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  1. Nice.Glad you've gotten the issues sorted out. Where did you find the strut brace , Looks good .
  2. Glad you got it sorted out. Seem all The Mx6/626s I have had needed this fix .
  3. What was it Clarkson called them on TopGear ...Bonusiers...I cant spell it but some may remember.
  4. Good point.. Here are a couple of good links the help you get a start. Bear in mind the MX6/626/Probe have the same drivetrain . 1.http://forums.probetalk.com/showthread.php?t=1701257895 2.http://forums.probetalk.com/showthread.php?t=1701026318
  5. Have a look at the inside of you wheels and check for fluid ( leaking wheel cylinder ) and check lines ect. If it has been some time since your pads have been replaced wear could account for some missing fluid .
  6. So idle gets rough when under electrical load ? Some drop is normal but the IAC is supposed to compensate , has it (IAC) been cleaned ?
  7. You could have lost coolant leading to the fans not working due to the CTS/Fan switch being "dry" . Make sure you aren't loosing water and do check the grounds. Do a compression / leak down test if possible .
  8. Not all do as far as I know. So far I have ran upon it on Hyundai's as well. My scanner has 2 options , 1. Engine/poweretrain 2. transmission when I setup the scanner car specific. It does it on OBDII generic as well on some cars .
  9. Hopefully it"s ok but some scanners have a selection to just check for transmission codes , hopefully his did.
  10. The OD light flashing is indicating you have a problem and stores codes that can be retrieved just like when the check engine light flashes. You can have stored transmission only codes and no check engine light on , just OD flashing to let you know. It could be a sensor or shift solenoid so get it checked if possible .
  11. I will probably recall more later but my most recent debacle was deciding to finish changing my daughters break pads after it got dark with a barley working flash light rather than finding or getting a good one. I put one of her pads on backwards . Thankfully she notice it immediately , I turned it the right way round , no damage done ......Still embarrassing . Ahh another one , I was drilling a small hole in my radiator support and drilled right into the wiring harness ......poor lil MX6 would try to start itself with any movement of the key/switch and the starter would keep running. I final
  12. Many things can cause a rough idle , do you have a check engine light on ?
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