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  1. Big Al 1266

    Lets Play Name That Sound!!!!

    No problem bro., anytime. I had to replace mine about a month ago. Everything is a little "tight", but all in all it one of the easier belt changes I have done.
  2. Big Al 1266

    Lets Play Name That Sound!!!!

    Its a belt, which I'm not sure. You'll have to check that out visually, but I agree with 2001626, probably good to change both belts anyway. If its the inside belt you will have to pull the outside one to get it off anyway. They are simple to change. (1) Pull off front tire. (2) Remove splash guard (10mm socket). I always remove several of the screws and push the rascal outta my way without completely removing it., lol. (3) Loosen bolt inside of the belt pully. (17mm wrench) Just loosen dont remove. (4) Loosen belt tensioner screw. (10mm socket) (5) Remove belt. (6) Replace belt and complete in reverse order. Make sure not to overtighten the belt or you'll be doing it again soon. Now the second belt is the same as the lower only the pully and tensioner are on top of the engine and with this youll need an extenion for the tensioner screw and a 17mm wrench for the pully bolt. Rachet wrenches are alot better on this one if you have it, if not a regular 17mm works fine, just a little tougher to manuver. The pully bolt is a little tough to get too but not terrible. Sorry I didnt have time for pics.Ive got another project with my wifes windstar, alternator replacement. I mortally hate working on vans!!! My arms just dont wanna fit into those tight spaces and Im not a freaking contortionist, lmao!! Hope this helps and good luck. Big Al
  3. Big Al 1266

    Diy Fixes For Hail Damage

    We were really lucky compared to those in Clevland, Greenville and chatanooga...not to mention the other states. I'm glad its dings and not wrapped around a tree somewhere and everyone here local is safe. Here's the link to the place I found the info. It should work, but be careful, especially of the heat. It may damage paint and cause even more problems. I tried it on mine but they are too deep. It did pop out some of the small ones. I was lucky...Vehicles on either side of my 2 lost all windows. Did you all have alot of damage where you are?
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions as to DIY hail damage fixes. Ive heard about dry ice and a hair dryer and will try that this weekend. Sounds like it would work if the dings arnt bad, but weve had silverdollar sized hail here on wed. and my van and caprice have more dimples than a fat womans behind, lmbo. Trying to save a little $$$ and alot of time since the insurance co. and body shops are overwhelmed right now. Thank God I had my 626 with me at work where the storms didnt hit. Its one of the few in Knoxville without dimples, lol.
  5. Big Al 1266

    Need To Run Fuel Pump

    Yeah, I forgot to mention where the relay was located. My bad, just assumed. Dont remove the filter or gas line to see if you are getting gas. Could be an explosive situation since the pump when running throws alot of fuel through the lines in a short amount of time and with the key turned on, all electronics under the hood is "hot". Gas, electricity and air dont mix unless it in a cyclinder, lol. With the key turned on to where you see the idiot lights come on, you should be able to hear the pump engage. It will be a "low humming" sound coming from the rear of your car at the gas tank. If you dont hear the pump running you can use a test light to see if your getting fire to the pump, with the key on. If youve got a charge in the wires leading to the pump, and the pump isnt engaging, chances are the pump is bad, if not, its most likely a relay. Hey 97 Mazda, these pdf files you have are awsome. Wish I'd had them couple of mo. back, lol. Are they pinned here? Id like to download a couple for future reference cause chances are they will come in very handy.
  6. Big Al 1266

    Need To Run Fuel Pump

    If your filter/lines are installed correctly, there are several things off the top of my head that would cause it not to get gas. First and formost make sure there is gas in the tank. Simple first Blown fuse. Check all fuses. Since it has sat idle for months, mice may have chewed a wire in too. Time consuming to trace. Bad relay. Use pdf file. Jumper wire should activate F/P. Bad F/P PCM could be bad. I have a '99 v6 and had the same problem. Turned out my alternator was bad, caused a power surge (assumption) and fried the relay. Didnt find this out until I dropped the tank and replaced the fuel pump. Always go simple first. saves alot of time and $$$ Use the jumper to check the relay circuit or you can take the relay to an auto parts store and have them check it. They will do it free. Hope this helps and good luck.
  7. Big Al 1266

