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  1. Have you confirmed spark? Why did you replace those parts? 2.0 or 2.5?
  2. I noticed that most parts for the 98-02 come back as discontinued . I've had to use 97 parts. Even though the part number was different it was the same part. You might see if you can order a 97 that you could return if it doesn't fit. Or an 03.
  3. If by corner lights you mean blinkers. By law most states say they must be amber. My 98 has clear but amber reflector is inside.
  4. According to, no. Buyer's Guide : STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS AC289 Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve FORD PROBE 1996-1997 MAZDA 626 1996-1997 MAZDA MX-6 1996-1997
  5. Just get the part number off the relay and google it. Here's a link for wiring and service manual for a 2001. Should be the same.
  7. If you jump 12v directly to the starter and it turns over. I would be leaning towards ignition switch. Here's workshop and wiring manual link. Manuals
  8. Since the battery was just installed I would be checking how tight the battery cables are.
  9. I googled just the part number and got a bunch of hits. Pretty pricey. Any chance it could be welded? 626 parts.pdf
  10. Did you actually test the battery?
  11. Parts book shows a difference between auto and manual. Sounds like the first dealer didn't bother to research it: Manifold, Exhaust 2.5L 1998-00 R K802-13-450C L KL01-13-4F0B 2001 Man Trans R KLS6-20-55X L KLS6-20-50X Auto Trans R KL1J-20-55X L KL1J-20-50X
  12. I would call the dealer to confirm the part number. This is what I found: Manifold, Exhaust 1998-00 w/Calif Emission 98-99 FSC1-13-450B 00 FP49-13-450 w/o Calif Emission FSD7-13-450 2001 FP49-13-450 Maybe a used one:
  13. It means your valve cover gasket has failed and the oil is causing the spark to jump spark inside the spark plug well and short out.
  14. Was there any oil on the #4 plug wire boot?
  15. Workshop Manuals