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  1. brian24

    Towbar Fitting

    Where you able to install your tow bar? I know this is an old post. But I really want to have DIY for it.
  2. May I ask if the Haynes manual is OK? I received something like that from my dad.
  3. brian24

    Front Bumper Swap

    Do you have any updated pics of your project car? I am considering this.. maybe I can use this idea in order to enhance the appearance of my car. thanks.
  4. brian24

    Negatives To Cai

    is the hood scoop not an issue? I am planning to get my ride installed with it as well. Though, I am really wary about the effects of the water that might go to its air filter. Good to hear that you can attest to it.
  5. brian24

    1995 626 Ps Doors And More

    I am also looking for the same part? where you able to conclude the transaction. It is ok if you have, I just need some updates list of the still available parts.
  6. brian24

    Need 626 Gd Parts Body & Engine

    hi! sorry for the late reply, I am looking for some cheap engine parts. Like a valve cover and gasket..possible recommendation of where to buy?
  7. brian24

    Fuel Saving Chip

    hi. I dont know if this chip, though I have heard of other gadgets that promise that will give the rides more fuel power and efficiency at the same time. One of the products that caught my eye is the tornado performance booster, though I haven't considered buying one yet.
  8. brian24

    I Switched Tires And...

    Hi. have you checked your ball joints? sometimes I encounter problems with my ball joint whenever I change my rims and tires. Just recently, when I installed my bf goodrich all terrain I experienced this same thing. Luckily, it is not a totally absurd matter. I was able to fix it in no time.
  9. brian24

    Need 626 Gd Parts Body & Engine

    Hey, Are there some updated list on the posting? I am also looking for some bargain since I dont have that high budget for my car.
  10. brian24

    Odometer/Speedometer Problems

    hi. welcome to the community. Anyways, have your checked some of the wirings of your car? maybe there is just some problem with your connections. Anyhow, speedometer are really not that hard to buy.
  11. brian24

    Online Parts

    I always seek online search engine's help whenever I need some car/parts. Anyways, it is really easy to find it online, though you gotta read a lot of reviews before ordering online.
  12. brian24

    Weight Of Oem Steel Wheels On 2001?

    I've always believed that motorcycles have better mileage since they are lighter, and the parts are high duty yet smaller. Aside from that the parts are also easy to find like those of the cars.Though, of course nothing can encompass the comfort, safety and power of a car. _____________________________ Suzuki Motorcycle Parts
  13. brian24

    Anybody Else A Fan Of 4x4ing?

    Well, Trucks and ATVs are the best adventure toys. I have an F150 and a Suzuki ATV... Though sometimes, I have this problem finding some suzuki atv parts for my ride. hope than someone can PM me for some of the parts.
  14. brian24

    Quick Struts?

    good luck on this. Though, for my personal opinion, it will be fairly easier if you will order now and shelve some cash rather than settle for low quality ones. Anyways. a car strut is one of the most important part of the car.
  15. brian24

    Need 626 Gd Parts Body & Engine

    well, you can always try using the internet. It is one of the best possible resources nowadays. I also find the parts using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bings. Often times, I also ask for referrals from my friends about online car parts shops.
  16. Maybe there are some problems with your wirings? I had the same problem, I just found out that my wirings are jammed. _______________________________________________ need a cruise control kits for my project car (mazda 232 96')
  17. brian24

    Access To Rear Strut Mount Nuts?

    well. I think it is good idea to just first replace all the parts of your car like the car struts and everything and use it for awhile before selling it again. I mean it will definitely serve its purpose.
  18. brian24

    Anti-siphon Gas Tank?

    well, I think you have some problem with the seal of your gas tank. I agree that it might be from a faulty fuel cap, or the tank itself. :)
  19. brian24

    1991 626 - Exhaust Fell Off!

    I can't believe that your exhaust fell off. Maybe you should have double checked it before going for a ride, anyways, I just had mine replaced with a heartthrob exhaust system. I hope that it wont fell off. hehe
  20. brian24

    Diy For Mounting

    I've been wondering about the DIY for mounting and hauling. I really wanted to know it so that I will be ready for any emergencies. _______________________ Winch Cable
  21. brian24

    Power Door Locks Question

    well, you can always resort to online store for replacements. they can even ship big items. had my locks and car doors online. I think they are of the same quality also.
  22. brian24

    Stop Light Switch-Help

    well, I have problems with my stop light switch and I am wondering if i can use second hand switches for this one? I have been trying to search the net and I think the proces are a bit too hefty for a student like me. Is it ok to jsut use some second-quality one for a mazda 1995(?) 626?
  23. brian24

    Fuel Pump Location / Car Not Runing / Rr

    Maybe you should also prepare a fuel pump assembly since that part may also be affected. I had the same problem and I ended up buying the assembly for my car.
  24. brian24

    Remodding The Exhaust

    Hi, I don't know if this is off-topic, but since we are talking about mufflers, may I ask how to replace the center muffler? or the one we are talking about is the one I am pertaining at?
  25. brian24

    Aftermarket Taillights?

    do I need to replace my tail light lens if I am planning to change my tail lights to LED? I think that the mods are really cool and I wanted to have like that.