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  1. Ha! well I lived in Lacombe until this may, Red Deers great!
  2. Hey, any members for red deer?
  3. Hey guys, I was in the driver seat of my 99' 626 and i was messing around with the seat adjustment "knobs" and turned the circular one(seat hight) to low and now it seemed to have locked and wont rise again, i can jiggle it a bit, but then it doesn't move beyond that point...Has this ever happened to you? How'd you fix it?
  4. Jet propelled engine? This must be fake, it would have to be a few tons to stay on the ground at 1600hp
  5. Thanks! Good weekend project!
  6. Thanks, i got the part # and instruction to take apart. I really doubt that the odometer was rolled back. 200 000 km? The guy I bought it off of was older and had a km chart from when he got it so...
  7. Mazda 626
  8. Name: Mazda 626 (1999) Date Added: 10 April 2011 - 07:24 PM Owner: Thatguy Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  9. Yeah, mine are like that just figuring when ill have the time to do them.. Get a simonize polisher and buff and polish the hell outa them..or be lazy and buy new rims As I said, I havent done it yet but when I get to it, this what I will do. Good luck
  10. I have a 99 and i noticed that too. Im eventually going to replace them with the LED one sold at Canadian tire or one similar. Hopefully this helps, I got my car 3 days ago!
  11. Hey, guy I just bought a 1999 626 on tuesday for my first car, Everything runs great but on the test-drive I noticed that my Left signal on my dash doesn't light up when I use it or the hazard lights, I can still hear it clicking and I check to see that the front and backlights work lights work. I asked the seller about it and he couldn't tell me. Could anyone tell me how to fix this, please?