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    "94,626 DX,manual
  1. My noble '94 626 has had a check engine light that the mechanic said indicates a vacuum problem for a while. However. spending a grand to replace a cylinder(if that's it ) doesntseem wise. Recently it has starting beeping when I start to drive.What does this mean? I have another car, and if it's over for my Mazda,then it is . What's the engine beep?
  2. If you have this for sale or just come across a good deal you might recommend to me, please contact me, Car is white, so chrome appearance would work better than black rims. Flexible in price, but looking for good deal. Looks like 17" is my best bet, but, as stated, flexible.
  3. Steve007

    Opinion On Tire Deal

    OK, Here's the story. The tires on my fine white '94 626 have dry rot. They are 8 years old. I drive it regularly, but not much (I have two cars). The whole car has only 80K miles. Having looked this up, I'm convinced that dry rot is a real safety concern and it seems I need new tires. I can get new tires at the dealers (original rims). Or..I can get new rims and tires. My dealer wont install what they don't sell,so i"ll have to go to a speed shop that may charge me from $50-150 to install plus 25-50 per tire for allignment. (note: don't tell me I can do it myself; I can't.) I'm looking around on Craigslist for deals. I may just get regular tires, but I am considering new stuff. I found these three possible deals, but no telling how old the tires are; l'll have to find out. Is this a good deal? Will these fit, and wil they look good on my white '94 626? How come I don't need 5 tires? If I change rims, what do I do for a spare? For that matter, the picture under shelley's post below (swapping rims) of the mazda3 5 spoke wheels with 215/45/17 and no spacers required looks excellent if I can find some. If anybody has any good deals on neat-looking rims and tires (I'm in St. Louis), let me know. Comments appreciated. I need to figure this out. http://stlouis.craig...2017048994.html http://stlouis.craig...2032532215.html http://stlouis.craigslist.org/pts/2029582189.html
  4. Steve007

    Repairing Body Rust

    Prince Valorum, I think this is your kind of girl.You could tell her about wheels and cold air intakes, she could tell you about metal work.... Who knows where it might lead? Maybe a pair of matched 626s in the driveway..
  5. Steve007

    Exterior Painting

    I had my '94 626 which always stays outside professionally repainted (at MAACO. $600 including some small fixes) and it made a world of diifference in appearance and in my attitude towards the car. However, in terms of your last statement..perhaps Prince Valorum should tell you about girls.
  6. Steve007

    Let Me Be Honest For A Second

    at the same time, I'm not sure if her arguments are rational. . .. If you insist on using rationality as a basis for negotiation with women (even your mom), you will be in for some bad and confusing times in future years. You can look at a possible new purchase and tell if the brakes and tires are good. If they are, you have saved the money you would have spent fixing up your current car. Give it up. Make your mom happy, even if she isn't "rational". You are emotionally involved in who is "right". It doesn't matter. Don't go to war with your mom over this, especially when it is, after all, her money. Go start looking at new cars. You'll have fun doing it.
  7. Steve007

    Let Me Be Honest For A Second

    Why don't you go out and start looking at older used cars? If you can fix what's wrong with yours, you can also effectively inspect what's wrong with other cars. Shopping is sort of fun anyway,and you might fall in love with one. "Giving in" to your mom is not a bad thing, even if you think you're right. Believe me. My mom isn't here any more, and I wish I had given her less trouble. Some day you'll feel the same way. She is doing her best for you.
  8. Steve007

    Looking To Buy A 626

    Aboriginal??? Eh?
  9. Steve007

    Car Shuts Off While Driving

    Not just a V6 (unless you're referring to your Peugot). My I4 had the same problem. Started affer a few minutes, but literally died while driving.Remarkably, even after replacement of distributor, it STILL did it! Turned out the car just diidn't like the rebuilt product that was put in, and we had to get a brand-new one from Mazda. That solved the problem..but it was disconcerting and even dangerous for a while.
  10. Read an article today on the joys/benefits of owning/ buying a used car on MSN Money page and and saw the 626 mentioned favorably as an example of a good choice, Excellent article (link at bottom). but here's what said. :And while conventional wisdom is that the smart used-car shoppers start off looking at the nicest Toyotas or Hondas they can afford, by doing so you overlook the biggest bang for your buck. Cars like the easily overlooked 1998-2002 Mazda 626 come to mind. "No one even thinks about the 626," Reed says. "And it's a great car. It's well-built, fun to drive and generally cheaper than a comparable Accord or Camry." (In early May, we found 100-plus listings for 626s with less than 100,000 miles between $4,000 and $6,000 at AutoTrader.com)." http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SavingandDebt/SaveonaCar/the-joys-of-a-5000-dollar-used-car.aspx
  11. Steve007

    18 Inch Rims?

    Ok. I'm working on this to figure it out, so as not to bother you guys with basic questions. Not exactly my area of expertise. If there's anyone else who is weak on "spacers", here's a video that explains them. But it still seems the sheet metal would have to be bent. Yes?
  12. Steve007

    18 Inch Rims?

    OK. I admit it. I'm an amateur. But are you guys telling me that I can go buy some excellent-looking MazdaSpeed3 or Mazda3 rims and tires(and there appear to be many on the MS3 forums) and stick 'em on my fine '94 626 and they'll fit?? Will it interfere with my speedometer? Handle better? I've found a speed shop locally. Is that the place to go with the new rims and tires? Will they have to bend the wheel wells? What do I do with the old ones?
  13. Steve007

    Do You Like My Avatar?

    Surprising, all right. They go so well together, too. But not while driving..
  14. Steve007

    18 Inch Rims?

    PrinceValorum, is that your fine white 626? Have you posted what sort of rims, size and size tires you have on it somewhere? Or, if not, can you provide me with said information? Looks excellent!