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  1. 1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    The seller did say there was a little smoke at start up. And true, there is. Its getting heavier though. Luck of the draw - it might not smoke at all. Sometimes there are massive clouds billowing out. Does this for maybe 30 seconds on start up. I figured maybe valve stem seals. I'm noticing it likes the 10-40 oil a bit though. 400ml used since I changed it the second day I had it. It hasn't even got 150,000 - let alone 145,000 km's yet either - wtf. TX5 smokes but nothing as bad as this one does and it uses that same amount of oil over the entire service interval which is around 5,000 km's - to be expected since it has more than double the mileage and is older. I've serviced it - PCV valve cleaned and checked, TB not gummed up. Still I will do a compression test before I condemn it. Curse the cardboard oil-ringed and paper-mache'd valve stem seals on the FS! Not angry - astonished how this low km engine seems so worn. I am about to finish my automotive engineering course which I've been studying and enjoying. I've done a rebuild on a Mazda B5 Dohc. Sure the torque settings and clearances on this FS will be different. I know what to look for and I feel quite competent doing it. I'd like to do a quick freshen up - new valve stem seals, rings and bearings. I really think most of it is worn valve seals and oil rings. Hopefully the cylinder bores are not to bad and if need be I can get away with a quick drill hone and that everything is within spec, so it costs me just a gasket set, rings and bearings and oil pump and no massive machining. This is going to be done to factory spec, the TX5 gets some added custom bits thrown in for its build. Sure I could just bang in another FS. But It will more than likely be in a similar state and there's less fun just putting an engine in.
  2. Today after using ultimate compound and then scratch and swirl. Some big scratches still there overall its shiny and clean.
  3. Today after using ultimate compound and then scratch and swirl. Some big scratches still there overall its shinier and clean. Didn't do the kit or front bumper because they will be repainted. Same with the mirrors
  4. While it was drying I gave the paint some TLC. Sure it was shiny but the paint was dirty the water was yellow even after 4 passes. I also started to fix some of the paint damage. Hoping tomorrow is good I'm going to bring out the polish. Is now: This looks bad. It left a small dent Now: After the clay bar:
  5. Interior is all one color and matches, apart from the steering wheel.
  6. I did the front seats with vinyl dye, they are drying. They are meant to be black but the factory dye fades to blue as you can see with passenger seat. I did the rear ones with dye when I put them in a fair while back. Finally it now has a color matched interior. Not really bothered that the materials don't quite match on the drivers seat as it didn't cost me a cent to do where as I'd have to go junk yard hunting and usually doors are off and/or window are down which means the weather and animals can get in.... seat covers never fit properly and to me look terrible - I did try them and within a week they were gone. The steering wheel is crumbling. I'd like something different, I like the neo chrome horn ring so that's happening. I still have my old SAAS (cheap) Steering wheel but I like the split spokes of these ones cant decide between silver gold or black for the spokes.
  7. Oh man lol this is what I was planning to do on mine next. They'll look great
  8. 1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    Same here pretty much cruise is an option in a GF/W unless its a limited which is hard to come by I guess back then no one wanted to pay over $40 grand for an intermediate mid size car in its day I guess. Mazda seems to add $7-8,000 for top of the range models - or well they did when I worked at a dealer when the Mazda 2,3 and 6 launched. This one doesn't have cruise, it does have dual electronic climate control, ABS, traction control - pointless with an auto as it needs heaps of effort to break traction, but manual I have seen an FS get an impressive amount of tire smoke. Third row seats are optioned and never were a local assembled optioned so I knew I had to go J- spec. GE's seemed to have far more stuff going for it.
  9. AC blowing hot air

    Pressure or refrigerant? Normal pressures are generally 21-28 psi for the low pressure side and 206 - 213 psi on the high pressure side. If either one is excessive or outside of these there is a problem - too much or not enough refrigerant, air in the system, contaminated refrigerant etc. I'd check the belt tension and if there are any leaks. I would imagine likely there is air in the system and/or a contamination.
  10. 1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    Got another Mazdaspeed badge for the boot today - because 10 bucks! There's 2 of these at pick a part - I'm going to hopefully get a power window master switch and 2 rear weather shields and a Mazda symbol to cover the unsightly holes on the boot next week. Today I dipped the spokes semi gloss back. The alloy is average, maybe a 205/50/15 tyre once these wear 195 is a bit thin for my liking. I managed to polish the drivers wheel a bit, now its starting to rain. Smoked lights - still bright enough for the reflector and light to shine.
  11. 1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    Yeah they seem to, some are all wheel drive and few have KLDE's in them. NZ new ones are pretty bland too unless its a limited but even then all you get is alloys and foglights.
  12. Yeah LPG is cheaper and worthwhile if under $1 a liter especially with a Falcon or Commodore I wouldn't think so much in a 626. Vapor injection is the only real way to go with it - I had a dedicated egas Falcon which used the old canister. It was good and didn't give me much problem just the 10 year tank test and yearly $50 check. Injection is far better, less parts chances of leaks and stuff pity factory LPG injection came with the FG and VF right when Ford and Holden started slowing production. Cabin filter usually lurks under the dashboard, commonly behind the glove box. Have a vacuum handy - in older cars its almost guaranteed not to be changed ever.
  13. Jumpy Acceleration

    Yes. I'd also check the ignition leads too. Timing?
  14. New 626 owner, same 626 idle problems

    Yeah this seems to be common, especially in the GF/W platforms in particular. Bouncy idle sounds vacuum related to me. Spray carb clean/crc around the intake manifold to check if you have a manifold leak. Have you tried cleaning the throttle body with throttle or carb cleaner? I'd go to Autozone or Supercheap and get a scan done to rule out anything electrical like EGR or map sensor which could possibly contribute. Fuel pressure has occasionally been known to upset idle on these too, I'd check the FPR as well, good clean filters - fuel, air also seem make them a bit happier too. Hopefully this is a step towards the right direction.
  15. 1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    Repainted the front bumper. Should have taken it off but way too many bolts and some clips were mangled it looked like a hassle so I left it. Since its a solid color I just blended the color and sprayed 2k clear coat over the whole thing 4 times. Way better no big scratch marks now. Stupid pics again - had them right way around. Lost my prep and primer pics. Will make sure I have them when I do the rear bumper. Also put on my Mazda Speed badge on the grille.