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  1. I as well might be back....yeah the old GC tuner is gona be back in a GC...saw a turbo coupe at my parents appartment today sO I am gona try and buy it and sell the saturn!
  2. dude i had a comm class that was the exact same way.....first teacher that said most of us would fail and wasnt jokeing ^_^
  3. your lucky i dont have the 6 anymore I use to ebrake all the time in that thing.....snow? hahah we dont need that down south we have SKILL B)
  4. that is nice ride texasgirl0411 B) just ditch the ricer lights heres the 4door that runs with the KL's!
  5. one exterior picture doesnt make me think you run 11s or 10s.....not even Evo on mx6.com with his fe3 or JayB got to go that fast with the DOHC!!!!!!!!....you are totaly BS...show mods, dyno, engine pics ^_^
  6. dude i have always wanted one of those B) too bad the US never got it
  7. good point when you go to get it inspected for tags or what not they will notice that and more then likely fail you B)
  8. ? dude you have to show prof of this! and for cams pretty much have to be a custom grind....and if you do have as much HP as you say you would really need a custom grind
  9. did you not read his post? B)
  10. no engine pics? come on man you know that is all that we really care about....i mean even i upgraded when i sold my 6 DOHC > SOHC
  11. usually i would think something like that would be ghey, but i like it on your car! I love how the front grill is all lit up B)
  12. I was still at home when they both hit...i remiber seeing the 2nd plane and thought "wtf is that plane flying that close for"......it is crazy to think how much time has passed since that day
  13. ummm yeah i dont see any pictures B)
  14. 20@68mph ......................at like 5000+ ft of elevation, and that is why i sold it DOHC>SOHC
  15. why not just use some higher grade gas if you are gona waste money?
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