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  1. Weird it bubbled and frothed yesterday. It is still clean, not mixing, no bubbles, fans work. Ran it up to temp and driven it around a little. It seems ok. Idle is very high though, probably because of temp sensor, reads just over 1/4 on the gauge. So I swapped cars again because the Capella which now makes a torque converter noise on hills if you go 1/2 throttle. Slips into 3rd. The trans oil is clean and full though and does not smell burned. Converter fault? I like the car. Hate the gearbox more than I did initially. Like the car enough to not junk it. Best bet is a crashed 5 speed 626 with good running gear to swap in I think.
  2. Well, it did drive great. A stupid hose failed. Lost coolant. noticed steam, turned it off, let if cool for 2 hours prayed it was ok. Nope, bubbles and froths. Insert language and stuff. I am really pissed off and I don't like cars right now. I'm putting it back into the garage. Will use it for my wedding. I think it is a good time to do a full rebuild on the engine. Everything.
  3. GT_FE3

    transmission problems

    Likely its dead. How was the oil and filter before it died? Could be the pump, valve body. Auto's don't like getting hot especially with contaminated/old fluid and filters in them. Best to use the one from the spare car if it is good.
  4. Axle is good, some minor play. Clunking was likely the exhaust which I don't think I had put in the hanger 100% and had worked itself loose and it clunked as it bumped the driveway. Slight leak from a seal but nothing monumental, fixing that soon as I can. I did spill some oil topping the gearbox up which made it look worse. Double check everything! Which I didn't do after I was distracted. Car is good again and drives great.
  5. Some memories better than others. Stuck in crappy traffic yesterday because the stupid Honda (CBR) wont start, this randomly decided to run on 3 cylinders. Let it cool, checked everything - water good, oil good. Thought likely culprit is the afm cable as it has come loose on occasion. Seemed to be in though. Intake boot was kinda loose which was the only notable thing. Possibly some electrical connection worked loose. It was good again afterwards so I drove home. Did see a bit of fluid under the car, not much, weird. Then an hour later had to get the mrs. Reverse out drive way. CLUNK. Mother******. Oil on driveway. left axle feels loose. Grrrrrrrrrr. It went in and it was tight when I put it all back together. I've driven 150 km. Think the snap ring is no good and possibly come off inside the box. Can't use the Capella since trans is slipping (crap auto) it needs a filter and flush.
  6. Sure is! Quiet week so I took my car in on Friday. I took my time, since I'd never done anything this big alone before. I had it finished the end of Monday and poured in 75-90 semi synthetic gear oil just before closing. Tuesday morning I went to a U pull it yard - my shifter bushing was non-existent. I found a close to new bush on a 626 wagon. It also had a brand new radiator. Pity its $70 for a radiator, which I didn't have on me. I also took rear seat tabs so the GV seats are fixed properly. Also a battery clamp for the TX5 as well. And I found 2 spotlights from a white 1998 GW Capella which will go onto my Capella. There was a Familia/Protege SP20 which I want the front strut brace from for the Capella. It also had 140,000 km's and if i had the time and money I'd have got that engine too (FS-ZE). I spent an hour there and enjoyed it. $19 per spotlight, $5 each for the bushing and seat tabs. I just made I had $60 on me lol. TX5 - still needs 2x park light bulb holders - current ones broken/melted, a bolt for the passenger seat. I don't know where it went, lost it when I did my interior dying. Have not forgotten about Turbo. I have a friend who has an Evo 8, met when doing the automotive engineering course last year. He is going to be building an Evo coupe - currently 4G93 N/A Lancer GSR. He's getting an Evo 7 half cut or damaged vehicle. We agreed I can buy the turbo, manifold, injectors, rail from the engine for cheap as he plans to upgrade all that as it will be his targa car. It's a year away - he's doing a motorsport course and wants to finish that first before he undertake this project. He is currently rebuilding his Evo 8 so it can make crazy power. I'm happy with whatever I can get power wise 280 hp which is stock Evo is pretty much what I'd like. 12 psi max 9 or 10 normally. For me its more the surge of power and the sound - that turbo experience rather than full raw power. I'm getting married in November, so funds are heading towards a wedding instead of the car right now so its why I haven't started getting turbo stuff. Wife to be LOVES the TX5, I drove it when I first met her on the 27th of December 2014. Funny - she saw me often driving - yes in this very car! Because for a time we lived a few streets away. And used to see me on the Yamaha riding about. She said she wondered if the owners were related - riding and driving style seemed similar lol. Not just in Auckland but also a small coastal town called Whitianga which had an annual motorbike rally called Thunder Beach. We literally walked/drove/rode past each other numerous times with no idea. We saw each other the year before in November 2013 at Thunder Beach. First time face to face. And I knew. But it wasn't time yet for us to talk. I was with my friends doing something. I remembered her face as we passed. Haunted me in a good way. Yeah. I remembered how she looked. Then on Facebook I saw her randomly one day. Sent a cheeky message, 22 December 2014. She replied. One thing leads to another.... Anyway the evening we first met, once she was back in Auckland on 28 December 2014 she heard me coming 2 blocks away! I tried to be quiet, damn my exhaust! I granny and short shifted to try and be quiet! She loves being shotgun next to me with our fave music on, she never drives it. "Its your baby, I'm worried I'll break it". Never mind the fact I was far from gentle in my younger years with the poor old beast. And I broke it myself. And resurrected it once again. Anyway I'll be using it as my wedding car. I can see that white ribbon reflecting off the bonnet. I'll have a picture of that on here for sure! This was part of the motivation to get it fixed. And also the fact that I miss having my car. I need to finish a few small things - crx short throw shifter - I hope to do it soon so I can say drive line done! (Until the turbo stuff happens then I need an LSD) I want to finish the sound mat the boot and roof and one of the A pillars, repaint the front bumper since its a bit beaten up paint wise. I'd love to tint the windows (keep saying it, hasn't happened).
  7. Last year I was thinking about steering wheels. I'd love to get this. Why the zebra? To go with the flow of the Mazda GV interior pattern. Plus it will look great with clear drift knob. Question is horn button. Gold or Neochrome? Decisions.....
  8. It is in. Car drives without any clunking. Gearbox feels good. Success! Bit of a coolant leak by thermostat housing. Think I need new steering rack boots soon.
  9. GT_FE3

