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    '94 Mazda 626, 2.5L V6 Manual

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    My Mazda 626. Modding. Tech. Engines.
  1. DaneC

    Where To Buy Ecu?

    I need help. I am in dire need of an ECU for my 1994 626 LX V6 Manual. I dont know where to buy one. Have checked local junk yards, none at all. Are the ones on ebay even safe? I'm very skeptical.. Please HELP
  2. Okay, My long awaited reply. And here it is. Firstly, Push-Starting the car really wouldnt do anything if the car wasnt getting spark. Realized this. It would need spark to turn over. Anyway, The REAL problem is that My ECU is fried. And I need a new one. Pulled mine outta there, opened it up, and it was pitch black and burnt. Lovely, I know. So, Now I am searching for another. Any Help please?
  3. DaneC

    Carb Legal Cai??

    That intake does look like it would fit. As far as being 'Carb Legal' I'm pretty sure you would be okay seeming as a Cold Air Intake has to do with the 'drawing in' of air and not the exhaust.
  4. Are you trying to say that your daughters car isnt getting any spark as well? And That you have replaced all of the spark plugs, wires and the ignition coil?
  5. I have checked also my sensors, my O2 Sensor was bad. So, I have to order another one of those. Which would be a reason why I have not tried to push-start my car yet. As soon as I get the O2 Sensor though, pushing will commence.
  6. Thank you for the information. I have checked to see if the model number matched, but there was no model listed on the distributor. I got it from Advance Auto Parts.
  7. Thank You for the information. I will be sure to check the distributor to see if it matches up to those numbers. Is there anything else it could possibly be? Or is it mainly looking at being the distributor?
  8. Hmm interesting theory. Is there any way to tell which model they sold me? Presumeably, I would push start the car by holding in the clutch with the car in gear and letting go once i get up to speed?
  9. I have already done this and still no spark. That was one of the first things I checked.
  10. Sorry, the distributor was remanufactured. All new insides, just the outer casing is what was used.
  11. Yes, the distributor rotor does turn. The engine cranks but does not start. I recently replaced the plugs and wires before all of this happened. Thank you for your speedy reply.
  12. I have a '94 626 LX V6 Manual, I have recently replaced the, alternator, distributor (cap, coil and rotor included), battery, crank shaft sensor and a couple of relays. My car would burn through batteries quick, which is why i replaced the alternator. However, after that it would not start. Even after putting a new battery in it. So, I took it to a shop and they charged me $80 to tell me it was the distributor. Which, I replaced and still NOTHING. I am in desperate need of help here. This is my only transportation. I need to get this thing running again. Please, any help would be appreciated!
  13. I will take pictures if you would like them. I am located in Ocala, Fl. Selling my mazda 626 V6 5Speed Manual. 168xxx miles New Battery New starter New Cold Air Intake New Spark Plugs and Wires (NGK Blue) New Stereo Recent new tires Replaced Alternator (*will be replaced) New Lower Control Arms Need to sell NOW! Bad: Windshield is cracked, wont cost you anything to get repaired if you put insurance on it. Rear drivers window slides, front passenger window doesnt go down. Needs CV-Joints soon. Could Use Paint
  14. DaneC

    Quick Struts?

    Good luck with Sears mate! Hope they get everything done for you well. I'm gonna have to replace mine soon too.
  15. Sounds good man! I like it. I assume that it would sound a bit louder in person than on camera. I think mine is actually about where yours is. :D Minus the engine swap, throttle body, spacers... Did you notice performance increase with the new throttle body?