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    What does APC stand for?
  2. Does anyone make silicone house kits for 1989 626 2.0?
  3. when I remove the sender will coolant come out?
  4. Anyone have a manual for a 1989 626 2.0?
  5. Were is the blower relay in the engine bay? Is it the on the fire wall? Were is the blower scroll?
  6. Has anyone bought this kit? I cant find it on ebay.
  7. Thanks Chief, I will see if it will fix my problems.
  8. Thanks Chief, I will see if it will fix my problems.
  9. check the relay and the circuit breaker, then check the resistor pack. Were is the relay for the blower and resistor pack? Check the fuse. I found a thread that helped me fix the power door locks. It was the micro switch on the drivers side door. Just had to adjust the arm. Now all of them work except for the passenger side it just doesnt go up or down enough. The sunroof could be rusted, other than that it could be a faulty switch. it may be rusted, I hear the motor going but it doesnt move. This is not that unusual, the strips across the rear window are prone to corrosion, the fix is not easy, its basically a new rear glass, whether you get it new or used is up to you, but if you have a/c dont worry, you dont really need the rear demister if you work things right. I do need it, its still cold in Germany. But I can live with it right now. If I come across one in the Junkyard I may replace it. Check the relay, the sender and then the fan itself. I check the fan, it works. Is the sender at the bottom of the radiator? Maybe the radio has an internal fault ? My friend is bringing me a radio he knows that works. I am also waiting for a radio install kit. The radio was not supported by anything. Thanks for answering my questions...........
  10. Power door locks don't work. Found solution in this topic. http://www.mazda626.net/topic/11009-power-door-locks-question/
  11. I just bought a 1989 Mazda 626 hatchback and have a couple of questions.. My blower for the heater does not work. Power door locks are not working. (1/2 way fixed) Sunroof slides from front to back but does not tilt. Rear window defroster seems like its only defrosting in the middle. The radiator fan does not come on. The radio does not work (Yes I checked the fuse). My clock works fine than all of a sudden it changes time by itself.
  12. I know this is an old topic but this has my power door lock working again. Took a total of 20 minutes to do with no ne parts. Thanks!
  13. Hi I became a proud owner of a 1989 4 door Hatchback. I have a few problems that need to be fixed and maybe someone can help me. Power door locks don't work. Sunroof slides front to back but does not tilt. A/C, heater blower does not work. Radio does not work. Rear defroster does not work. Clock does not hold the correct time.
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