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  1. Thanks for the reply. Now that it's warmed up a bit, it's acting even stranger. Yesterday it was charging fine right from the start, but then wouldn't get above like 12.8v. Gonna check out those wires tonight.
  2. Hello Mazda friends! I've been fighting this issue for a while. My 91 626 LX charges the battery only when it wants to. I've replaced the alternator and the same symptoms exist. My battery is good. The main cable coming off the alternator going to the battery seems good, and the negative terminal/ground wire and positive terminal are all new. however, most of the time when I start my car, it will not start charging right away. Sometimes it takes only a few minutes, other times it seems like it will never start charging. When it does kick in, it will hang between 13.8 - 14.7 on the gauge I have plugged into my cig lighter. It also won't stop charging once it starts until I shut the car off. The charge light works, as when I turn the key to Run, it will light up. However today I tested this again and it did not light up, and of course wasn't charging when I started it. However it did kick in a few minutes later, right up to 14.7v. One thing I have noticed is that the charge light on the dash is dimmer than the other indicator lights. I've read that the bulb burning out will cause the alt to not charge. Is it possible the bulb is loose in my dash or something? Starting to go crazy. The other plug on the alternator seems to be in decent condition. Any pointers? Thanks in advance.
  3. I've read that if that indicator bulb is burned out, the alternator will not charge. Did you ever get this resolved? I'm also having weird charging problems, but going to make a separate post.
  4. I can't find squat online about the sunroof....and the service manual leaves something to be desired on the sunroof. It doesn't show anything about how the cable drive mechanism is supposed to work. Here's my problem. I took the sunroof out to try and fix it, as it would not open any further than about an inch. Tilt still worked. Something was jamming it up. I now have it totally apart and had to take the rails off, cleaned them really well, but I'm not sure if the problem lies in the cable channels. On either side, each end of the cable has an insulation shield around it coming out to the rails. I noticed on the drivers side, this shield retracts into the steel channel pipe along with the cable, however the passenger side will not budge. Only the cable moves inside of the shield. I thought maybe this is what was hanging it up but the shield seems REALLY connected on that side, as if it were supposed to be that way. Does anyone have experience working on these damn things that could confirm?
  5. Definitely the ignition switch for your wiper problem. I have the same issue on my car, getting fixed soon.
  6. Anyone know what the RPMs should be at with an auto 2.2 while it's in drive, sitting at a red light or stop sign for example?
  7. Had the same issue on my 90. It was the ignition coil and the other module that are inside the distributor. You can get both on RockAuto.com for around 85 bucks together last I checked. They are not too difficult to replace, but you'll have to remove the distributor to do it. Also not hard at all. Or, you could find a distributor from a junkyard, possibly. The issue happened to me twice and I got one from the JY for 25 bucks.
  8. Old thread! Lol. I now have a 91 626 2.2 n/a auto. it gets 32mpg highway, around 25 in town with ethanol free gas. :)
  9. Removing all of those things is pretty straight forward. I just parted my wrecked 90. Would you happen to have a sunroof assembly? :) I guess this is an older post now....Coke Robot, I have a CPU (non-alarm) that had the interior light dimming circuit shorted. I just jumped the two outermost connectors with a wire and it still works fine, just no dimming.
  10. I run a Purolator PureONE filter in my 626 2.2 No complaints. I run WIX in my jeep though, and I wouldn't run anything else on it. I think they are good filters.
  11. Thanks a bunch for the reply! I only need rear guards at this point but found a guy with mx6 guards, so I thought I'd ask.
  12. Hi all, Normally i'm not interested in mud guards but I kind of like the look on the 626. I can get a full set of MX6 guards, and I got the guy to send me some measurements. The bolt holes seem as though they will line up on the rear. On the fronts, the bottom hole seems to be maybe an extra centimeter long. Can anyone confirm if they would work on the 626 body?
  13. hey Robot, i'll get pics of the radio for you later today. it's just the basic radio/casette player. Barely works at all. Update on the alarm / CPU situation. The CPU for alarm equipped models is indeed different as the plug for the alarm plugs right into the CPU. Unplugging it successfully disabled the system. :) And yeah, I was shocked too that there wasn't a fuse or something to protect the CPU from a short.
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