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  1. It will not without cutting and welding, I was not able to fit it in the time I had with the tools available to me. The j pipe was canted off to one side and was too tight to the bottom of the engine and frame. You'd pretty much need a custom made j pipe for the header to work out on a 626. Mine sits in the basement till I get around to selling it or till someone I know gets a car it'll fit.
  2. I just stole one for $30.99 with free shipping, I'll update when/if it's installed. I'm really bad about getting back to projects or updating them.
  3. So I've got the speakers from another project and I'm going to go and try to fit them, haven't seen anything on Google about 6x9 in the front doors of a 626 so I'll snap a couple pictures along the way and get a definitive answer on if Infinity Reference 6x9 component speakers fit and what kind of spacer or adapter is needed and if the door panel hits or has to be trimmed. This ought to be fun!
  4. Tang Band's going strong wired into a 4 ohm load with a JL 300/1 V1 pushing them out of phase from the front. Sounds nice.
  5. So been driving around with the M6 brakes for a while now and the brakes along with the M6 wheels and 205 DWS tires are the best thing I've ever done to the car. The brakes are as they should be or better, I'm running Raybestos EHT pads which are fantastic for a daily driver.
  6. Tapturn has been working great since it was installed, I barely use any of the more advanced features but I did set the hazards to flash flash pause strobe mode and set the tapturn to 5 blinks. Seems like a solid product and the guy was great to work with. Price IS steep but it beats burning my car down with load resistors and anything to draw less on the mediocre factory electrical system.
  7. Awesome. I'll order it when I get back from vacation. Any difference in sound or difference in highway drone or (I doubt it) difference in power?
  8. So necro post here but these things are still floating around cheaply it seems. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAZDA-MX6-FORD-PROBE-2-0L-BASE-STAINLESS-EXHAUST-CHROME-HEADER-GASKET-O2-SENSOR-/170723497468?hash=item27bfe9d5fc:g:C9MAAOSw3xJVW5gu&vxp=mtr It looks the same as earlier in the thread, any reason why it won't fit a 98 with federal emissions? I have just one cat under the car and only 2 O2 sensors, I ask because my flex section is starting to leak and has no outer mesh left on it at all and I had a very positive experience with a similar ebay 'header' on my old 93 Toyota. The wh
  9. Well poop. When I searched keyless entry programming for 98 626 I found this thread and a couple others but they didn't seem to specify 93-97 or 98-02 or they didn't mention needing the BCM, so I asked in this one as it semed the most complete list of information on the topic. It's possible I missed one that mentioned the BCM or missed where it was mentioned in this one, sorry. Also this is the very first hit on google when you search '98 mazda 626 keyless entry programming'. http://mazda626.net/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 Based on these results
  10. Zombie thread back from the dead! I stumbled across a seller on ebay with some new old stock keylesss entry modules, I bought one part number GD7D675D2A as it was listed as compatible for a 98 LX. My car doesn't have keyless entry but there's a connector and spot in the rear deck for the module, so I bought it and connected it and snapped it in place. I've tried to cycle the key/press the door jamb button as mentioned in this and other threads with no chime. This car does not have a security light or a chipped key, are those needed for the keyless entry module to work? Does the dealer need
  11. I'm looking at wiring diagrams to see if another model of Mazda turn signal flasher would work or if I can use something aftermarket like Tapturn since we have 7 wires at the flasher we probably have all the things present just not in the right shape connector, a simple fix if that's the case. Would just need to swap some wiring around and splice in a connector from a Toyota/Lexus/Subaru.
  12. Nothing from no one? This is disheartening.
  13. I've been searching online and I can't find a flasher for my 98 that supports LED's. I know I can use the stock and run resistors but I don't like to do that as the resistors get very hot and that negates any advantages of the LED's like lower power consumption and less heat. I'd like some switch back front turn signals that go fro solid lit to on/off and some rear LED turn signals to match the rear LED brake/tail bulbs. Evidently we use some weird flasher type, all I can find are OEM replacements. Is ours a thermal flasher inside or is it electronic inside? If it's electronic inside I may be
  14. I got some 15" steel wheels and they hit the caliper, they were similar to what I saw someone else with a Mazda 6 running for winter wheels but I'm using full new brake pads and he may have had worn pads which would account for the difference and why the steels hit the caliper. I sent those back and ended up just getting some 16x7 04 Mazda6 wheels for a fair price locally, one bent and replaced with a refurb from the local LKQ facility.
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