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  1. First your alternator never stops charging. It should be approx 1.5v above the battery voltage any time it is running. You need to check the small wiring from the alternator. That's the exciter wire and lights the bulb. Since it just didn't come on until a few minutes, suspect the wire.
  2. 626 16v. Full throttle slower than 3/4
  3. 626 16v. Full throttle slower than 3/4

    Partially clogged can cause your problems.
  4. 626 16v. Full throttle slower than 3/4

    Since you are obviously outside the US. Does your car have a catalytic converter?
  5. Washer Fluid Reservoir

    bunch of fixes here
  6. Shaking horribly

    Wow. $1800 already? If it vibrated before all this and it's still not fixed. I wouldn't pay them anymore. Look at all your belts while it's running/shaking. Do the belts run true or do they appear to be "jumping"?
  7. Shaking horribly

    What year and what engine? What is the idle RPM? What is RPM in drive foot on the brake?
  8. Unusual Connecting Rod Bolts

    I believe a metric 12 point socket will fit.
  9. Junk yard is going to be your best bet. Since I have no idea where you are located: Try here
  10. 1996 brake power booster specs
  11. Doors aren't "catching"

    The door striker plate mounted to your door jam is adjustable. Mark an outline before you move it as a reference. Over the years it may have moved inward.
  12. Mazda 626 2.0 16 valve fs

    Is this it?
  13. Replacing headlight socket on 2002 Mazda 626?

    Pretty normal. Look here
  14. Well the year, engine, model etc would be nice..
  15. 2000

    Belt tension needs tightening.