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  1. dumpsterdrifter


    Machine work to have it done properly is way more then 150bucks, for 10k+RPM you would be wise having your crank balanced with your harmonic balancer, and flywheel as an assembly? And you can balance the conrods and pistons yourself if you have a good scale? There is also the machine work for having the heads pressure tested and resurfaced. To build a racing engine be meticulous!!! After I'm done putting my escort together? Im done with front wheel drive vehicles for personal projects. At least for awhile. And do some aluminum V8 projects, it really is more bang for your buck at least here in the USA. I just want to be scared. Not saying that the car topics would not scare me however $20k said and done. For a BA running engine. Just doesn't fit my working class payroll. Buiding a car to my specifications is already almost a year. I have not documented all of what I have done. But as time goes on and you look at it day in and out you find stuff that is needed that was overlooked, or is going to be a potential failure. Im not bashing or discouraging anyone. Just be aware that patience and lots of time is also involved in these aggressive engine builds, and it' possible that Yes it was all assembled in a couple weekends? But theres hundreds of hours of research, trial and error to get to that point.
  2. dumpsterdrifter

    Im stupidity

    Thanks FIS I got em http://pmx626.info/US/Mazda 626 & MX-6/Work Shop Manuals/PDF/1996 US Body Electrical.pdf
  3. dumpsterdrifter

    Crank but no start - Ignition switch replaced

    Remove the upper timing cover, and check the t-cover, the timing belt is not a hard job and if thats all you can get away with to fix it is affordable aswell, i would prefer to do a kit with a water pump over just a belt, but i know how it goes sometimes, good luck
  4. dumpsterdrifter

    Im stupidity

    It is not necessary for my project, i wish i had klg4 instead, i tried the atx ecu on a manual car on my 1st atx to mtx swap, i ordered the right ecm as fast as i could i had idle issues and stuff, it didn't like to drop rpms it was finicky, MS is a direction i would be more interested in, get rid of the maf all together and run map, C.O.P etc. The distributor and t-belt are my nemesis, or at least where in the past with my MX-6, the best mod a did to that was delete the cat, but the 1 it had was burnt up, but once it could breathe it sounded better, it accelerated better, the last t-belt pulley you put on is a MF!!! I dont know if i fxxxed it up?? Because i bought that car with a broken belt, and also the engine i have now had a similiar issue starting in the threads on the left bank head, the pulley boss hole it gets started at an angle if your not careful, then the pulley mounts crooked, and it throws belts. I inserted a m10x1.25 helicoil in mine i hope it is the remedy. I wanted to timesert in the boss but the tool kit is expensive, timesert would definitely be the repair to go with in my opinion. Timing belt water pump and valve cover gaskets today. Im still searching for wiring diagrams, everything from the engine bay to dash is all probe. All fuse blocks are probe, steering column is escort and all the wiring harness from the driver seat back is escort stn wagon, the hvac controls are escort.
  5. dumpsterdrifter

    Im stupidity

    Thank you everyone here's some more pics, thank you to the moderator that made posting pics way easier, So what I've done recently is lowered the front, mounted the engine and transmission, waiting on t-belt and w/p kit, valve covers gaskets and grommets, headers, I made a passenger side engine mount bracket, just tacked together, my friend has a proper welder, I will take it there, I need a cat, I'm running factory obd2 ecm calibrations, so i need it so the computer doesnt freak out, smog I think is coming soon, lol 95 car so they just sniff it, and visual inspection, I cut a section out of the probe x member, front core support to front sub frame, I need to plate it off and cut new holes to mount it to core support, I figure the more of the probe parts I make work, the better the car will be for me, I'm using the probe radiator, and fan setup, I have to mount the corners of the rad tanks in the inside corners of the headlamps, I think it's B/A!!! It is a rat car to me, scavenge and scrape to get it going,
  6. dumpsterdrifter

    Im stupidity

    I've installed the probe harness from the front to the drivers seat, both fuse panels, ecu, I need to adapt hvac controls, steering column, and rear chassis harness, to the probe harness, if anyone can sticky a OBD2 harness and connector views that would be awesome,
  7. dumpsterdrifter

    Im stupidity

    Lots of you may like it or you may not? Lol, i have had several proteges, 323, 626`s and 1 mx6, ive worked on all of them several atx to mtx swaps, to say the least i know my mazdas from a geographical stand point of the cars, i started noticing working in the automotive mechanics field, that they are all very similiar in engineering design, this got my imagination flowing of possibilities, there are many dead end forum post for escorts and proteges, on 5lug and brake conversions, 626, mx6, and probe, do not run into these deadends as commonly, so here is the story. I reluctantly bought a 95 escort station wagon for way to much, blah blah blah, i hated the car it was ugly it was slow and boring, but it ran good and drove from point a to b, woohoo!!!!, i had the racers itch that i had to scratch so i took it to auto x, had lots of fun, the next year it was time for upgrades, ebay everything, lowering springs, racing clutch, struts, short throw shifter and craigslist rims and tires. It killed it the car was finally something i liked and loved, i wore out the clutch, second gear syncro, and the engine was just getting tired, so i bought a 96 ford probe gt 5 speed car, for $200, it ran good but was in horrible condition, i stripped the probe of all nuts bolts and running and suspension gear, and threw away the carcass, so i have gotten pretty far into this build and i apoligize for lack of pictures on alot of specific stuff, but i will answer as many ?? That you all may have, so what i did was removed the front and rear sub frames, from the scort, drilled new holes in the scort and bolted up both front and rear sub frames from the probe, 5lug conversion and rear disc brake upgrade complete. Front brakes are from 2004 mazda 6, standard information to us here at mazda626.net for front brake upgrade, i know that i could have used mx3 parts to make this easier, but im a glutten for punishment, i adapted the steering linkage from rack to column using the scort column, with a little triming the probe cluster fit in the dash, looking decent, i have to modify the probe xmember and adapt the passenger side engine mount bracket, the benefit is 3" wider track all around, heavier equipment, for the engine to bolt to, also i didnt have to search for a mx3 GS, im overwhelmed with wiring and i need a starting point, anyone got any input?
  8. dumpsterdrifter

    New Idle Issue Caused By Fprcv

    It's the engine speed with throttle closed, sitting running and parked, that's idle, accelaration, gas pedal depressed, no idle means the car will not run on its own.
  9. dumpsterdrifter

    1999 Ford Escort Zx2

    If it were 97& up escort zx2 i would go with the klg4 it uses the same EEC-5 EMS plus it has more official documented power. It gets rid of the dizzy in favor of EDIS-4 ignition Coil pack set up. It uses solid VLA. Probably the most reliable delivery of power of all the KL series. Its also the final KL
  10. Im back with 2 projects 2.0 and a 2.5 expect some good write ups including a obd1 to obd2 conversion

  11. dumpsterdrifter

    93-2001 2.0 Mtx Swap For Sale

    IM me a phone # and i will send u a better pic but for now it is my profile pic
  12. dumpsterdrifter

    93-2001 2.0 Mtx Swap For Sale

    This may have come from a 95 Bold print on mitsubishi sticker reads FSB8 R the first line of #s reads FSB8 18 881D second line-E2T83971M1 6209 Third line is bold print FSB8 R small print FSB8 D this will only work with MTX harness i will send a pic when i figure out how to use my phone
  13. dumpsterdrifter

    93-2001 2.0 Mtx Swap For Sale

    I have to many to list but from 93-2001 i have an ecm that would work for a 2.0 4cyl. let me know what you are looking for devon and i will give you deal.
  14. dumpsterdrifter

    93-2001 2.0 Mtx Swap For Sale

    Everything but clutch and halfshafts. ECU for whatever gen you have. $300 + s/h its located pocatello idaho 75 for MTX computers and 25 ATX. If you buy the swap you get an ECM w/.
  15. dumpsterdrifter

    Why Does My Dizzy Keep Frying?

    ok thank you