    Engine Hooting And Slight Shuddering

    I knew SOMEONE would do that. Sorry 'bout that bro., I couldnt resist, lol. Here is the link to the Vacume diagram . Admin has it pinned.Good luck bro.!
  8. Big Al 1266

    Engine Hooting And Slight Shuddering

    Gotta love them hooters!!!! Sorry, had to be done.
  9. Big Al 1266

    Gas Mileage Mods

    Innovative ideas bro. The mirrors inside is really interesting. Im very curious as to the location. Doing mods are great and so is adding mileage by doing the mods...a side benifit. But as far as just to save a couple mpg, sounds like alot of effort and expense. But then again, I hope it pays off for ya...
  10. Big Al 1266

    Should I Replace Engine, Or Give Up?

    Just my opinion...I look for deals. Cars that someone doesnt wanna fix (either too lazy or lack of $$$) I buy em, fix em and drive the wheels off them. My 626 is a '99 with 173k on it. (155k at purchase time) I bought it for $400, ($200 to owner and $200 to the title pawn) had the tranny rebuilt and other odds and ends. Ive got $1800 invested, she books for around 3k and Ive got a dependable fun ride. All leather, sun roof, new tires and no freaking car payment. The last dealership I went to quoted me a price of 30k for a mini van. I asked him if it came with a hot tub, 3 bedrooms and a 2 baths because I can damn near buy a house for that. In the 3 vehicles I own, Ive got a grand total of $11,000 in them. (1) 1984 chevy caprice classic I cleaned chicken feathers out, payed $300 daily driver for 4 years. (2) 1999 mazda 626. $400 rebuilt tranny driving it for 2 years small odds & ends (3) 2000 Ford windstar $10000 wifes vehicle. Talked her outta the $30000 nissan and into a $10000. She wouldnt let me buy her a fixer-upper. Women sure are expensive. My advice to you is...replace the engine. If you are physically able to work on cars find you a shade tree mechanic friend, go too "pull a part" buy you a motor for a $150 with a 30 day warranty, put the bugger in and run it till the wheels fall of. You see, I work for an automotive parts supplier (toyota, nissan, honda,ford, all the big ones) and we love guys to scrap thier cars and buy new ones. Pays my bills, lol.
  11. Big Al 1266

    Heater Controls

    Outstanding !!!! Feels great to diy, huh? Congrats.
  12. Big Al 1266

    Heater Controls

    Here are a couple of links I found doing a search for ya....hope they help. A Solution For Heater Controls Not Switching Problem With Heater Controls Big Al
  13. Big Al 1266

    Should I Keep My 626 Or Scrap It?

    Ive got a '99 626 with a 2.5 6 banger in it. I dont know how long the car had sat without being started before I bought it, I know it was 6 mo at least. I paid $400 for the car, had to get the atx rebuilt , put tires on it and been driving her for 2 years. It cost me $1000 to get the tranny rebuilt. If the motor runs, its worth the time and effort to fix it. Like snailman said, its a whole lot cheaper to fix em the to give a damn dealer $20-30k. Personally, I wouldnt give that much for a car. When I bought my wifes van, she wanted a Nissan quest, went to the dealer and I got sticker shock. $29,000!! I told the salesman I wouldnt pay that much unless it came with a roof, 3 bedrooms and a hot tub, lol. She settled for a used ford windstar, lmao. Good luck.
  14. Big Al 1266

    626 V6 Wont Start

    With the intermittent stalls and lower than normal idling, it could be a stopped up fuel filter. It sounds as if it has been getting worse over a period of time. That would be the cheapest fix and not too bad to change once you find it, lol. Is it an automatic or manual?
  15. A diagnostic comp. wont tell you which wire is grounded. The best thing to do is get down and dirty, its aggravating as all get out but do what NickR said and use a test light. You may have to wiggle the wires and watch the light to see if it flickers. Tracing down a pinched, loose or broken wire that is intermittently shorting out will piss you off worse than a mother-in-law moving in. They are sometimes hard to track down, it just takes time and patience. Just a suggestion, but make sure the connectors at the alt. are plugged in completely. If one is loose, its not gonna charge properly and could possibly cause your battery to discharge.. Good luck!!!