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  1. This is probably a Shot in the dark but would you happen to have those headers with precats still? Did you ever find headers/precats? I need a set too. No
  2. I finally wanted a little change on my wheels so I decided to go ahead and paint them. I got them for cheap so didnt care if I ruined them but I think they turned out pretty good I have had multiple people ask if I had them powder coated!!
  3. I cant seem to find the kit link anymore, I dont think the guy is selling the kit anymore. It was Vogtland Springs with these shocks
  4. what year is it from? And how much for the headers/precats Shipped To 95838?
  5. This is probably a Shot in the dark but would you happen to have those headers with precats still?
  6. thanks! Well I hope you like it too
  7. Here is a better pic, honestly I'm very happy with it so far it rides well for such a big drop, and it is still drivable without issues ie, no to minimal scraping wi driveways and speed bumps.
  8. It could probably use like 20mm spacers to be flush
  9. No spacers needed, and I have 225/40 r18 tires they fit great
  10. like title says, I need a precat for a 01 V6 and I need a California version. if you have one please LMK.
  11. Sorry it was dark when I got the car back this is after the suspension kit. I will take a better pic in the daylight soon.
  12. Sorry it took a little while to respond I did just get it put on. It looks great ride is a little stiff but decent for such a big drop. it says 1.4" but on our car it is closer to 2.5" drop just so you know with my 18" wheels it tucks tire front and rear.
  13. Yes I have i was hoping that was it too but it doesn't seem to do the trick
  14. I have an injen Hyrdoshield pre-filter that is made of a hydrophobic material to prevent water getting into the intake