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  1. Mazda mx6 overheating

    Could also be bad radiator cap or like I said. Bad head gasket, or cracked head. How hot did you let it get and how long did you drive it like that?
  2. Mazda mx6 overheating

    Replace. Just internet search. Pump prices vary..
  3. Pops 626 needs a home

    Since it didn't pass smog. He can't sell it in california without a valid smog certificate. Seller's obligation...
  4. Mazda mx6 overheating

    Sounds like water pump. There's a weep hole on the underside of the pump. When the bearings start to go bad, pump leaks.
  5. Mazda mx6 overheating

    Stuck thermostat can cause the overheating but again the coolant has to be going somewhere. Run the car and check the oil while running and see if you can see any water droplets on the stick. The plastic neck on the radiator has been a known source of leaks(cracked with age). Pressure tester...
  6. Mazda mx6 overheating

    Coolant has to be going somewhere. First thing I would do is a pressure test. Most auto part stores have a "loan a tool" program. Check oil for water and water for oil. Head gasket can cause this.
  7. Like I said. It's part of the hose. Mazda's from mid 90s to 2002 use the same hose.
  8. Are you aware that the brake booster hose has a built in one way check valve? It could be bad.
  9. Jumpy Acceleration

    If you can duplicate it in neutral, then suspect engine issue. If not, suspect transmission. Have you check transmission fluid lately? Red, clean, doesn't smell burnt.
  10. Car won’t drive

    Well it can't hurt. Whether it's fixes it not is unknown..
  11. Mazda 626 2002 UK Remote Unlock/Lock

    First I would replace the battery. If you have to buy new remotes, check ebay but verify the codes on your remote match what you are buying. Here's the programming for US models. It should be the same. Remove key from ignition. Close all doors. Open driver side door and leave open. Perform the following steps within 24 seconds. a. Insert key in ignition. b. Turn key to ON and OFF. c. Repeat step b two more times. d. Remove key. e. Push driver door frame button three times (black rubber button located on driver door frame that tell the vehicle whether or not door is closed.) 5. Buzz sound, chime or doors will lock and unlock should be heard at this point signaling that the vehicle is now in programming mode. If not, wait 40 seconds and return to step 4. 6. All transmitters need to be programmed at this time, including the old ones. Push any button on the transmitter two times. A buzz sound, chime or doors locking and unlocking should be heard at this point signaling that the vehicle has accepted the new transmitter code. If there is only one transmitter, repeat this step two more times using the only transmitter. If there are two transmitters, repeat this step two more times using the second transmitter. 7. Push driver door frame button one time. Two buzz sounds, chimes or doors locking and unlocking 2 times should be heard at this point signaling successful programming.
  12. is a sponsor here and offers discount. Scroll down from the main page you'll see their post. As far as the headlights. If he used the thinner on the outside you don't need to replace them. Get some Mothers Mag & Alum polish in a small container(any auto parts store). Find a drill pad attachment. Clean the headlights with some general purpose cleaner&dry. Smear some Mothers on the headlight and on the pad. Only takes maybe 5 mins of polishing. Clean with mineral spirits. Let dry completely. Mask off the area around the headlight. Numerous name brands make clear coat with UV resistant. Rustoleum, Krylon, etc (Only one coat)
  13. Car won't fire up

    Have you tried another key? But I would guess ignition switch. Not where the key goes into but behind it.
  14. fuel pump wiring 98 626

    There is no physical chip that you can see on the key. If you get one cut, it will just start for a second and die. I don't know of any 98 US built that doesn't have an immobilizer. Was told several different things from the dealer, "has a chip, doesn't have a chip". It has one.
  15. Dying '99 626 - Charging System

    Most auto part stores have a "loan a tool" program. Most have the puller. Yes on the threaded holes 1. no 2. n/a 3. no 4. no. if you clean up the shaft and some oil. you can get it to slide on. Don't forget the wooddruft key. This may be some help: