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  1. Hey Bro, Thanks for d information, Actually I did it and AC is working fine. Thanks for your answer, It seems mostly I followed all steps you mentioned I just wanna ask, I kept pressure bet 35-40 means the filled range, but the temp in that range was 24 degrees, Is it OK? seems car cools now easily, But not as much colder, when it was cooling before. I used Artic refrigerant, bought a 22 oz bottle and extra 8 Oz of the same brand , and normal sealant(red dye) from walmart. guide me on pressure range. and one more thing, my rear speakers are off now, what are the specs for rear speakers
  2. Hey PPl, I have 2000 Mazda 626 2.5l V6 engine LX. I am running low on Freon, it was good AC was working good few days back, Now it just blows hot air. I get it tested from local mechanic, he said a minor leak, which he can put a dye and and recharge the system. but he is asking $250 for this stuff. I have seen many ac freon/sealer bottles in walmart/autozone available in 20-30$ with gauges. I am thinking of doing it myself. Dont want to spend too much money on this. But i am worried more than confused. I can see too ports 1 is covered with blue cap and other covered with black cap? how to id
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