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  1. Are you talking about hesatation when you step on the gas? I had that after i installed my CAI? do any of you guys have one?
  2. Too bad all you people do is talk about how its going to blow my tranny, or try to make fun of me, (Tranny Cooler), its really not cool considering im the one getting all the stuff done to my car. Just letting you guys know you are totaly f*cking morons and that I am leaving this site due to you guys bieng cocks. Danny.
  3. Since its becoming summer time here in Indiana, and my hot air intake was sucking in to much air, i went to MSL to see about a new one.......im paying 375 for battery relocation and a new COLD AIR INTAKE and 3 dyno runs. Before, after, and with my 75 shot in.......when i said ""hot air intake"" i meant the piece of shit short ram air intakes for our cars....im getting it done thursday....so i will have pics up friday..................woot woot i got my new hood on and awaiting new paint job after the intake. does baby blue sound good?? I THINK SO!
  4. Hey, I am running a 55 wet shot untill I get my ignition retarted to 4' on Friday, then im running the 75 shot. I do not have a bottle heater due to the fact that I am relocating to florida and seeing as its hot as hell (boy am i going to be made fun of for this) anyways, i dont use it enough for the bottle to get to cold, I have a purge kit and pressure gauge waiting to be shipped, the place where i get my shit from are lazy assholes. So im guessing i should get new plugs? what about wires? tell me today because tommorow its getting worked on.
  5. Hey guys, ive been running with ZEX now for a little under a month, and everything is still fine. the only thing that im going to change is im going to put my stock air intake back on, because when my header heats up the intake is so hot that you cant even touch it.. as for plugs...about a year ago i got Denso Iridum and Magnecore wires....im taking the car for a tune up friday, should i have them change the plugs?
  6. Definatly man, i wish i could of got the race when i beat ( now i did not say raped, killed, or slaughtered) the 240 sx....man was that a good race.
  7. jeeze people, i will get one, i never said i wasnt going to, i didnt have enough money to get one then. you people need to chill out. anyways i will let you all be haters. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
  8. Zex is differnt then NOS or the other traditional things, its dummy proof, it only shoots when the peddal is deppressed 90% or more down. you hit a switch to ARM it, then once armed it will go once you slam the gas or depress it 90%. I now kill 240 sx's....i dont see any of you doing that N/A...muahuaha the bottom ___________________ is that if you want power get ZEX ** I recently bought a new tranny, this one probly has 2000 miles on it.** *They said no need for a tranny cooler niether*
  9. Hey guys, I need some feed Back on ZEX, im getting it intalled tommorow, i also bought the purge valve kit, the total cost of all of it plus install was 915.00, if any of you have it, what kinda cars can you beat :-) Pics up FRIDAY when its done.
  10. I did hit the curb and it cracked the front right side off, then went under my tire..the good news is, i refiberglassed it and put it on better than before, now all it needs is a paint job. Today is my birthday.. woot woot
  11. I smashed into a curb and my kit flew off and I ran it over on the left side :-(, I just got done refiber glassesing the one piece back on, then ill have to bondo it. then repaint it...ive had really shitty luck with my car lately. ill have pics up of the accident later. I also smashed my neon underbody light :-(, but...I did order the Venon VCN-500 Recluse Nitrous System. That was just a little birthday present from me, to me!
  12. My buddie has a 1995 Civic EX with Intake, ill take his off and see if there is some way I can make it into a CAI, then Ill give his back and buy one for cheap, So do I weld it or do I put that one thing that lets the air through if the intake gets plugged up on there??????? Thanks ZUKE
  13. Well I ordered a Intake for my car like 2 years back, Toucan Short ram Air....They must have been smoking pot becuase it takes all the hot air from the Radiator hose and the fan, the Only real noticable gain I get with it is when I take my hood Off.....Its a good think DJ glitch has found a better way, Ill be doing that when I get back from my house in Florida.
  14. the honda civic EX is V-Tech if im not mistaken, and I beat it for about 5 seconds then his V-Tech kicks in, then he slowly gets pas me. , his is also a 95, What year and make is your car?
  15. The reason I got duals is because I have shogun kit for my car......didnt feel like having people ask me why i only had 1 muffler and it was set up for duals.
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