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    1997 Mazda 626 es 2.5 v6
  1. i was driving to school today and seen my check engine light was flashing i took it to advanced auto to get it diagnosed and got 3 trouble codes P0300 Random combustion misfire detected P0115 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor circuit malfunction P1195 Barometric pressure (EGR boost) sensor circuit malfunction my car is running fine not skipping or running any different then it has been the light is just flashing is it safe to drive 60 miles daily?
  2. djhudjr

    Alternator Replacement

    It is a 2.5 v6 by the way
  3. djhudjr

    Alternator Replacement

    Can someone please give me a step by step instructions on how to replace an alternator on a 1997 Mazda 626 es pics would be appricated thank you
  4. djhudjr

    1997 Mazda 626 Es Battery Drain

    Ok I jumped my car off after I disconnected both fans and pulled all the fuses for the fans and then let it sit to build up charge and again my lights got dim and the air bag light started flashing
  5. djhudjr

    1997 Mazda 626 Es Battery Drain

    where is that i know thats what i can do but where is it lol
  6. djhudjr

    1997 Mazda 626 Es Battery Drain

    ok 2 questions now i took out the relay fuses but there is a cooling fan fuse but it is under a case type deal it is a white plastic cover where you can see the fuse amps but i cant take it off and i noticed that i forgot to mention it earlier but when my car is about to die my airbag light will flash and my whole instrument panel will not work my rpm's speedometer and temp will all go to 0 and C my gas hand doesnt though but the warning lights are still on just dim so the 2 questions are how do i take off the cover does the airbag light and instrument panel have anything to do with it thanks
  7. i recently bought a 97 mazda 626 es and the lady i bought it from mentioned that the fan stayed on constently so i beleive that is what it is but is there any way i could test to see if it is i got the car last tuesday and have just been unpulging the neg battery cable to keep it from draining but it wont charge now so i dont know if i blew the alternator or if it is just the termanial not getting a good connection so basicly i want to know if there is a way i could unplug the fan and see if the battery still drains thank you