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  1. I don't know what you mean by mag type. They are electrical, so electro magnetism is involved.....but they are VR (variable reluctance) sensors. The pre '98 models used hall effect sensors inside the distributors, and VR sensors on the crank.
  2. Having owned several ZE's, I can tell you a stock ZE is definitely non-intereference. Perhaps the motor you had problems with had modified cams (i.e. increased lift)?
  3. You sure your crank pulley hasn't simply separated? This could cause all kinds of problems as well.
  4. Just used this, an extra 5% off is nice! Also, they have a really good deal on oil filters for our cars. Genuine motorcraft filters (look under the KL V6 model, those also fit the 4 cyl but are bigger and can trap more dirt), genuine Denso filters, and Wix (rebranded) filters for dirt cheap. I think I paid < $2 a piece for a few filters.
  5. I fixed all the images again (yay!). I seriously hope this is the last time I ever need to do that haha.
  6. AST or air separator tank. Last time I replaced mine, which was about five years ago, it was around $75 at the dealer.
  7. Also for sale is the fuel tank sending unit, complete with misc. hardware and hoses, tank gasket, fuel pump mount, and wiring. I believe this is from a '93 MX-6, but I don't know for certain. It may very well be identical in many Mazdas, I don't know off-hand. Was a clean Florida car, and there is no rust. I hate to throw it away, but shipping isn't free either. $30 shipped by itself, or I can include it to whomever buys the gasket set for an additional $5. If someone buys all of this, I will throw in a few random goodies I still have laying around for free. I have an eBay polished
  8. I have two Eristic gasket sets for the 2.5L. One set is complete, with MLS head gaskets, square runner intake gaskets, exhaust gaskets, valve cover gaskets and grommets, and what looks to be a thermostat housing gasket. It also has the front and rear main oil seals, the upper and lower oil pan/block gaskets, and a bunch of other engine gaskets. The other kit has MLS head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, and just the front valve cover gasket, and a few misc o-rings. One complete kit costs over $100, check around for yourself. Should work for 93-02 V6 models, including th
  9. While the internals of the 2L and 2.5L mtx are compatible, the bellhousing between the two is different. You will need to get a transmission out of a 2.5, and probably axles...the v6 axles are thicker to handle more torque.
  10. The speed sensor is a big clue. Of rf the computer is getting faulty readings about how fast it thinks the car is moving it may shift into the wrong gear unexpectedly.
  11. Rattles over small bumps are almost always worn sway bar bushings. Bummer about the gf.
  12. Glad you got it figured out. Sometimes it really is that simple :)
  13. Do you need to remove the cam pulleys? Why not just remove the cams with the pulleys still attached? Or are there some cam bearing cap bolts hidden where you can't get to them? It's been a while since I tore open a KL. Either way, I remember I used a giant adjustable wrench to hold the cam, and a regular socket wrench to pop the bolts loose. It might help if you still have the timing belt on, too (and put it in gear with the parking brake set and some wheel chocks to keep the motor from turning...this works only if it's a manual transmission tho...if you have an auto, you'll pr
  14. That's the one, although mine came with two different sizes of the installer...I think the smaller one is mainly for Chrysler motors that use smaller bores. Iirc it was around 50 bucks like 10 years ago.
  15. Get the magnetic one from lisle tool. Most awesome tool evarrrrrrrrrr
  16. The sad thing about racing...is it takes money to do it...and young people, who tend to enjoy it most, generally have the least amount of money This would have been a really fun hobby in my younger years haha. Congrats on the wins.
  17. As long as the donor car has the same engine block, the gearbox should work. 1.8, 2.0, and 2.5 liter KL series v6 cars all used the same manual transmissions, the only real differences being slight variations in the gear ratios, and inconsequential changes to the housing over the years. Even the 4cyl motor used the same gearbox, but the integrated bellhousing is different...Meaning the internals are interchangeable but the case won't mate with your motor.
  18. Byłem w Warszawie parę razy, aje już dawno temu. Pamiętam że było bardziej modne miasto niż Wrocław, i czuło się bardziej biznesowo. Ja mieszkam w samym centrum kraju, kilka godzin jazdy od Chicago. Życie tu jest nie złe, ale tęsknię za Polską. Tam jest więcej kultury, i ludzie bardziej szanują Boga i tradycyjne rodziny. Tym starszym się robię tym bardziej jestem przekonany ważności takich spraw. Pozdrowienia
  19. Witamy cię! Gdzie w Polsce jesteś? Coraz mniej tych samochodów jest, ale myślę że ci będzie się podobał. Który silnik mąż, i czy skrzynia jest automatyczna? Ja jestem w Ameryce, ale pochodzę z Wrocławia.
  20. Well, I can tell you I'd rather be forced to size a grape than a watermelon after swallowing one whole.
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