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    1999 Mazda 626 2.5L, Auto

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    Red Deer, AB
  1. Thatguy

    Red Deer-Eons

    Ha! well I lived in Lacombe until this may, Red Deers great!
  2. Thatguy

    Red Deer-Eons

    Hey, any members for red deer?
  3. Hey guys, I was in the driver seat of my 99' 626 and i was messing around with the seat adjustment "knobs" and turned the circular one(seat hight) to low and now it seemed to have locked and wont rise again, i can jiggle it a bit, but then it doesn't move beyond that point...Has this ever happened to you? How'd you fix it?
  4. Thatguy

    1600hp Jet Propelled Go Kart

    Jet propelled engine? This must be fake, it would have to be a few tons to stay on the ground at 1600hp
  5. Thatguy

    97 Mazda 626 Headlights

    Thanks! Good weekend project!
  6. Thatguy

    99' Left Turn Signal On Dash

    Thanks, i got the part # and instruction to take apart. I really doubt that the odometer was rolled back. 200 000 km? The guy I bought it off of was older and had a km chart from when he got it so...
  7. Thatguy

    <p>Mazda 626</p>

    Mazda 626
  8. Thatguy

    Vehicle: Mazda 626 (1999)

    Name: Mazda 626 (1999) Date Added: 10 April 2011 - 07:24 PM Owner: Thatguy Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  9. Thatguy

    Oxidized Rims On A '99 626 Lx-v6

    Yeah, mine are like that too..im just figuring when ill have the time to do them.. Get a simonize polisher and buff and polish the hell outa them..or be lazy and buy new rims As I said, I havent done it yet but when I get to it, this what I will do. Good luck
  10. Thatguy

    97 Mazda 626 Headlights

    I have a 99 and i noticed that too. Im eventually going to replace them with the LED one sold at Canadian tire or one similar. Hopefully this helps, I got my car 3 days ago!
  11. Thatguy

    99' Left Turn Signal On Dash

    Hey, guy I just bought a 1999 626 on tuesday for my first car, Everything runs great but on the test-drive I noticed that my Left signal on my dash doesn't light up when I use it or the hazard lights, I can still hear it clicking and I check to see that the front and backlights work lights work. I asked the seller about it and he couldn't tell me. Could anyone tell me how to fix this, please?