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  1. GT_FE3

    my car's not working

    Possible it could be a few things. Did it overheat? Was the engine at high RPMS? Worst case - It could be mechanical damage from within. Maybe a broken piston ring. Could be valve damage. Could be the bottom end bearings. Compression test is your best bet. A low reading will tell you which cylinder has the damage.
  2. I was slack last week. Thursday, this gearbox will be taken apart. I want to see if it is good inside. Will have pics! Got a H9R Eken action camera - compares to a go pro hero 4. I've got some mounts coming for it. I'll use the other camera as well.
  3. In 2 weeks time this gearbox will be going into my car on a Friday.
  4. This is it in the boot of the Capella. Pizza boxes so the interior doesn't get all greasy, nothing a clean wont fix. Shafts felt solid in the diff, gears easily selected with and without the clutch, no noises when turned. My one clunks, gears don't always select too easy and the shafts feel loose inside the gearbox. I'll start to take it apart for a look and clean hopefully next week. I worked alone with a 3/8 ratchet set and a vacuum cleaner pipe which helped for leverage. I got nearly every bolt off but needed an extended 17mm socket for the back gearbox mount bracket. Got that off this morning. First real progress for the TX5 in a while! Excuse the pic quality I went a bit too cheap on the action camera. SJ4000 or 5000+ coming soon. I'd like to post my car and bike antics on you tube.
  5. A Fe 2.0 sohc 12 valve 1988 Telstar GL wagon gave up its gearbox for the TX5 for $100. First 5 speed Mazda or Ford to come along in months! Its a gloss red with gray bumpers lots of paint fade but basically its whats in the pic. Not allowed to take pics or film in the yard which sucks. Steering rack damage sent it to the junk yard.
  6. GT_FE3

    1984 626 2.0D Swap

    Being 1984 and diesel there may not be an ecm as older diesels run by compression rather than spark timing unless its common rail (CDR/I). I don't know how much you know about diesels, so scan if you have a good idea already. Timing is done the injection pump on the side of the engine, a disc spins inside the pump which allows or cuts fuel to the injectors depending on the cylinder. Diesels HATE air in the lines so sure to bleed/prime it of air, there will be some for sure with the engine out/apart. Yes to diesel fuel pump. Tank and lines possibly as well. Being a B2000 you'll have and advantage of being able to route them in different ways rather than only one way like in the 626 it came from. Make sure the fuel lines are not too close to the exhaust - seen a few cars melt from that. Fabrication work possibly needed I don't think it will just bolt right in. Clutch - you'll be using B2000 box, flywheel I'd imagine. A 225mm Mazda clutch should fit - B2000, S1 (maybe2) RX7 clutch is an upgrade over B2000 as is an RX7 gearbox. But being a diesel the B2000 one should hold up as long as its not a skid ute; sustained instant torque transfer will make it shatter.
  7. SP20 Familia/323 gearbox internals fit! I have to convert driveshafts from 26 to 28 spline. I'd love an M-Factory LSD but its $1500 NZ landed on my doorstep $500 for the drive shafts to have all the splines done. $150-450 for the SP20 box. I *might* chance a $150 pick a part one - I'm tight. $650 is good to have this good old beast driving again. If I have time tomorrow I'm looking in the yard. I could be buying the gearbox tomorrow. I just got new brake pads and a clutch for my CBR. Next week, the gearbox on the TX5!
  8. GT_FE3

    1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    Capella has a budget of $1500. L3VE will not happen as 3/4 of the budget is the engine alone, cool as it would be to do I don't want to invest $4,000 by the time it is legal for a $2500 car. I will however be swapping in a motor and 5 speed from a Protege MP5 or 323/Familia SP20 depending where in the world you are. FS DE or ZE depending what I can get will bolt straight in, plug and play (mostly) Wiring wise. Mods? Not really. Hi flow air filter that's about it. Hoping to get a front cut or a de-rego/wreck and pillage it. This wagon is a good one and I do like it and once manual and not low on compression/drinking oil it will be a great driver. My wife doesn't like driving it because its a wagon. Me? I like it can carry stuff but for me it really has to be manual.
  9. GT_FE3

    Shifter Linkage Bushes Are Easy....

