July 2014 - 09:19 AM Owner: Quezz5 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  3. It's just the header, it didn't have a downpipe when I got it and I couldn't find someone out here that would make one without raping me. The cheapest someone would have made it was 150 and that's if I bought the parts for it so, sadly, they never got put on.
  4. I don't have my 626 anymore and think someone else could enjoy them. 70+ shipping
  5. Quezz5

    We Got Em!!!!!!!

    Carbon in general is expensive but since these probably don't ever get ordered, they are most likely made when you buy one. Plus Harry Glass is one of the top names in the industry so you're getting quality and name with the extra bucks.
  6. Quezz5

    Speaker Size

    I fit some 6x9 Rockford punches in the rear of mine and I've been looking for some to replace the fronts.
  7. Quezz5

    We Got Em!!!!!!!

    I'm saving pennies to get mine, can't wait. I hate the responsibilities of being an adult lol
  8. Actually, Chuck Norris WAS born may 6, 1945....and decided that it would be beneficial to the world for him to be born nearly 5 years earlier so he was
  9. RANDOMLY FLAILING GUY!!!!! (i think he opened the box)
  10. Im going to change my head gasket soon just as a preventative maintenance...how long would this take and what should i be careful of?
  11. lol to put it this way, a rotor face power phases every 22.5* in a 4 rotor but in the 6 it fires every 20* Theres 12 combustion chambers in the 4 and the 6 has 18. At 7500 rpm, the 4 rotor fires 90,000 times and the 6 fires 135,000 times....its just a mathematical/scientific marvel what they did...(sorry, i get too into stuff like that)
  12. Looks nice! How long and much did it take you?
  13. Xeno...just like the 26b?!?!?! http://youtu.be/JdbXZdLn-VQ skip to :34 and youll hear the same brapbrap. The 6b has extra grunt and pop. I cant wait to see the 6b hit the le mans series...
  14. Im going to have to find a camera and enter. I wanted to do the first but, ran out of time before i got a camera. Btw, thanks RockAuto.com for the sponsoring! Its so exciting
  15. Quezz5

    '89 Aero Project

    Haha I second that...or third? or first? idk anymore
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