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  1. No problem. Are you missing the fuse box cover? Next time I'm at the yard I can grab one for you.
  2. Here's some shots of the fuse box diagram from my manual.
  3. Have an almost brand new rocker arm Assembly. don't know really what it's worth so feel free to make an offer. will trade for 86-87 GT grille.
  4. Well after a bunch of messing with the choke and getting it to work I found that my accelerator pump was just about done on my carb so I picked up a nice new Weber 32/36 she runs great now! If anyone is interested in seeing the weber or how I installed it let me know and I will make a write up about it.
  5. Does anyone know the amp draw of the stock eletric fans? Was thinking of changing them out with two with 2 rated at 450 cfm and an Amp draw of 5.3 amps each.
  6. Choke stays open and will not close when gas is depressed. here is a video on the problem
  7. The digital dash in the 86/87 won't fit your 626 you need the 83-85 style. I have one but it may need slight repair.
  8. I don't care too much about the rotors, pads and calipers what i'm really after is the rear spindles, the caliper mounting bracket, and dust shields. Ive been looking to convert my GC to rear disc forever but those parts are very hard to find here. rotors pads and calipers are a bit expensive but i can still find them online. Btw do you also have the turbo grille?
  9. Lets get a thred going about interchangeable parts for the 626 from other models! Mazda b2000 clear indactor lights for the bumper are the same Steering wheels from the Rx7, GLC, Ford probe, and B series pickup to 93 will fit. Oil caps from RX7, 323, B Series 88-92 mx6, probe, and 626 exhaust manifold will fit. anyone know of other stuff?
  10. Do you have a pic of the rear brakes? intrested in those and the rear spindles.
  11. Anyone know what the thread pitch on the stock brake lines is? I'm looking at upgrading to steel braided lines but dont know what ones I need to get.
  12. So my heater core or heater control valve is bad. Steam comming out of the defrost vents.... Can anyone tell me or better yet send me a copy of what I need to do To replace it. The manual I have doesn't go into detail About replacing it.
  13. Yeah i'm planing on full exaust, already got my pacesetter header gonna get a hi flow cat with 2" piping.
  14. Looking to replace my old rusted out muffler soon and don't know what to get, anyone have recomendations on a nice aftermarket muffler?
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