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  1. Lip Mod

    Nice what are those side skirts from?
  2. Clunking with rapid steering.

    Axles are 6 months old. AFAIK neither the tie rods nor the ball joints have ever been changed, but when checking for play there isn't any. I'm thinking that it could be a strut mount bearing, but I am 100% not sure. There is also a "binding/rubbing" feeling, but without any resistance, at low speeds when turning the steering wheel and a clunk on occasion when turning at low speeds from the from left.
  3. Clunking with rapid steering.
  4. Wtb: Shifter Bezel

    Still looking for one
  5. Mazda 6 Steering Wheel

    Everything is now fully functional.
  6. Mazda 6 Steering Wheel

    I wireed up the airbag just have to tackle the cruise control now.
  7. Starting The Install.

    Still running strong.
  8. Mazda 6 Steering Wheel

    I am also use a clock spring from a Mazda 6. I have the stereo controls working as well as the horn and illumination. As for the air bag the Mazda 6 has two inflators, so there are 4 air bag wires from the clock spring, but the 626 harness only has 2 wire for the air bag. Can I connect 2 and 2 together? Also I cant figure out the cruise control. Is anyone circuit savvy that can help me out. I have a Protege wheel with working cruise control. The wiring for that was easier because the resistors were removable from the circuit boards, but the Mazda 6 resistors are flat and look like part of the print.
  9. P0400

    I can't figure out how to get this to turn off. Cleaned EGR ports down to bare metal. Zero carbon build-up . Tried two different EGR valves. Checked continuity between the EGR connector and ECU as well as the solenoid connector. Tried three different soleniods. Replaced fuel cap. I do have an issue with the fuel nozzle, it shuts off before tank is full while refilling, but I don't think that it is related. Though I could be wrong. Any suggestions?
  10. 2002 Mazda 626 2.5L will not start

    Check your trigger wheel for your crank sensor. Make sure the balancer hasn't separated at the rubber. Ensure that the crank sensor is mounted tightly. Also check the coil. Are you throwing any codes?
  11. Running Lean

    My 99 626 just recently started to run rough and lean at idle (15-20) and leaner (14-17) on boost with a bit of hesitation rather than rich (10-11). I checked my LTFT at idle Bank 1 is at 7 and Bank 2 is at 10. Under load they drop to almost zero. Every once in a while the CEL will blink and throw a pending code P0301. I tried a different coil (not new and most likely and factory coil) and it acted the same, but didn't make CEL blink. I changed the plugs and read resistance on the wires. I have not tried a new coil yet. The P0301 hasn't occurred enough to become permanent. Any thoughts? __________________
  12. Cam and Crank

    Cool thanks.
  13. Cam and Crank

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but are the cam and crank sensor both mag type sensors.
  14. My "new" 99 626 Es