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  1. Looking for a complete glass sunroof panel for my 626 GD hatch. I need the cloth tray underneath as well as car was equiped with steel roof.
  2. The spoiler is easier to find than the grill! I had a hard time finding all of the parts. The bumper lips which were supposed to be worldwide available items I had to spot in the USA! If I find anything cool I'll let you know!!!
  3. I promise I'll have you in mind, but bear in mind that I imported all of those items I named above, and I am the ONLY one to have them on my GD, appart from the FoHa spoiler which is also on someone's factory 4WS GD. The grill was made by Hella, they were common in France and Germany, that's a hint for you. I gave the bucks for mine, but it was mint in box, 4 years ago or so.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement in these times with no cashflow :) It's kinda gonna need an engine to go with the looks afterwards, 88bhp just aren't fair to it, and F2T isn't an option here! FE3 16V are very rare, the best I can get with some luck will be a carb'd 2.0 12V FE. If I'm courageous enough, I spotted a nice GLX with a metallic sunroof in the scrappy, that would be cool, especially if I can get a glass roof from the US that is a straight fit onto it after the mod!
  5. So, I have fitted until now: OEM Hella fog lights and grille OEM Bumper lip (That's thanks to Dan Atkins) OEM Swing vents OEM FoHa rear spoiler Left with doing up a good paint job, fit my heated seats kit (I have the factory buttons) and my 15inch Momo Arrow alloys!
  6. I own a European spec GD which have never been equipped with the oscillating vents, and got myself a set from the USA which is of course a direct fit and indeed reactions when people get in my comfy 25 and a half year old hatch never get old! You always get the WOW! whatever the age, men or women! That thing HAS to be operational in a 626!
  7. In that case it's cool! I thought you'd part the whole car out! Good luck spotting the chosen one (engine you're gonna put in)
  8. It often happens with anything rubber. Dealers have parts sitting in the store rooms for months, even years, in unsuitable conditions (damp, too cold, too hot, outside their packaging, without the special protective coating), and then we buy them and find they are rubbish which is not necessarily true. Usually factory parts designed for the cars, especially old school japanese were actually build to do the job and last a long time.
  9. Shame, it is a nice project and relatively easy to get round. Moreover, it'll surely give you a lot of satisfaction driving it!
  10. If you wanna get it running with its own engine, don't bother reassembling it without rebuilding the block. Atkins does indeed have all you need for it, even a dvd to show you how!
  11. Nice! This should be saved from death! It's for a fact that if this engine hasn't been started in a while, you should'nt expect it to let you drive the car without problems until you rebuild it. So a swap for a V8 is better than trashing the whole car. I love rotaries, I have rebuilt quite a few engines, and I believe that when you've tasted it, it's quite an addictive piece of engineering, both driving and maintaining it. May you keep it in good shape for a long time even if it has to have a hybrid engine afterall
  12. Link? Apparently he sold it, I remember seeing it for months unsold as I was searching for a hatchback one! It was item no 251071797816 and seller was daniel-klaas. He still has spoilers for GC models.and a few parts. http://www.ebay.de/sch/m.html?_odkw=&item=261118268369&pt=DE_Autoteile&_osacat=0&hash=item3ccbdc93d1&_ssn=daniel-klaas&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313&_nkw=mazda+626&_sacat=0&_from=R40 Sorry for giving anybody hopes
  13. I gotta love it too! May all your wishes for this gd become reality! There's a guy on ebay in germany selling a cute factory spoiler for the sedan!
  14. I am waiting to receive the FoHa factory rear spoiler that I have bought last week after searching one for years. I am really eager to receive it! I will be an occasion to freshen up the paint job. Future plans are to fit a lower front bumper lip when I find one. Heated seats (I have brand new factory switches, need to figure out or find a factory wiring harness and after market heated pads) Remote central locking with an RX-8 remote control and locking ECU. Maybe lowering springs, surely redo the interior, replace worn out parts by new or better ones, a nicer muffler, probably tinted wind
  15. Hello guys, I've been on the forum for a while now, but didn't have much time to take care or even drive the car, which I had abandonned in the driveway for failed lower wishbone bushings, hence not coming often on the forum as just a reader. I decided this had to change and replaced the worn out bushes and it's back on the road with its 300K+ kilometers on the odo (200k miles) Here are some pictures: Originally, my family bought this brand new in 1989. It is a Right Hand Drive model, european spec, equipped with F8 carburetted engine with an 8 Valve single cam head (1789cc 90ish bhp), P/S,
  16. That's for sure! Plus you're gonna need a lot more to machine it etc to get it to a usable state anyway!
  17. You may have a point but with a crisp white colour temperature, details are much sharper than with a yellowish light and hence visibility as well safety is increased. But that's only my humble opinion out of personal experience.
  18. Personally, I'd go for a Xenon HID kit, a quality one of course, not the chinese cr*p found on eBay or else. Furthermore, I'd use a 50W kit instead of the legal 35Watt one with a 8000K colour temp. And IF that isn't enough, you may fit a second kit to your fog lights which I believe your car is equipped with! Then again, you can also modify your wiring harness to a higher amperage spec and fit 100Watt halogen lamps in your headlights to replace the 55 odd Watt factory ones with a relay on each installation (left and right), this will also make a tremendous difference which won't be so much no
  19. That's surely the best alternative! A new one for a nearly 25 yo car is what you need to avoid leaks forever rather than the second hand one I would've given away.
  20. Dan, The eBay item is # 140633981211 which is a set of levers for climate control but I did an inquiry through this item and the seller replied he had the item I was looking for. We have been buying parts with my business partner for rotary engines from atkinsrotary by the way which I very much recommend to everybody for everything, from contact to delivery speed including support and communication, very far above the average! Thanks for wanting to help out again!
  21. Found somebody on eBay but he won't ship outside the US
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