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  1. It means your valve cover gasket has failed and the oil is causing the spark to jump spark inside the spark plug well and short out.
  2. Was there any oil on the #4 plug wire boot?
  3. Workshop Manuals
  4. 01 will have a lot of the same info.
  5. After I bought my 98. I discovered that Mazda changed alot of part numbers from the 97 and earlier. Part numbers for 97 are different from 98s. Even though the part is the same. I discovered alot of discontinued parts for my 98, 97s would fit. So I would look at this on ebay.
  7. electrical

    You might want to check your alternator output. Could have seized, burning belt etc. Not charging killing your battery, low voltage causing all types of electrical issues.
  8. Transmission vent. Connects to nothing
  9. 1993-2002 US Haynes Manual.pdf
  10. If all 4 lights don't work with the emergency flashers on, then suspect flasher unit.
  11. Message: post can't be edited because either it's moved, deleted or too much time has passed. Just tested again,, posted and 1 minute later selected edit. When I click on save, get the message.
  12. Turn signal switch. Check if your emergency flashers work.
  13. Sounds like bad stalk.
  14. If nothing was on the stick. 1 quart is not enough oil.