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  1. fuel pump wiring 98 626

    There is no physical chip that you can see on the key. If you get one cut, it will just start for a second and die. I don't know of any 98 US built that doesn't have an immobilizer. Was told several different things from the dealer, "has a chip, doesn't have a chip". It has one.
  2. Dying '99 626 - Charging System

    Most auto part stores have a "loan a tool" program. Most have the puller. Yes on the threaded holes 1. no 2. n/a 3. no 4. no. if you clean up the shaft and some oil. you can get it to slide on. Don't forget the wooddruft key. This may be some help:
  3. Dying '99 626 - Charging System

    Rockauto is a sponsor here. Offers discounts:
  4. Dying '99 626 - Charging System

    You really need to google the sleeve thing. It will not repair a harmonic balancer that has come apart. It's to prevent oil leaks. The rubber you saw is what keeps the 2 pulleys together. It's one piece.
  5. Dying '99 626 - Charging System from $46 to $140. Not repairable. Replace your timing belt while you are there.
  6. Dying '99 626 - Charging System

    Not my scan. Well the "last train" an old Monkeys song". Really doesn't matter what engine. The alternator stuff is the same. 98/99 same stuff
  7. Dying '99 626 - Charging System

    98 should be the same:
  8. blinker help

    Check the wiring to the socket. Had one wire corroded inside the socket.
  9. fuel pump wiring 98 626

    All you can do is search immobilizer. You might get lucky.
  10. Repairs

    I'm guessing motor does turn over but won't start? Plugs wet or dry? Have you tried some starting fluid?
  11. fuel pump wiring 98 626

    You are dealing with the Immobilizer system. I'm not sure what all it disables if not using a transponder key.
  12. IAC Operation

    You're sucking air in from somewhere. Workshop Manual
  13. IAC Operation

    1200-1500 is way too high. Suspect an airleak.
  14. Fuel System Issues?

    Have you confirmed spark? Why did you replace those parts? 2.0 or 2.5?
  15. I noticed that most parts for the 98-02 come back as discontinued . I've had to use 97 parts. Even though the part number was different it was the same part. You might see if you can order a 97 that you could return if it doesn't fit. Or an 03.