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  1. oska

    Dyno Brisbane?

    Can anyone recommend a dyno tune joint in Brisbane for a RWD series 1? thanks Colin
  2. oska


    would anyone care to recommend a dyno tune joint in Brisbane for a RWD series 1? thanks
  3. Hi again chief. Looking at the strut tops - yes the centre IS as you say, slightly closer to one pin than the others. Here is the layout as it stands: If the 4 pins of the strut tops, looking from the fire wall towards the front of the car are in the positions: 1 oclock, 5 o'clock, 7 O'clock and 11 O'clock the LEFT side strut top is positioned closest to 5 O'clock. The RIGHT side strut top is positioned closest to 7 O'clock. Does the WSM indicate where maximum NEGATIVE camber is achieved? Do you have an opinion of where YOU think the strutt should be positioned for max NEG camber, pls? any clues, anyone? further to this however I see K-Mac does a Camber kit which Ive asked for further info on. regards
  4. Say thanks chief. I recently had th struts out to change the shocks and spring cushion and dont recall seeing any indicators on the plate relating to for caster change. :-( Do you recall seeing anything when you did yours - so I might know what to look for. cheers
  5. All good SNAILMAN Im very grateful for all feedback - and the camber bolt scenario makes perfect sense. I just cant get unanimous opinion on it so Ill keep searching. :-) and ill take a closer look at the mounting block. cheers
  6. Heres an update regarding the Camber adjustment on the Series 1 1980 626: The suspension companies say you cant adjust the camber. Mazda Australia say you cant adjust the camber. The Mazda dealer said to call another dealership where the chief mechanic has been there for 25 year. - He says "MAYBE" you can adjust the camber by rotating the MOUNTING BLOCK at the top of the strut. WTF? And yet I can buy (from any number of sources it seems) camber bolts which are said to be specifically for this 1980 model: http://www.partsgeek.com/pdproducts/DC/17610-05086650.html?utm_source=shoppingcom&utm_medium=pf&utm_term=1979-2001+Mazda+626+Front+Alignment+Camber+Kit+-+Mevotech&utm_content=dc&utm_campaign=PartsGeek+ShoppingCom http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190486691211&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT which clearly are NOT for the 1980 626 as it doesnt have strut to spindle adjustment!! and then I find THIS entry for the SAME CB2 chassis 1980 Mazda 626; http://www.jcwhitney.com/professional-grade-camber-bolt-kit/p2023246.jcwx?filterid=d1432y1980j1&_requestid=580030 it says its for the 1980 626 and it is definately DIFFERENT to the other strut fitting camber bolts - BUT.... WHERE THE F%$^K does it FIT???????????????????? Surely SOMEONE has, in the past 30 years, had to change the camber on this model 626! Surely. Please let me know if YOU have. :-) Colin
  7. Heres a tricky one. I need to correct the 1:30 degree POSITIVE camber on the front suspension of my 1980 RWD CB2 626. All indications are that it can be fixed with camber bolts and the Auto Parts companies sell the bolts for this model HOWEVER.... the local very reputable suspension company says the CB2 626 has NO means of fitting camber bolts. A google search came up with this explanation of how to fit camber bolts: and it specifically says that camber bolts are used on "non slotted McPherson strutts"... (which the CB2 626 does NOT have). ... used to connect the upper strutt to the spindle bolt where the upper strutt uses 2 bolts to connect the strutt to the spindle." So... how is it that Ive bought a camber bolt kit for me CB2 626 where the strutt does NOT connect to the spindle as per the video? AND.. just to confuse matters... my local mechanic (Joe) who is AWESOME ... says that the CB2 626 doesnt adjust camber at the strutt at all - he points to a bolt closer to the engine area that holds the swing arm onto which the hub and strutt attach at the outer limit. I havent the nerve to go tell Joe he might be wrong - but no-where can I find support for his theory. Any takers for an explanation please? thanks guys.
  8. Cool. Thanks for the tip Prince. Ive been having some fun with the good ol' Mazda but the MA motor does have some limitations as we know :-) take a look here: cheers
  9. Hi guys Im after twin side draft carbys - Webers or Delortos please - for a 1980 626 with an MA CB2 engine. If the manifold is available that'd be good - but carbys at the right price is what Im really after. many thanks Oska
  10. Name: Mazda 626 (1980) Date Added: 27 June 2011 - 11:13 AM Owner: oska Short Description: Owned this car since 1981. bought it with 16000Ks 3rd Engine so no idea of actual Ks Restored since 2008 View Vehicle
  11. Thank you snailman. I looked into it - seems you are spot on. Except for the price which might be around $100 but ill keep looking. thanks heaps.
  12. I have a restored 1980 RWD 626 2 door Hardtop Coupe. Ive just renewed the suspension and now wanting some negative camber in the alignment. There is NO camber adjustment!!! is there? Currently I have +1:30 positive camber which the tech says is unusual to have +ve camber and is probably due to spread or droop of the chassis due to age of the vehicle. Does this sound right? Any ideas how I can set up -ve camber, please?
  13. Hi all I hope this might get read and passed around. Ive restored a 1980 626 Coupe that Ive owned since 1981 with 16000ks. Its looking pretty good if I do say so myself but Id like to fit a passenger door mirror. They were an extra - not fitted as standard - so are rare as hens teeth it seems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Colin oddyssey@bigfoot.com
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