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    1995 626 118-hp, 2.0-liter I-4 Manual

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    Looking to make my stock 626 into something flashy
  1. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. I had an amazing day thanks to great friend, wonderful family, and the best fiancee ever Alyssa Nicole Emery

  2. Nooooo......supernatural is over :(

  3. Let the first annual Bourne-Athon start!'

  4. I can't hold back,My hands won't let me.It's the touch of your skin.I can't hold back,My pride won't let me.I'm seeing red,This is all to deadly.

  5. You've just been Facebook hacked by the Corndog

  6. so i want to put an exhaust on my 95 626 but i don't want the rice burner effect. iv never herd the exhaust on the 626 before it seems that im the only one in north idaho with a costume or willing to customize one. i was told that the cherry bomb might sound good on it but any thoughts on what you guys might have done or what sounds good?
  7. Lil_Givens

    Post Pics Of Funny Rice

    i like when people think primer paint job is actually attractive
  8. Lil_Givens

    New User 95 626 2.0 I4

    no i have thought about doing the headliner but as you said i would probably be kicking myself down the road. which is why im glad you send me that video. it showed a whole new side to dupli-color that i didn't know. but yes before i did the painting i did wet sand and after painting i put 4-5 clear coats on it just to insure it would last longer for it was the engine enamel. but if i need to repaint down the road i will most likely go to my local pull and save and just pull new panels they shouldn't be to spendy i was also going to paint my car this summer ill post pictures when its done start and finish. im going with the matallic black i think hoping once i do the interior black and exterior black. that it will look good, what are your thoughts on that? as you might be able to tell the factory paint is fading. (also i looked around more on the gearz show on youtube. he has a episode on exterior paint. if your interested)
  9. Lil_Givens

    Door Mods

    Wondering what the world of Mazda 626 thoughts were on vertical/lambo doors and/or suicide doors? post your comments id love to get a good topic going here :D
  10. this is a great threat just shows that the 626 can be more than just a fun driver and if you have that spear junked you could have some off road fun as well as you not expecting to have it for much longer after you take it off road
  11. Lil_Givens

    New User 95 626 2.0 I4

    i might go a head and try that process for the tan cuz i want to put the tan to a black or maybe a white not sure what might make it pop better. and i need to do some touch up on some of the parts i missed on them i noticed today i have yet to put the newer pieces iv done up yet for that reason. I think im going to try and convert most to all the tan i can in my car over to the black if that process works as well. and i need to see if maybe there is a different brand of paint that has the lime green cuz for the time being i have been using and engine enamel which im not sure of the hold time on the plastics i painted but it was a unique color to find and that was the only kind they had in my local auto parts stores (including auto zone and schucks)
  12. Lil_Givens

    Idling Issues

    yeah it sounds like its a great world people on here know a lot about different stuff so i hope to learn a lot from being here iv already learned so much its crazy
  13. Lil_Givens

    Idling Issues

    thank you again i usually try to do it myself get a better understanding of my car, this is my first mazda and i fell in love with it at first sight i dont think ill ever want a new car. im glad i found this forum it seems like you know a lot about your 626 and there is a lot of great ideas and overall great cars on this site. its nice to see other people with the same respect for there car as i have for mine.
  14. Lil_Givens

    New User 95 626 2.0 I4

    ill have to give that a look see cuz the lime green on the tan is not my preferred color combo, and yeah its only about a month old it turned out very nice i think. but yeah ill give the rit dye a look see.