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  1. Great looking Car, those rims really set it off
  2. I was looking at the front of the 1995 Ford Telstar Ghia and it apperas the be a moulded mesh type that i reckon would look great on our Mazda's. question is: has anyone had a look at this yet? Will it fit? Can the Ford Centre Badge be removed to replace with the Mazda one? I have attached a copy of the Pic for all to peek at. I'm thinking if it fits...paint it black, put a nice shiny Mazda badge in the middle and "hey presto" a mesh type grille that bolts in let me know if anyone has tried this or not or if it can be done..
  3. It is the dreaded Ford Auto but the shift is smooth and the fluid clear...*fingers crossed*, to be on the safe side I will be instaling an external cooler to next week :)
  4. JDM Authentic 00 Mazda 626 OEM Clear Fog Lights Lamps Seller on Ebay is " rpmgarage" hope it helps
  5. Awesome you rock, exactly what I was looking for :)
  6. Add me to the list of 626's fellas...I'm over in WA.....G'day to all :)
  7. Life is problems....Cruzin' lets you forget about them for awhile :)

  8. Name: Mazda 626 (1995) Date Added: 29 September 2010 - 06:29 PM Owner: ajknight66 Short Description: Bought it from an Older Gentleman who should be given a "keep ya car nice" Medal , Full Service History and kept up with the oil changes and spark plugs every 5000 k's AMAZING STUFF !!!! Not a single fault code big wad of receipts inc Timing Belt etc just last year....Truly I thank the Mazda Gods for letting this fall into my lap. Never owned one before, but jeez...I wish I had, great car to drive and own.Full on bog standard so far.. The only Mod this thing has is a Kenwood Tape Deck and u
  9. i ahve an uncle who swears by the old Kerosene trick he puts about 1/4 litre of kero in before his oil changes and swears by it, havent tried it myself, but apprently a lot of engine "gunk" removers are mostly kerosene based??? Comments?
  10. Totally agree, get some 3 ply or 5 ply ( more durable) waterproof the wood , cover with carpet and there you go .
  11. Hi all I am in WA running a 1995 626 V6. Got to say that this is a great forum. Tried the advice of resetting the ecu the other day and WOW what a difference that made. Will try and get some piccys up this week but Hello to all.
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