    1990 gt hatch back

    Faulty switch? Motor? Pinched wire? Mine worked for a bit. then stopped. GT = central locking, should unlock with the car.
  10. Gearbox is good! Gave it a clean. Took the old one out today. Replacement - beside the transmission crane is in the car. Just have to reassemble get new 80w90 gearbox oil. Have a vid of me putting the car on the hoist.
  11. GT_FE3

    my car's not working

    Possible it could be a few things. Did it overheat? Was the engine at high RPMS? Worst case - It could be mechanical damage from within. Maybe a broken piston ring. Could be valve damage. Could be the bottom end bearings. Compression test is your best bet. A low reading will tell you which cylinder has the damage.
  12. I was slack last week. Thursday, this gearbox will be taken apart. I want to see if it is good inside. Will have pics! Got a H9R Eken action camera - compares to a go pro hero 4. I've got some mounts coming for it. I'll use the other camera as well.
  13. In 2 weeks time this gearbox will be going into my car on a Friday.
  14. This is it in the boot of the Capella. Pizza boxes so the interior doesn't get all greasy, nothing a clean wont fix. Shafts felt solid in the diff, gears easily selected with and without the clutch, no noises when turned. My one clunks, gears don't always select too easy and the shafts feel loose inside the gearbox. I'll start to take it apart for a look and clean hopefully next week. I worked alone with a 3/8 ratchet set and a vacuum cleaner pipe which helped for leverage. I got nearly every bolt off but needed an extended 17mm socket for the back gearbox mount bracket. Got that off this morning. First real progress for the TX5 in a while! Excuse the pic quality I went a bit too cheap on the action camera. SJ4000 or 5000+ coming soon. I'd like to post my car and bike antics on you tube.
  15. A Fe 2.0 sohc 12 valve 1988 Telstar GL wagon gave up its gearbox for the TX5 for $100. First 5 speed Mazda or Ford to come along in months! Its a gloss red with gray bumpers lots of paint fade but basically its whats in the pic. Not allowed to take pics or film in the yard which sucks. Steering rack damage sent it to the junk yard.