    Shall be doing this with my TX5 once I sort the gearbox
  10. Hopefully within a month I'll be able to start with the gearbox. I'll be able to invest in a GE gearbox and if it doesn't fit internally it won't matter too much I'll then know I need to find another GD box. I'm starting as a mechanic in a couple of weeks in a very small workshop which has just opened. They do panel repair as well and since I've done panel and paint and even though I'm fresh out of tech with no industrial mechanical experience they said no problem because I can do both and don't mind that which is brilliant. I finished tech back in November and was having a difficult time finding something. This is brilliant. I'll be able to have the TX5 going which is amazing. I miss driving it.
  11. GT_FE3

    1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    I have done a huge u-turn on refreshing this engine. I decided to just drive it til it dies. If it can be done I'll swap in a - L3-VE 2.3 from a Mazda 3 or 6 sports . Failing that the 2.0 liter version. With mtx box, hopefully a 6 speed. It will stay next to factory and naturally aspirated- I forsee engine mount work and I don't think the L3 headers will fit under the car by the firewall on the newer Mazda's as the intake is in the front rather than the back. Likely I'll have to get something fabbed. I want *some* fuel economy, so I'm not going to put in a K series V6, even though its an option on these cars and probably way easier to do. Why? FS sucks - this one anyway and if I'm going to have to replace it it may as well be with something I really want. FE dohc is proving elusive so far. Funds will start coming in soon, I have some awesome news - I'm starting as a mechanic in a small workshop which has just opened. YAY!! First car I'll fix is the TX5, when I can. Since I can now invest into a GE gearbox I will do so. And if it doesn't work its not a huge problem, I'll wait for a GD box to come, which honestly is difficult. A wrecker had a 1991 626 GT sedan wanted $900 for an FE dohc with 320,000 kms and $500 for a gearbox which is just insane, add in wiring and ecu it was just shy of $2000. I could buy a whole car for that, which I would do if it was rough - I just don't want to sacrifice a rare tidy running car.
  12. GT_FE3

    1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    Can not stand the 4 speed slusher on this. Useless to me - it works and changes good but I hate not being able to choose when/where I want to change gears myself. I find myself thinking I'd have changed gear now or I wish it would change later. Driving this engine until it dies. The only FE-dohc engine some guy has build and wants $3000 for it along with a rwd gearbox and will only sell it whole. ABS lights were because of the ABS pump. Heap of money wasting crap. Sort of fixed for now. This just drives and feels like an unresponsive appliance - sure its good for its age and mileage. I'd feel a bit more warmth towards it if it was 5 speed, maybe. The unfortunate truth is that motorcycles have my soul. I get on my CBR and I just cringe when I have to use this. I look at the TX5 and I want to fix it. Funds are not there though. No one can tell me if GE spider gears will work in a GD gearbox which is a pain - I've hit the wall at the research stage. If I knew, I would get a junkyard box, swap spider gears over. Sure its not elaborate but at least it would be drive able once again.
  13. GT_FE3

    Clutch sticking to the ground

    Pressure plate, release bearing?
  14. GT_FE3

    1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    Well I've been lazy - nothing on the engine except today I gave it new spark plugs. It does smoke occasionally, not as bad on start up as the pictures now. A bit on deceleration. Using 15 w 40 oil. Using less between changes now but its still using a bit - 500 odd ml in 6,000 kms. Should get a new PCV - sprayed it with carb cleaner helped clean it a bit but it should be replaced. Took out the scungy air filter. Alternator and PS belts are worn and need replacing. Have to send it in Monday to get it road legal. Registered but not gone over the pits. ABS and traction lights come on randomly sometimes which is an un-needed pain it the bum. ECU related cos if you restart it, they will turn off. Spent money on a new bike - it was a damn good deal but it has impacted on car stuff, mainly the Capella. I am having a very hard time getting another 5 speed gearbox for the TX5.
  15. GT_FE3

    Djdevon3's Recognizer

    Good to hear from you again DJ. Can relate to life getting between projects, watching as you update.